Frank Luntz Sounds Suicidal. AWESOME!

Despite this being a celebrity tit and dick joke site, I know a lot of you follow politics to the point that you’re probably familiar with Orwellian shitbeast Frank Luntz and his sadly effective brand of conservative doublespeak that has made him a fucking millionaire with six mansions. Six mansions which he’s now sitting around sulking in because no one wants to hire him anymore thanks to Obama tricking America into thinking he’ll pay our mortgages, and not because the Republican party has careened so horribly off of Crazy Mountain that it’s now spending $50 million to make the Tea Party stop saying stupid shit. So below is a link to The Atlantic’s profile of Luntz’s current depressive state, and even further below that are Kim Kardashian’s tits because I’m not going to pretend how my sausage is made, or that it doesn’t have a moustache. So spin that, you snake-oil bitch. (Am I talking to Frank or Kim? Let’s go with both.)

The Agony of Frank Luntz – The Atlantic

Photos: Getty / Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Splash News, WENN