Gabriel Aubry: ‘You Call My Baby White, Oui, No?’

February 4th, 2011 // 100 Comments

Continuing with her Gabriel Aubry is a racist theme despite Kim Kardashian already being an assload of evidence, sources close to Halle Berry are claiming Gabriel used to go “nuts” whenever he read reports that called their daughter black, according to TMZ:

Whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as “black,” he would go off, insisting his baby was white. We’re told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a “retraction” when such references were made regarding his daughter.

GABRIEL: Your daughter is white, mon cheri.
HALLE: ‘The fuck did you just say to me?
GABRIEL: I’m just noticing she is not, how you say, “black.” Like the slaves, mademoiselle.
HALLE: *breaks foot off in Gabriel’s ass*

(How that would’ve gone.)

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  1. WHAT stories? Which news agency is gonna go out of their way to describe a little kid as “black”? The only stories I’ve ever seen have described her as “cute” and that’sabout it. Funny how bad white daddy is only a flaming racist since that he’s decided good black mommy is just a little too old for him.

    • hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..

    • testington

      totally agree, can anybody find one published story anywhere that describes her has black? I mean if he is going off and demanding they print retractions should there be something in print somewhere to retract?

    • females have spoken


      • CH

        DITTO!!! I’ll do him in a second. YUM!

      • Damn he's hot

        Somebody please get a sex tape out there of this guy. I don’t care about any of the custody battle b.s. The only thing that I find a little gross is that he fucked Kim K.

    • Paloma

      I couldn’t agree more but personally I don’t think the kid is all that cute. It’s a classic case of two pretties make an ugly.

      • Sara

        @Paloma you are CRAZY! That little girl is beautiful. She is going to be a straight heart breaker if her mother doesn’t make her crazy.

    • jaliah

      Was about to say the same thing about news items.

      Berry doesn’t think he is a bad guy she just wants to pay him back for dating the Kardashian woman.

      A woman scorned indeed. She has recently been seen attending the same School of Charm where good old Mr Gibson learned all his tricks from.

  2. her facial features are caucasian like both her parents. she’s basically olive skinned white

    • its me fuckers

      Halle Berry shouldn’t be too upset. French Canadians from Quebec hate everyone who isn’t a french Canadian from Quebec. They even hate the french in France, Ontario french, Acadian french. And in turn the rest of the world hates those fuckers as well. Try living close to them. They are the true assholes of Canada.

      • Frog

        Wow, how nice. I love YOU guys.

      • Leea

        It’s true about the French Canadians. They do hate everyone except themselves-but they will sleep with them anyway.

      • Burt


        You do realize you’re a bigot, right?

      • bitingontinfoil

        You are, as one would say in Quebec ” a bigoted fucking idiot”. What is “Ontario French?” – is that next door to the igloo down the street? You do realize that there is a rather large population of Acadians in Maine (U.S.) right? As for the rest of the world hating the Quebecois, funny but isn’t it always the Americans who sew CANADIAN flags on their backpacks so they’re not randomly beheaded in almost every country they visit?

    • Mike Walker

      She’s a quadroon at most. Maybe even an octaroon.

  3. DKNY

    Technically he’s right, with Halle being only 1/2 black, the baby is 3/4 white. Unless we’re suddenly in the post-Civil War days, that would qualify as white in most peoples’ eyes.

  4. Jesse James

    I mean really, do you blame him?

  5. Cock Dr

    Thank you blogger. I could care less about the lil tyke’s racial composition when you post pics like this.
    I suppose there aren’t any without the drapery. Maybe Halle will leak some old happy snaps to further inflame the custody case.

  6. suck it

    Thanks for the eye candy, Fish! Yummy.

  7. jojo

    This has gone from vengeful to stupid in 4.3 seconds flat. Halle is starting to appear very desperate. Albeit,the idea that Kim K is babysitting the young African American remains truly frightening.

    • Sara

      What young African American? Halle is half white. Gabs is all white. That means that Nahla is like 3/4 white and 1/4 black. That means she is a combo. It surely doesn’t mean African American…..we have to get past that one drop rule in a truly diverse society.

