Gary Coleman Filed a Restraining Order Against Shannon Price

Because the Gary Coleman Murder Mystery takes a backseat to no made-up kidnapping story, RadarOnline has learned Gary secretly filed a restraining order against Shannon Price in February, just months before his death:

Coleman says that ex-wife Shannon Price has moved back into his home against his wishes while he is hospitalized.
And contradicting the picture that Price has painted of herself as a loving ex-wife, Coleman writes that Price “has shown a tendency to damage, destroy and steal my property and I believe she will continue to do so in my absence and while she is trespassing in my home.”
“I believe if she is given any warning of this pending order to require her to immediately vacate the home, she will cause more damage and destroy more irreplaceable memorabilia, documents, personal papers and other such valuables,” Coleman writes.
“I would therefore ask the Court to issue this order ex parte requiring her removal from the home and restraining her from going upon the premises of my home under any circumstances.”
He also requested that police be present when Price removed any of her belongings.

“I am also of the suspicion that Shannon plans to dwarf-toss me into the bathroom sink thus causing a debilitating brain hemorrhage. At which point she’ll remove me from life support in less than 24 hours for such are her devil ways.
Okay, I didn’t really write that in the restraining order, but how fucked up would that have been if I did?

Perpetually Cocked in the Ass by Life,

Gareth W. Coleman, Esq.”

Photos: Splash News