Gabriel Aubry is Suing Halle Berry For Child Support And Lawyer’s Fees

May 4th, 2012 // 23 Comments
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Since Halle Berry wants to move their child to France to punish Gabriel Aubry for slinging racial slurs at her (he didn’t) and assaulting a nanny (he didn’t), he’s now suing her for a tremendous amount in lawyer’s fees and child support. Via TMZ:

Gabriel Aubry is asking the judge in his custody war with Halle Berry for a half a million bucks in attorney’s fees, and $20,000 a month in child support,

What I take away from this is some sage wisdom. Fellas? By all means, if you’re able, impregnate a wealthy woman. Make sure she’s good and crazy too, that way you’re ensured that you won’t have to stay with her forever. And when the relationship ends, cha-CHING! I mean Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s out there willing to pay a stranger just to touch her vagina. Can you imagine what actual penetration is worth? Oh Jesus, what have I done? Gabriel! I’m so sorry. When she comes at you, and honestly you probably only have a few minutes at this point, tie a Tiffany bag to the end of a long stick and wave it back and forth. Then dial 911 and wait inside a circle of ice cream sandwiches and pray that she doesn’t eat through them before the police reach you. GODSPEED!

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  2. Fish or Photo Boy, whatever:

    This is unimportant! MCA has passed away!!

  3. Jack Ketch

    Team Aubry, all the way.

  4. fuckityfuck

    slander aint cheap

  5. Halle Berry Cleavage Child Support Lawsuit
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    Hold that pose, I’ll be right over . . .

  6. Halle Berry Cleavage Child Support Lawsuit
    Commented on this photo:

    So lemme get this straight:
    A few weeks ago the writer on this site took the position that it was sooooooo crazy for Bristol Palin to demand child-support from Levi, citing that Bristol has more money than him (boo-hoo). Yet Halle Berry’s ex practically gets a high-five when he does the SAME thing? Lesson learned? When it comes to divorce, mommy’s a selfish lunatic and daddy deserves a payload- this is how these stories are coming across on this website. Maybe it’s time to pull your head out of your booby pictures and think.

    • GetOverYourself

      Wow, you finally got it. This whole site is dedicated to turning men into women haters via tits and ass pics. You are so fucking smart. Now hows about getting off your fat ass and fixing me a sammich!

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      I’m not following your argument – Bristol has more money than Levi. Aubry DOESN’T have more money than Berry, so how does comparing apples & oranges work here? Bristol > Levi. Aubry < Berry. = Bristol's position ISN'T the same as Aubry's, therefore anyone seeing fit to criticize Bristol, can't be called out for not doing so fo Aubry on the same grounds (whether or not their criticism in and of itself, is valid or not).

  7. Dramatic Puddle

    At the rate that Berry, the bucket of crazy, drags his ass into court for shit she makes up, she SHOULD have to pay him more in child support.

    @Katie: Did you overlook the fact that Berry has forced Aubry to pay a ridiculous amount in attorneys fees because she’s a vindictive, ugly bitch who has gone out of her way to make trouble for him? Sometimes there is justice in demanding more in child support, and this is one of those cases. Maybe next time YOU need to think before posting, huh?

  8. Monk

    He Deserves it for the Crap she’s put him through.
    All a Judge has to do is look at her Past, she’ nuttier than a fruitcake. Problem is she’s so damn hot she gets whatever she wants. Bravo to Aubrey for hitting her where it hurts.

  9. terry

    I think you folks have forgotten of didn’t know but Berry is a fucking hood rat. Beautiful but ghetto.

  10. I’m so very disappointed to find out who Halle Berry turned out to be. A vindictive, lying harpy who used this poor guy to make a baby and now is trying to rob him of his parental rights by any means necessary.

  11. Lulu

    he deserves every cent that’s coming to him. Halle is a pyscho!
    I still can’t believe she thinks she can replace the girls father with that douche Martinez whilst the daughter’s father is alive and well and wanting to be a parent.

  12. Seinja

    He needs to get a job, and quit using Halle. It’s enough she funded his failed restaurant, now half a million, and $20,000 a month. What a douche bag! Dude obviously doesn’t have a job. How does he think he can support Nahla, when he can’t live off of Halle anymore?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      He’s a parasite, for sure. But she’s got batchit crazy issues (witness her David Justice relationship, and innumerous other stories testifying to the fact), and he therefore is her (current) karma.

    • Bo

      The child spend most of her time with Halle. Why don’t K-Fed Jr get off his back side and work like a real man instead pussy, the rest of us men have to work. Why should it be any different with this asswipe. Pay attention women these kind of asshole men are sorry as hell.

    • CG

      Interesting opinion. You do know that $20k is roughly what OJ was paying to his ex-wife every month, despite the fact that they’d been divorced for years (plenty enough time for her to find a job) and all their kids were grown? I’ve yet to hear any woman complain about the fairness of those situations, which are FAR more common than this Halle Berry thing.

  13. Herman Bumfudle

    wow! dude, why you trying to beat up on a girls.

  14. Halle Berry Cleavage Child Support Lawsuit
    Don Corleone
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    do you have nice tits?

  15. Halle Berry Cleavage Child Support Lawsuit
    Don Corleone
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  16. catdaddy

    as well he should !!!!!!!

    • German

      Not a huge fan of her but Nolan has been pretty much on taegrt with everything he’s done in the 1st two movies so I’ll just take a wait and see approach. I wanted Nolan to leave both Catwoman and Robin on the bench so 1 out 2 is better than nothing.

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