Gabriel Aubry: ‘You Call My Baby White, Oui, No?’

Continuing with her Gabriel Aubry is a racist theme despite Kim Kardashian already being an assload of evidence, sources close to Halle Berry are claiming Gabriel used to go “nuts” whenever he read reports that called their daughter black, according to TMZ:

Whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as “black,” he would go off, insisting his baby was white. We’re told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a “retraction” when such references were made regarding his daughter.

GABRIEL: Your daughter is white, mon cheri.
HALLE: ‘The fuck did you just say to me?
GABRIEL: I’m just noticing she is not, how you say, “black.” Like the slaves, mademoiselle.
HALLE: *breaks foot off in Gabriel’s ass*

(How that would’ve gone.)

Photos: Splash News