Frankie Muniz makes weird career decision

malcom-race-car.jpgWith the end of Malcom in the Middle, 20-year-old Frankie Muniz has given up on acting for awhile to become a professional race car driver, saying he’ll return to acting when he’s 23 or 24 to get a fresh start.

“I’ve had Malcom since I was 12. In the beginning, everyone was asking how I was going to make that transition from child actor to adult actor, respected actor, movie actor, whatever that might be. I thought, `Well, I’ll just continue what I’m doing and, when I turn 18, I’ll be an adult. So I’ll be an adult actor, right?’ But the things we were looking at me doing were all completely different roles, completely different genres of film, to just break me out of that (child actor) thing. When it came down to it, about six months ago when I really made my decision, all I really wanted to do was go racing.

“I want to want to act and, right now, I want to race. I’ll try it out, have some fun and, truthfully, I think it will be easier for me to leave for a while and come back (to acting) when I’m 23, 24 and be an adult and start fresh.”

In future news, Frankie Muniz has retired from racing after realizing the only skill he has is playing a 12-year-old with a raspy voice. Seriously, racing? It’s like when Lance Bass lost his mind and decided he wanted to be an astronaut. But then that fell through and now he works at Best Buy or something.