Dear Gabrielle Anwar In A Bikini, WHAT HAPPENED?

May 21st, 2012 // 115 Comments

So remember when you sat down to watch Burn Notice for the very first time and went, “Wait, that’s Gabrielle Anwar? She looks great.” You’re gonna want to hold tight to those memories. In fact, you should probably just click on a different post altogether. I don’t even know why I did this to you. I have issues.

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  1. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    The Pope
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    I’ve got the sudden urge to snap into a slim jim!

  2. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    The Observer
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    I think she looks AWESOME. Her body is super tight and she’s adorable. What more are you guys looking for! On top of all that she’s a terrific actress.

    She’s hot as hell.

  3. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    i love the smell of leather

  4. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    There is NO Doubt she could put a smile on my face that would last for Days, maybe even weeks

  5. Rico Jones

    Huge Burn Notice fan. She has looked like this since the beginning of the series. When she was younger she had a softer thin body. Now she has more of a lean fitness body. Not exactly my thing but I’d never throw her out of bed.

  6. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    she’s 42, she look good for her age

  7. Die already...

    Her face is kind of “meh” (no makeup will do that occassionally), but her body is smoking hot! She’s totally fuckable; I hope my baby’s in this shape when she hits 42…

  8. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    i don’t get it she looks hot as fuck

  9. Dr. Ike

    I would definitely allow her to suck on my testicles and lick my butthole while I watch television.

  10. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Moves like Jagger.

  11. LordAtama

    The problem I have with her, that I always have had with her in Burn Notice (great show) is all that Miami sun has dried her out.

  12. Jade

    If women like her look terrible, the rest of us resemble that piece of blubber in that Robin Williams kid movie. I’m 20 and if my body looks like that at 40 after having kids I’m a happy camper. As for her face, it’s the black hair dye that washes her out. If she went back to light brown she’d look less harsh.

  13. She looks amazing! She is 42 years old with 3 kids. I would love to have a woman who looks this good at that age with 3 kids. She’s awesome, a good actress on a badass show. Keep up the good work on Burn Notice.

  14. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    age and face aside, i’d still fuck her six ways from sunday !!!!!

  15. barancy peloma

    this broad is fuckin gross. that face just ruins everything- scary to look at.

  16. Good lord, people. She looks a million times better than most 42 year olds you see on a daily basis. Better than most people at any age, I’d bet. Jeez, women can’t win….it’s either we’re too thin or we’re too fat, gotta be half plastic and photoshopped to all hell to be acceptable, amiright? (ehh, commenter Tony?)

    • LooneyToon

      well speak for yourself …in my country average 42 women look 10 times better than this.I kinda of wonder how people look like where you live dude…

  17. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Wow…cryptkeeper in a bikini,that’s something you don’t see everyday…

  18. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    So she didn’t put on makeup before swimming, big deal. She looks great.

  19. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    looks great!!

  20. CankerPudding

    It’s so wrong that the Taliban would do that to her nose

  21. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Other than the weird belly thing and overtanning, I think she looks fine. Not a coca-cola bottle shape in terms of curves, but fit. I think she suffers from what a lot of celeb women fear but shouldn’t – wearing a one piece. There are a lot of “thin” women who really should just let go of wearing bikinis at all cost. She would have set off a one piece suit fashion swimsuit cut low in the bust and high in the thigh.

  22. lola

    She would be fierce in a one-piece swimsuit (think Baywatch). Bikinis are cut so low in the hips now, that any hint of a pooch or less than flat to concave belly looks like a gut. Some women would do themselves a huge favor by not wearing string bikinis and going for something more figure flattering.

  23. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Grand Poobah
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    not hot and dumb tatts….

  24. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Her body looks great, but her face looks a bit weird. Her face did not age well.

  25. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    She looks like she has abused plastic surgery. She doesn’t look like Gabrielle Anwar.

  26. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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  27. Jay Roberts

    Some of these shots are great…She’s certainly in competition with another post-30 hottie, ex-beach volleyball pro Holly McPeak, who was called “The Best Body on the Beach” in her heyday!

  28. Connie

    All you “nay sayers”, take a look at your wives and girlfriends, oh you only wish …………………..

  29. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    I`m wanking to this

  30. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Is she really leaving Burn Notice?

  31. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    A plain Jane she iz so SEXY.

  32. bob

    For all those pointing the finger, let’s see who’s interested in looking at you when you hit this age

  33. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    She “cracks” me up!!!!!!

  34. Clemmieo

    Gabrielle, Fiona, looks great no matter what. A great personality on screen.

  35. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    wow, three kids and she still looks great. oh and anexio it’s all in the stance!!!!!

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