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katie-holmes.jpg Katie Holmes took a painkilling epidural while giving birth. And ol’ Tom Cruise? Well he was too busy eating the stuff coming out of her vagina to care.

marcia-cross.jpg Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney’s wedding registry at Geary’s. The date reads 1/1/1900 though, so unless they’ve got a time machine it’s probably not real.

superman-touch.jpg Who doesn’t want to see Superman get fondled by an old woman? Not me, that’s who. My brain is healthy.

bo-bice.jpg Bo Bice from American Idol tried to punch NFL lineman Glenn Parker at a bar. I think we’ve got a real contendar for the upcoming “Super Genius of the Year” award.

pete-doherty.jpg Pete Doherty has been ordered to attend an 18-month drug rehabilitation program and placed on two years’ probation. In future news, Pete Doherty is arrested for drug possession after being released from an 18-month drug rehabilitation program.