Gabriela Oviedo Serrate

May 30th, 2004 // 7 Comments

gabriela_oviedo.jpg“Bolivia’s entrant in next week’s Miss Universe contest faces calls to quit after she described herself as being a tall, white woman and not a short Indian peasant.”

I don’t get it. She looks like a tall white woman to me. I think I would be more offended if she referred to herself as a short Indian peasant. In any case, Bolivia seems pretty upset with her statements and has asked for her resignation from the Miss Universe pageant. It’s really such a shame when you see a short Indian peasant resign from an International beauty pageant because she offensively referred to herself as a tall white woman. Heartbreaking, I know. In other news, Charlize Theron is a short African woman and Conan O’ Brien is an alcoholic Irish man.

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  1. jack


  2. Maria

    Old entry, I know – but you didn’t quite get it right. They didn’t ask her to resign because she called herself tall and white, but because she said that “unfortunately many people think that everyone in Bolivia are short, poor indians, but where I come from we are tall, white and speak english”.

  3. Who cares what she said, the point is she got shafted!

  4. Anyone else think she looks a lot like britney spears?

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  6. poor indians, but where I come from we are tall, white and speak english

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