Gary Coleman Didn’t Want the Plug Pulled

June 14th, 2010 // 56 Comments

Seen here just moments before the fall that would ultimately end his life, Gary Coleman apparently signed legal documents in 2006 that requested he not be taken off life support. — Whoops. TMZ reports:

Under the heading “Instructions for Health Care” — Gary checked a box titled “Choice to Prolong Life” which states, “I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards.”
The other option Gary had — “Choice Not to Prolong Life” — was left unchecked.
In the docs, Shannon explains her decision to end Gary’s life saying she was “forced” to pull the plug. She does not explain why she felt forced.

Probably because midgets never forget. Ever. Case in Point: Tom Cruise can still tell you the exact outfit Katie Holmes was wearing when he proposed they pretend to be a married couple so no one finds his underground penis farm. It’s downright eerie.


  1. BOBBO

    Gary Coleman > Tony Schaivo.

    • BOBBO

      “Terri* Schiavo” This is important.

    • Mary

      Gary Coleman was on The Insider a couple of months ago, predicted his death, described his will, does not want wife or friends to get anything. Please get a copy of that program from the insider and you will see that what is happening is exactly what he wanted.

  2. John

    John yadisernia first

  3. Jason A.

    LOL at “underground penis farm”

  4. Princess

    First! That fucking ginger whore killed him. She was “forced” to pull the plug by her need for his money.

  5. JRS22

    Was this in L.A? If so, does this mean nothing will happen and we’ll never hear anything ever again about it?

  6. dofollow

    life was very unfair for him.. good thing he’s in much better place..

  7. Jason

    Whatcho talkin ’bout Shannon.

    Did he have a strech of his life that wasn’t filled with humiliation, theft by his family, ridicule or failure? Poor guy.

    • Danielle

      WOW! I don’t think I’ve heard a “whatcho talkin’ ’bout” joke yet! Good job being the first!


  8. IbePiglet

    So, now what? Anything? Does it matter that she lied and said they were still married (his death certificate says married, even though they were divorced). How does she get away with this? Seriously.

  9. Michelle

    There has to be some legality to this. There has to be some sort of punishment. Hey wasn’t this in Utah – how about a firing squad?! Seriously what is the point of laying out your wishes if someone can just do whatever they want to anyway. Isn’t there a protocol that the hospital needs to follow or is it just ok to lie about being married and then pull the plug early because you need the money? Both the hospital and the red headed creepy lady should be punished.

    • Flower

      Here is the legality: A minimum of two doctors must concur that continuing life support is pointless and that the patient is brain dead and/or unable to sustain life. Large hospitals have panels of doctors who make these decisions. When it is medically determined that the patient no longer benefits from continued life support, then the person authorized to make medical decisions for the patient is approached about removing life support. Price was named on Coleman’s advance directives as that person authorized to make medical decisions on Coleman’s behalf. The phrase “I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards.” means just that….within the limits of generally accepted health care standards. Coleman had reached those limits, as decided by his physicians.

  10. captain america

    his hated wife was FUCKING WHITE!!
    ……this tells the entire story.

  11. t-minus

    countdown to lawsuit in 10, 9, 8, 7…

  12. Fati87
    Commented on this photo:

    wow.. i hope that big white bitch is prosecuted.

  13. Anonymous

    Pulling the plug was probaby a mercy to GC but the wrong person made the choice. His parents should have made the choice not this chick who isn’t even his wife.

  14. Jon

    The poor little midget never stood a chance did he.

  15. Bryan

    Moments before he fell? You’ve gotta be kidding, right? This picture is obviously from YEARS ago!


    lol…. whoever said the ginger whore comment is funny as fuck

    but most definitely true… she wanted his money and doesn’t seem the least bit sad that her ex/ common law husband is gone. the 911 call speaks for itself… heartless bitch. hopefully she doesn’t get a penny from his estate.

  17. Dank

    Are you saying this picture was taken right before he fell? He looks 8.

    Oh wait..

  18. Dank

    Seriously who’s running this shit on this website? You can’t tell he’s a kid in that pic?

  19. Richard Throbbin

    Was he a rapper? If so, his murder will never be solved.

    My friends call me Dick…………

  20. justifiable

    “requested he not be TAKING off life support”?

    Way to go. Are you outsourcing your writing to India now, Fish?

    • Seymour Cleavage

      “Tom Cruise can still tell you the exact outright Katie Holmes was wearing” I hate when she wears outrights.

  21. Bimbamboing

    Awww! How cute!

  22. turd da third

    She is no different from these old movies where one of the bad guys says “your money or your life”…..its obvious she chose the money… maybe a big lawsuit would put her on financial life support..then somebody else could pull her plug..

  23. jeremiah.nanderson

    Unlike the media and most of hollywood, Its ascendant for Coleman before he passed and had feelings of reminiscence for his beloved character. But it’s now come to light what a ungrateful, selfish, self-absorb toad he really was.His organs were not candidates for transplants because of his medical history, so the urgency is strange.

    r4 ds

  24. Koz

    Katie Holmes wears Outrights? Who knew?

    • Flower

      I freaken LOVE Katie’s outrights! Wish I looked that good in mine. Well, before she married Tom, of course. Now, I actually look better in my outrights.

  25. What is with this “Different Strokes” gypsy curse? It just keeps going and going…

    • HLM

      Todd Bridges better watch out. He just released a book titled “Killing Willis”. If he’s not careful, Shannon Price will do just that.

  26. D

    Terri Shivo that’s all Im sayin (so what I spelled her name wrong) but though she was still married the plug should have been pulled on her long ago she wasn’t benefiting from the life support they were giving her she was a veg too.

  27. sobrietyisacrutch

    Does anybody know if he’s actually been buried yet? I haven’t heard a thing since his parents, Todd, manager, et al fled the scene. The autopsy is completed, obviously. Is Shannon in charge of whatever follows? (Burial, cremation, Viking funeral?)

  28. Gando

    This little cute gorilla baby made a shitload of cash at the time.An easy prey ….

    • bimbamboing

      The people who betrayed him did keep him as long as possible retarded . . . Just for to take easy turns on him . . .

      • Nero

        I would walk right all over this leprechaun if he was standing between me and this pallet full of cash.But then,i’m not a relative of him.

  29. cc

    “Seen here just moments before the fall that would ultimately end his life”

    That was hilarious, I have to say…

  30. drizzle

    Nobody cared about Gary Coleman before he died. I don’t see what the big deal is now.

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