Gary Coleman Filed a Restraining Order Against Shannon Price

June 22nd, 2010 // 28 Comments

Because the Gary Coleman Murder Mystery takes a backseat to no made-up kidnapping story, RadarOnline has learned Gary secretly filed a restraining order against Shannon Price in February, just months before his death:

Coleman says that ex-wife Shannon Price has moved back into his home against his wishes while he is hospitalized.
And contradicting the picture that Price has painted of herself as a loving ex-wife, Coleman writes that Price “has shown a tendency to damage, destroy and steal my property and I believe she will continue to do so in my absence and while she is trespassing in my home.”
“I believe if she is given any warning of this pending order to require her to immediately vacate the home, she will cause more damage and destroy more irreplaceable memorabilia, documents, personal papers and other such valuables,” Coleman writes.
“I would therefore ask the Court to issue this order ex parte requiring her removal from the home and restraining her from going upon the premises of my home under any circumstances.”
He also requested that police be present when Price removed any of her belongings.

“I am also of the suspicion that Shannon plans to dwarf-toss me into the bathroom sink thus causing a debilitating brain hemorrhage. At which point she’ll remove me from life support in less than 24 hours for such are her devil ways.
Okay, I didn’t really write that in the restraining order, but how fucked up would that have been if I did?

Perpetually Cocked in the Ass by Life,

Gareth W. Coleman, Esq.”

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  1. Lisa


    I wonder if she can be charged. If there was a RO out on her and she made that decision and she knew she didn’t have the right to…that’s gotta be prison time. If not…wow.

  2. Taz

    Hollywood is shady as a mother…

  3. stinky mcpoop

    The moral of this story is: never marry and/or trust crazy bitches coming out of Utah. That state is seriously fucked up.

  4. Dan
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG IS SHE UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This story just keeps getting sadder & also more criminal.
    The bitch offed him. She wanted what little was left of his modest material belongings & saw that her tenure in the house was likely to be terminated soon.
    What kind of a fiend sells deathbed photos of loved ones?
    Please bring charges please please please please please.
    Certainly this case is a little more important to the legal authorities than whether Lilo went out last night & got shit faced?

  6. Randal

    With hair like fire and a fiery temperament to boot, this is one young lady that will cause an incendiary reaction in Hollywood! Welcome to the industry Shannon and don’t think small, shoot for the stars.


  7. RoboZombie

    Why can’t Randal have a brain Hemorrhage??

    Just kidding Randal! We love! REACH FOR THE STARS!!!!
    (and give me your wallet)

  8. Randal

    she certainly is a beauty …
    i wouldn’t mind if she pulled my plug..

  9. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Why is everyone so surprised about this? Look at her fuckin’ hair!!!
    Gingers cannot be trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. AVA
    Commented on this photo:

    so FUCKING UGLY@!!!

  11. Anon

    Why the fuck do women get away with this domestic abuse.
    the courts or police and other women dont care when a woman destroys a mans belongings out of spite.
    Different when a man does it.
    Typical double standards.

  12. Racer X

    That white biotch killed Arnold.

    /Karma will get the in the end

  13. Anon

    The comments section is now fucking shit.
    10 minutes and my comment hasn’t come up. If it even will.

    • For some reason WordPress hates specifically you. I’m not sure why, but I’m leaning towards the handle “Anon” as the culprit. I could be entirely wrong.

      We’re definitely looking into it because you and about two others seem to get the cock end of the stick with comment flagging. Huge apologies.

  14. shemp
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    is superfish having abandonment issues?

  15. coolcrappystuff

    What the hell man! This chic is crazy. I mean i totally remember her doing some interviews with Gary and it always seemed like she had something up her sleeve. I dont believe her, I think she had him killed and I really think there is something up with her mentally.

  16. toastaface

    Straight outta the Courtney Love playbook, except Kurt was worth a helluva lot more dead than Gary. sorry guys that’s what happens when you hook up with the crazy

  17. rene

    Thats a L I E, I remember Gary begging her not to leave him months before he died. Give the wife what she is supposed to have and stop with the acusations , She should be paid for putting up with his BAD attitude. His parents are behind this , my goodness they robbed the man blind from all of his child hood earnings what else do they want??

  18. sobrietyisacrutch

    I don’t consider myself a stupid person; however, I really am confused here. Three things:
    1) He was in the hospital a few months ago. (I assume, for that seizure he had.) THAT was when he issued the restraining order? He had already kicked her out? AND referred to her as his ex-wife?
    2) Let’s say #1 is true. This may sound like a “Mr. Obvious” question but, why then didn’t the police do what Coleman requested? She’s his EX-wife, right? Wouldn’t he have the final say?
    3) Let’s say #1 & 2 are correct. Why did she STILL have that advance directive,(“pulling-of-the-plug”), power?
    Thanks in advance, Fish folk, for your sensitive, intuitive answers! ;)

  19. captain america

    for the last time: NAIL HER ON ALL FRONTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. xXravenXx

    She’s a ginger! they have no soulsss!!!

  21. still can’t believe they didn’t investigate further and charge with something especially with that 911 call acting like he was inconveniencing her.

  22. Sarita Lopez

    I am sure the police will know what to do and if she is guilty of something or not, and please dont judge any one for the color of their hair, that is stupid and you all know it, evil comes in many colors and angels too, so dont make those comments so absurd!!

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