  8. Funny, I haven’t heard Aubrey say squat about anything. In fact, he hasn’t tried to be in the public eye regarding any of this. Whereas Berry is going all ape shit once again.

    Newsflash, Aubrey wasn’t in denial when he was sleeping with Halle Berry. He knew she was mix and knows his daughter isn’t white. She’s a mad controlling bitch is what she is.

  9. Yeezy's Son

    I’ve lost so much respect for Halle Berry. I’m a black dude and I can say for a fact this has nothing to do with race. Stop pulling out the race card whenever it damn well suits you. Martin Luther King did not take bullet for civil rights and freedoms so you could call the father of you child a racist.
    Too be fair, her body is incredible. Pretty sure Hitler would light Kawanzaa candles while singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot to get with that.

    • Toni

      I agree with you, and adding that tidbit about Hitler was the icing on the cake!

    • Well said. I always thought it would take a very dedicated racist to turn down a nice piece of ass because it was the wrong color. Racism is only skin deep…but horny goes to the bone. get it…the BONE?

      I slay me.

    • Dan

      Yeah, I don’t get this either. He is *SO* racist he married a black woman – and then made a baby with her. Racists don’t marry persons of the race they despise. This makes *NO* sense.

      • !!!!!!!

        halle and gabriel never married!!! and racists are capable of mating with people they think themselves superior to. that’s why half of all African-Americans have white ancestors. Plenty of slavemasters slept with black women to make babies which were cheaper than buying new slaves. Aubrey is Federline 2.0. He knew babying up Halle would lead to great work opportunities and security from her. Not saying it was his motive but it’s not that much of a reach for a man who gets by on being “pretty”.

      • !!!!!, just how would “babying up” Halle Berry lead to great work opportunities? Is there some high paying male model stud ranch in LA that we don’t know about? Unlike Federline, he was successful before he met her. And after 5 years together, HE left HER because she’s now 43 to his 34 and the age gap was now too wide. Since they’re not married, and he wasn’t the primary caregiver, he has no legal standing to get any support from her, so just what “security” is there in this for him? Given how Hollywood treats WHITE actresses in their 40′s, tell me again who’s the one really in the catbird seat here?

    • Sami

      “Stop pulling out the race card whenever it damn well suits you. Martin Luther King did not take bullet for civil rights and freedoms so you could call the father of you child a racist.”

      second that motion

  10. dano

    I don’t buy this bs at all, halle always seemed a little crazy but she’s a vindictive cow after everything’s that been slinged at this guy this week.

    • Paloma

      Yeah, dude really dodge a bullet by never marrying her & dumping her ass. Too bad he’s on the hook dealing with the baby mama drama until the kid is 18.

  11. nina

    halle better stop all this asap, because every blog and site I’ve been on shows that no one is buying this, and everyone is assuming she’s just a lying witch at this point. Sit down already.

    • Gen

      Yes, except !!!!!!!!! over your post, she believes Halle but that’s probably Halle herself writing that comment!

  12. Ah yes, Blacks..the World’s Out Group.

  13. g!

    YUMMYYY !!! I understand Halley for messing whit him, if a man like these is in front of you, you don’t care what he said o think you just want to fuck him, blow him and do it over and over again.

  14. jio

    kid is black by american racial standards. any black in you makes you black technically in the us. none of this well 3/4 of her is white.

  15. mean tina

    halle is berry crazy!


    • a pornstar

      If all black men looked like Gabirel Aubrey I would let him ass to mouth me everyday ..But alas, most black men look like DYNO MITE!

      ass to mouth for this black dude.

    • Gen

      Ha, ha, ha, ha, now we know why Kim Kardashian went to the Tabloids to let them know that SHE was the one who dumped Aubry, she was afraid of the Wrath of Berry!

  16. Lawrence

    Wait…. Why is he with a black chick if hes racist? I call bullshit on this story.

  17. He should have taken some nude pics and as for the topic, why would he be with a black woman IF he were racist? Halle needs to stop the madness.

  18. nooooooooo

    She passing through menopause already or something? She’s rich but she’s also showing irresponsibility running on her current campaign. Quitting movies at the absolute last minute and spreading public rumors to taint public opinion of her child and ex.

