Fred Durst is still alive!? Son of a…


Our country is at war. Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. Gas prices are on the rise. All stuff I can pretty much learn to deal with. What I am having trouble coping with is finding out that rap-rock ass-clown Fred Durst still walks among us. And, get out of town, he directed a movie. TMZ reports:

While waiting for their cars, Paxton was asked about the possibility of Durst guest-starring on “Big Love,” to which Paxton beamed, “I sure hope so, he’d rock that show.” Really?

Then, without any prompting at all, Paxton continued, “Have you seen his movie, ‘The Education of Charlie Banks’? It’s the real deal.”

Oh, wait, Bill Paxton says it’s awesome. Then you know it’s good. You know, that, “Hey, I don’t have herpes just Chlamydia” kind of good. Not the “Yay, Fred Durst is dead” good. Which is the awesomest type of good imaginable. Though to Fred’s credit, I believe now he really can have sex with Britney Spears and not pretend that he did. But even at her lowest would Britney be that dumb? If you’re thinking I’m going to say it depends if Fred Durst has a Bacon Cheeseburger taped to his nads, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!