Francia Raisa in a bikini

March 15th, 2010 // 133 Comments

Here’s The Secret of Life of the American Teenager star Francia Raisa – Relax, she’s 21. – conveniently posing for the paparazzi in a bikini and roller blades the same day her made for TV movie debuted. Unfortunately she’s an idiot because the Internet doesn’t work on Sundays, so now we’re just staring at her breasts for absolutely no promotional purpose whatsoever. Unless they’re capable of time travel. In which case, she should prove she’s not a terrorist by letting me get to second in front of Ben Franklin.

Photos: Splash News

  1. crys


  2. RoboZombie

    Oh hell…now I’ll have to wait until everyone leaves before I can leave my desk.

  3. Richard McBeef

    She looks 14 and has cankles.

    Go hang out at the public pool after high schools get out and you can see this all day.

  4. Maria

    She looks like all of the other house cleaning maids in LA. Who cares.

  5. Nathan

    is that an abortion scar on her tummy?

  6. Nathan

    is that an abortion scar on her tummy?

  7. oh dear

    @ 5 LOL.

  8. Jen

    #5….maybe IDK any better..but dont they do abortions vaginally? It looks like a tummy tuck scar.

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    Wow – 21 and her legs are rapidly approaching maximum density.

  10. Haywood Jablowmie

    Wow, that’s quite the pooper she has there. Enough to serve two girls’ needs.

  11. Omar

    She’s a cute girl, nice body on her though she needs to hit the gym before that gets out of control. Not bad at all though.

  12. asdads

    this is a joke, right?

  13. Rough-er Madness

    Don’t know who she is, but she is booty-full. Baby-gurl needs to genuinely use those roller blades to tone up the inner thighs; Which my eyes made a bee line for….

  14. yawn

    a bit dumpy

  15. My Hormones Still Active!!!

    Those HOT, SEXY rollerblades have given me the biggest BONER of all!!!!

  16. Tek

    Nice. More please.

  17. Whoooahhh! Major cankles.

  18. Hahaha

    again, lol @ everyone jumping on this girl… you’d all have your dick out begging for her to service you if the chance came. dumpy? get the fuck outta here.

  19. Parker

    I think the secret life of this former teenager involves lots of anal sex. At least, that’s what I’m hoping so she won’t be surprised when I ask her to bend over.

  20. Richard McBeef

    19 – just because she can legally fulfill your child molestation dreams doesn’t mean everybody else should have an interest in it. I prefer girls that look older than 20.

  21. crazypants

    Sorry, but do you people know what “cankles” are?

    Because besides being covered by her rollerblades and hence there’s no clear shot of her ankles, her legs do narrow at the junction where her claf meets her foor, usually called an ankle.

    She’s got strong solid legs, one would hope that her ankles would be correspondingly sized.

    Having ankles larger than those of a malnourished 10yo African child doesn’t mean you have “cankles”.

    I’d never heard of her before but she’s adorable.

  22. dude

    very unfortunate legs.

    If you are going to assume the role of Babylon the Whore for our society, sorry, you open yourself up to intense scrutiny and it’s inevitable end: hatred.

    Those legs are gross. Ho.

  23. Robert

    Yikes! Now that’s some damn curves. She doesn’t need to lose an ounce or change a thing. That’s what a grown woman looks like.

    Holy hell would I bust a phattie up that booty.

    *off to the bathroom*

  24. Skunky rooster

    @ 22 – pic 1…. cankles.

  25. IKE

    Those legs are gross?
    Girls are soooo picky of other girls.
    I think she’s VERY cute.

  26. Adam

    Shut-up people she looks great, i bet none of you guys look descent

  27. Nameless

    She could probably stand to tone up her bod a little especially since she is only 21. A body can go quick without maintenance. But hell who doesn’t need to tone up a little?

    But she is still fine as hell.

  28. Roberty

    I don’t get this. The girl definitely isn’t fat. She has a flat stomach, for heaven’s sake, unlike her spectacularly sexy ass. She’s curvy. So what? She doesn’t look like Twiggy or 1940′s Katherine Hepburn. She doesn’t look like a heroin addict. She looks friggin dynamite.

    Girls tend to be very critical of other women who look fabulous. And guys on here talking about her thick legs are full of crap (or metrosexual).

  29. la la

    No one posting on this site could ever even dream of being as hot as her. what would people say about you?

  30. blah

    wow what a pathetically obviously staged photo op. Looks like she was out for 2 mins for a few quick “candid” shots before they went to Burger King.

  31. robert

    She can move into Burger King for all I care. I’d let her fart on my french fries.

  32. whoa

    Nasty! Can you imagine how ectomorphic she’ll be AFTER she farts out a kid or twelve?


  33. Deacon Jones

    Meh. Little old for my blood….but fuck it, I’d “pull-a-Parker” on her

  34. Tek

    This girl is flawless in my opinion. Cute face, nice rack (real), tight belly, small waist, and shapely thighs, butt, and legs = WIN.

    If you disagree with that, then by all means keep on jerking off to Selena Gomez.

  35. Let’s hear it for a rare sighting of UNDERBOOB! (pic 6, e.g.)

    No complaints here. Cute and fine.

  36. Deacon Jones


    “Flawless” huh? You dont get out to the east or west coast much, do ya?

  37. Ummm….who is this?? Her body is HOT. All of you calling her fat and talking about her legs….they aren’t fat. Look at her legs, they are solid and I see zero cellulite. Thick legs, yes. Fat…no way. And look at that tummy and her tits. Lawdy, some of you are twisted lol.

  38. eatme

    yup, she has a fat cheeseburger pussy

  39. Denny

    She is not wearing a helmet. That shit is unacceptable. It’s making the helmet dog nervous as hell over on Wincing:

  40. Deacon Jones

    @ Alli,
    You love me

  41. fuck you denny



  42. richard


  43. lol

    i’m so sick of the american fat girl … why do people find it attractive? mmm burgers and fries… the worst is when really nasty girls try to wear tight clothing because they think the fat girl in 50′s video was hot… fuckin jelly rolls hanging over the sides of their jeans. Then you get stupid women saying that it’s “natural”… fuck that try going to a country where people walk instead of drive everywhere… or the majority of people care about their bodies… America is the laughing stoke of the world for shit like this… eat up your mcdonalds…

    @22 you can keep your trashy taste in women to yourself….

  44. Dn

    Fresh young piece of ass. Looks like she’s right off the bus.

  45. bubba

    liposuction scar on her stomach.. musta chinced on the thighs

  46. marie e.

    You just promoted her by announcing her movie. so her plan did work, at least with you.

  47. milandir

    She’s fantastic, I bet she would be the Lindsey Vohn of anal.

  48. jimcock

    In a word, FATASS

  49. pimp

    she has that cute little smile that says “fuck me in the ass”…you know, the one that all women wear…

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