    Too bad she isn’t on that other film still, if she was they would black bag her and keep her confined to her trailer to prevent a PR nightmare. Right now no one gives a shit because it’s not their problem.

  19. Gabriel Aubry
    females have spoken
    Commented on this photo:

    WOW!!! Must rub myself..NOW!!!!

  20. Gabriel Aubry
    Commented on this photo:

    Chocolate flavoured balls

  21. Gabriel Aubry
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:
  22. Jill

    OMG- He’s SO F*CKING HOT!!!!! It’s LUV XOXO

  23. S'up Bitches!

    I have a feeling a lot of panties are going to have to be changed when your female readers get home.

    • Gen

      Yes you are right but remember for one topless guy, you boys get about 100 women in bikinis! I think it’s only fair that the guy looks great with or without clothes….(the Situation and Pauly D do not count because…well…they are ugly)!

  24. Nancy

    Yummy! Was there an article up there? I didn’t even see it!

    • sunshine

      I’m with you Nancy. What’s up with all the jibber jabberers? Haven’t they got eyes in their heads?

  25. Brooke

    While I’m sure everyone has already commented on this obvious factoid, Halle Berry herself is half white and I think was even raised by her white mom. Halle Berry even got a nose job to get a “white” nose. If she had a baby with a white man, well, that makes the baby more white than black. I don’t know why she runs around trying to constantly remind people she’s black, but it’s one reason I can’t stand her. Like how Michael Jackson’s all “Us black people have to stick together! Now where’s my bleaching cream and Peter Pan prosthetic nose?”.

    And it’s a good thing I’m not a judge, because I would aware Gabriel Aubry full custody because he’s a sexy man and I never realized it before.

  26. c

    controversy is irrelevant. i would fuck this man’s brains out.

  27. Wait…this dude is straight??

  28. wim

    he is a secret admirer of the KU KLUX KLAN-movement, folks!!

  29. Burt

    “Mon chéri” is masculine. There’s nothing masculine about Halle Berry. “Ma chérie” would have been correct.

  30. Rough is part of a plan, you can not comprehend

    Maybe it is a good idea to showcase a dude once in a blue moon. I had no idea I was surrounded by sluts. And I’m enjoying their dirty comments.

  31. Ben

    If the baby is of half white and half black heritage, then you are more than welcome to call the child white. Considering so many others have called other people of 50/50 race “black”, then you are racist if you think they can’t be called white. It’s ignorant to think they are only one race when they are equal.

  32. Marceelf

    Is Halle Berry allowed to throw the race card? That’s the only black thing I’ve ever see her do………

  33. Gabriel Aubry
    Commented on this photo:

    THANK YOU FISH!! Finally, after all of these Blake Lively posts and the other random hot chicks, somethin for the ladies (poofs too)!!! Good Lord that man is a gift from above. And that little daughter of theirs is by far the most genetically gifted little girl on the planet, so cute. WOW!!!

  34. GreenEye's211

    Halle Berry is just being vindictive because he’s dating other women…she seems to addicted to white men now…that’s his daughter…he wants his visitation rights…for the sake of her daughter…why can’t she just shut up/move on and let him spend some time with his child?
    Halle seems to always have serious issues when it comes to her relationships men…

  35. Gabriel Aubry
    Commented on this photo:

    Thank you for this hot, hot man!!!!



  36. Sarah

    This is bogus…how many articles have you seen refer to her as ‘Nahla the black girl’?? Halle is all kinds of crazy!

  37. Gabriel Aubry
    Commented on this photo:

    ooooooh myyy ggooooooooooossshhhhhhhhhh woow I would riiiiiideeeee hiiiiiiiimmmmmmmm

  38. Randall Burns

    I ‘m like everyone else and love Halle Berry but in listening to these all these things she’s saying about Aubrey, I must say that the change is so abrupt I’m thinking that this really all started when he started dating other people. I think Ms. Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but I see that she may have a problem with insecurity and she sure doesn’t have a very good track record with men. It seems to me Aubrey has every right to have his name on the baby’s birth certificate unless Berry is denying he’s really the father. Why on earth would she object to that?

