Dear Gabrielle Anwar In A Bikini, WHAT HAPPENED?

May 21st, 2012 // 115 Comments

So remember when you sat down to watch Burn Notice for the very first time and went, “Wait, that’s Gabrielle Anwar? She looks great.” You’re gonna want to hold tight to those memories. In fact, you should probably just click on a different post altogether. I don’t even know why I did this to you. I have issues.

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  1. The Evil Twin

    You can tell there is a new season of Burn Notice coming. The studio ordered up a few attention gathering articles. Good or bad doesn’t matter as long as people hear about it.

  2. Funky D

    Totally dig the landing strip.

  3. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Wild Body
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    Wild body.

  4. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Hot mamma, especially for being 42.

  5. jumpin_j

    Never found her that attractive. She looks anorexic..

  6. Famous Plastic

    I think she looks pretty damn smoking’ for a 42 year old woman with no makeup on….

  7. Deacon Jones

    Did you pull a pic from one of your anti-smoking ads on the right?

  8. it had to be said

    Actually every time I watch that show I think, “they should have cast someone with tits for that role.” And I still think that. The slo-mo action shots of them running from explosions would be spank material then.

  9. Double bag her head and I’d be good to go.

  10. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    How is it possible to have a 6 pack and a gut at the same time?

    I’m confused.


  11. yeah i don’t get it…was the article sarcastic? she’s in amazing shape, she’s a very tiny person but she’s always been very fit…i don’t get what’s bad about it?

  12. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    alien cock
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    Man, what a far cry from the Bodysnatcher’s days when she was young, tight, and hot.

  13. That is a tight body! Now I just have to dream of her face as if its “Scent of a Woman” 1992 and I’m fucking happy! Never did like her being tanned like a roast pig for Burn Notice…..

  14. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Without having any mental images of her in the past to compare these to I thought, what? She’s fit, she looks great, many women her age and younger look far worse than that and then I googled her. It’s her face. It looks like it doesn’t even belong to her. Her body still looks fantastic you can’t deny that.

  15. She looks damn good for a woman of 42 coming out of an ocean…

  16. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Jim Carrey’s Vera de Milo could play her in the Showtime Movie about her life.

  17. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    I think she looks awesome.

  18. According to my inventory, she has all the right parts in all the right places and she’s not lugging around 50 extra pounds of flab, so I’m good.

  19. What the fuck happened to her? Age is a bitch!

  20. PtC

    Amazing what a little makeup can do, or lack thereof.

  21. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    My precioussssssss….

  22. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    suck it
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    What is that above her ass crack?????

  23. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    suck it
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    ewwww @ her tat

  24. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    This is her best picture of the batch!

  25. AfisFis

    She was smoking hot in ‘For Love or Money ‘ but then that was before Michael J. Fox started faking having Parkinson’s to get out of work (that’s what Limbaugh was saying, right?). Man, I’d love to have a desease named after me. ‘You’ve got Wakalansky all over your genitals, and yes, it’ll be an excrutiating and humiliating death’ .

  26. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Webmaster, whtever the fuck your name is, you’re an idiot. She’s a 42 year old woman without makeup and was never a runway model beauty. Oh and she has the body of a 20 year old. Look in the mirror fucktard.

  27. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    This guy
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    Very sexy.

  28. Da Hammer


  29. Total Avatar body.

  30. theoriginal LJ

    When people see her in Burn Notice all that they see are her nipples poking the tight costume tops. I didn’t even notice she had a face until I saw her in some Lifetime Movie.

  31. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    I can’t decide if you are crazy or facetious. Of all the galleries I’ve seen on this sight, this is by far the best. Gabrielle is tanned toned and sizzlin’ hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  32. dude

    gross, that tat above her ass looks like like ass crack hair

  33. Frank Burns

    Looks fine to me, but still not gonna watch that dumb show.

  34. YMBB

    She’s attractive but too thin. Even on the show. It looks like it hurts to be her.

  35. MIKE

    There was an episode of burn notice where she wore a bikini and she didn’t have a belly button. Google it. It was weird.

  36. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Seriously? She’s not young because everyone ages. And she’s a lot tighter and hotter that any real women you might know.

    • Real women don’t look like starving teenage boys.

      • Skinny bee

        That’s bullshit, Tony. I’m her age and have always been slim, without trying. It’s in the genes….women come in all shapes and sizes. You think we look like boys? So do mannequins, which model female clothes in stores. Go figure.

  37. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    That is a loooong f*cking ass-crack. :^(

  38. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Stewie Griffen
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    Exactly what Hollywood wants and expects from their actresses and that’s because the camera does an excellent job of adding 10 pounds. She is starving herself, but it won’t look like that on film.

    • Reality Check

      I guess not looking like a fat ass Kardashian is the new starving yourself. I hope you all enjoy dying in your 50′s of heart disease.

  39. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    she look hot

  40. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Joaquin ingles
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    “In America, a dollar fifty will buy you a cup of coffee. In Ethiopia…”

  41. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    …well, the body is great, especially for a 42 year old…..her face is starting to look a little worn…but she is swimming and all wet, so no makeup, etc……back on Burn Notice, with her makeup and everything, she still looks good….

  42. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    EmmaWatson's Vagina
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    either way she looks smoking.

  43. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    She looks like she regressing back to a cave woman.

  44. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    I don’t even have a problem with her body, her face..She turned into a cave woman.

  45. Darlene

    She looks AMAZING. She is 42 and she has had THREE KIDS. She is tight and toned and is wearing no makeup at all here. She’s playing with her kids and OH NO she was caught at an unflattering angle. OH NO! How dare she!! I’d cut off my left hand to look this good in a bikini.

  46. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Seb Schweinstiger
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    I totally would

  47. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
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    Welcome to the Amazon.

  48. lara

    This is what women look like when they have low body fat and no breast implants. Especially after a certain age fat tends to disappear from the face and rib cage, but clings to the belly and thighs. That is why fitness models get fake boobs.

  49. anonym

    that’s what most women look like without makeup.


  50. Gabrielle Anwar Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Like the fist of an angry god.

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