Fred Durst’s Hacked Sex Pictures and Video

20050225durst.jpgWhat’s with celebrities and their Sidekicks and their Sidekicks getting hacked? Not that I’m complaining, because I always enjoy seeing Fred Durst’s weiner, but maybe I’m lying and I don’t enjoy seeing his weiner at all. Yeah, that’s the one. Anyways, if you’re a celebrity and you use a cellphone, most likely somebody is trying/going to hack it, so try not to take pictures of yourself naked or having sex. Unless you want that kind of thing published, in which case go right ahead. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than having the entire world looking at your genitalia.

Fred Durst’s Hacked Sex Pictures and Video (nsfw – spyware/adware warning)

*Edit: I had a hanging sentence at the end of the post that said “Except for a nice slice of cheesecake and maybe a cup” I can’t remember why I didn’t finish the sentence but I’m sure it involved naked supermodels.

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