  39. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Here is a note, Gabe. If you want your baby to be white, don’t have it with a black woman.

  40. Carlos Stranz

    You americans are crazy when talking about racism…
    Not even Halle Berry is black…
    I know that in USA if you have a grandparent black, you could be blond as hell and you still a black guy, but this way to see “race” is stupid… It’s like african genes are a desease and you only are white if you don’t have any…
    This child is daughter of a white man and a mixed mother, why in the hell she is black? Because she doesn’t look swedish? Because she has a grand parent that was black? Because she has curly hair like Niccole Kidman also have?
    This guy is french… Other culture… He marry Hale Berry. He isn’t racist. He probably don’t like people calling his daughter black because he don’t want people puting labels in his daughter.
    And this “black pride” speech don’t exist in the rest of the world if you are a mixed person. In tolerant places, mixed people don’t suffer because they are in between. Saddly, In USA if you are in Beetween you are double f…ed, like Lenny Kravits.
    I see mixed people like Angelina Jolie, Rona Mithra, Beyonce, Hale and many other and think: why people said about this girls that they are “black beuty” or “white”… They aren’t neighter!
    Its absurd… There are many beautifull black women, as white, and as mixed…
    Why Cameron Diaz is not “latin” (other absurd idea)? Because he is blond?
    Why Charlie Sheen isn’t? oh yes… He’s a spaniard, which means he descends of spanish, which means that someday in the past a black or half-black guy (or women) get into his genealogic tree.
    I’m a latin american from south of Brasil, what am i?
    And what is Gisele Bundchen and other models like her that born in my state? Latin? There are subdivisions?
    I think about me and my brothers, two are blond and two are brunete.
    Are we in diferent classes even been brothers?
    I already go to USA in the past. Was amazing. Without beard i was a white guy. Until i talk.
    With my curly beard i became a latin or even a black guy – no black in the family by the last 2 centuaries, but i don’t give a damn if people think i am black, white or martian.
    Only irratate me that my f…ing beard is from my basc side (north spain/south french), but my basc grandmother was redhead, and my brother has the same beard, but redish.
    Is like said to Luke Wilson: “Your brother is white, but you aren’t”.
    The point is: in USA like in the rest of the world there is no correct rules about labeling people with “races”, but even without any reasonable way to “labeling” people, you still labeling like there is no tomorow, and fighting because of that.
    It’s very sad.
    Wait about this girl have 20 years. If nobody that doesn’t know her you look at her and think she is black, is because she isn’t. There is no thruth about races, because races are bul…it.
    The only thruth is the eye of the beholder. If stupid people think you are something, then to they you are. That’s it.
    So i only think that this guy don’t want her daughter to get a label that doesn’t fit in her, and carry this for the rest of her life.
    I’m whitier than Sean Connery, but he was James Bond and i will, if i was an actor, be only in fucking drug lord roles. And my brother will get none, because what is a white and blond guy with latin acent in america? A martian?
    Please: stop labeling people.

  41. Carlos Stranz

    It’s very sad.
    They should be an exemple that people could relate one with other without any concerns of ancient and stupid concepts like “races”, but she turned this into another exemple that the wounds in USA still open.

  42. bitingontinfoil

    Isn’t Halle of mixed race? (caucasian/african-american)?

  43. Gabriel Aubry
    Commented on this photo:

    Quick, give me a biscuit so I can sop up this delicious piece of heaven!! GOD is truly good to have created this luscious morsel. Halle Berry is FOOL of FOOLS!! Some women just don’t know a GOOD BLESSING when they got one, they always want more, more, more. Can we say “idiot?”

  44. Gabriel Aubry
    Commented on this photo:

    Ladies….. if I found this in MY bed. LORD help me….. I’ll eat him up for sure. :)

  45. Steelerchick

    He is definitely the hottest man on the planet!!!
    As for the kid !! I would have to go with she is 25% black as Hallee is only 1/2 black and Gabriel is white. You do the math!!!!!

  46. your momma

    every guy should look like this
    and i know all the men on here look the opposite to this

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