Freida Pinto possibly having sex with James Bond

Freida Pinto of the award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire is reportedly lined up to to be a Bond Girl in the next 007 installment featuring Daniel Craig, according to The Sun:

Executive producer BARBARA BROCCOLI is eager for her to join the cast — after earmarking Slumdog director DANNY BOYLE for the top job.
A source said: “Freida came to the attention of the Bond team when they were casting Quantum of Solace.
“She was too young at the time to have a part as a love interest for a secret agent. But she has blossomed into an incredibly stunning young woman and would look perfect on DANIEL CRAIG’s arm.”

You know what’s so believable about this story? It’s that the next logical step for an actress who just starred in an Oscar-winning film is to be a Bond Girl and join the ranks of Denise Richards. Then again, Denise is on this season’s Dancing with the Stars which everyone knows is the zenith of acting prestige, so, Freida, make sure they give you a cool name. Something like “Breasty Boobstone” or “Vagina Zippowitz.”

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