Frank Frazetta was awesome (1928 – 2010)

As a comic geek who grew up in the Poconos, there’s no way I could let the passing of Frank Frazetta go without a mention. The legendary artist died of a stroke this morning at 82, according to CBR:

A New York City native whose career began in the comic book field at the end of the Golden Age, Frazetta was best known for his fantasy illustrations. From his character and genre-defining run of cover images depicting sword-and-sorcery hero Conan The Barbarian to his own haunting Death Dealer painting and character, the artist found immense popularity across a wide spectrum of fans. From fantasy buffs to heavy metal bands and from comic collector’s to western enthusiasts, Frazetta’s paintings not only inspired many imitators and followers but also made him incredibly popular and comparatively wealthy for a creator in the field of genre art.

He also painted smoking hot warrior women which reinforced this blogger’s life-long obsession with the female breast.

Rest in Peace, Frank.

Photos: Frank Frazetta