Fran Drescher in a bikini

December 18th, 2009 // 222 Comments

For anyone who’s seen The Nanny and/or heard Fran Drescher speak these pics are extremely unfortunate. It was bad enough her voice made you want to shove a wolverine into your ear canal, but now you can’t even look at her. It’s almost like God is trying to make the most unfuckable creature imaginable.

GOD: Hmm, the voice is nasally and repellent, but something’s missing…
JESUS: Jennifer Love Hewitt thighs?
GOD: Perfect! Thank you, son. Now what were you saying?
JESUS: I married that prostitute chick in the Bible.
GOD: The one with the awesome rates?
JESUS: What?
GOD: Nothing.

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  1. jay
    Commented on this photo:

    yeah i would love to pump fran in her butt

  2. jay
    Commented on this photo:

    fran i would love to let u suck my dick

  3. jay
    Commented on this photo:

    fran i dont care how old u are i would still bend u over and fuck u in your ass

  4. Jeff

    Beauty is not just about appearance. She is a very appealing actress, who looked great in her Nanny days. So what if she’s put on weight, it’s hard when you get older to stay in shape. Her face still looks good, and if she takes off 10-15 pounds, she would still be hot. I’ve seen her on late night talk shows, and she just seems very cool.

  5. Brad
    Commented on this photo:

    I love Fran Drescher body and I would kiss every inch of her.

  6. ellen
    Commented on this photo:

    what is wrong with you people?? this woman has been thru a lot and at least she is real – I am her age and at the time she did the Nanny was her age and I was wearing size 9/10 jrs clothes too……….she is not a fake – and she looks damn good to me and has given me the courage to wear my bikini again even though it will be a miracle to ever get back to “nanny” size – I am working on it but you have to look out for your health first – I have to take medications that slow the metabolism, hence weight gain – give Fran the credit she deserves without making stupid , ignorant and just plain gross comments about “pumping her in the butt” – get a life Jay – I am sure she can do much better than you – don’t see you posting any photos of yourself………

  7. tingalele

    i am seriously sick to my stomach and cant even begin fathom the type of foul miserable people you are… she just survived cancer and not to mention surviving being raped in front of her husband… and all you people have to do in your non worthless lives it to sit on your computers and say things about someone to make your selves feel better your wasting space on this earth… at least she has done something with her life and she shined while doing it while dealing the tragic things she has lived with and she has done it all wit a beautiful smile… she has gone through things that you little pussies would never understand and would never know how to deal with if it did happen to you. id like for all of you to post pictures of your selves so and see what people have to say about you cause im guessing you are not hot shit like you think you are….you must get some kind of power and feel like a big man/women hidding behing your computer criticising beautiful people because you feel so low about yourselves…. but you should because for anyone to say anything about he must be a pretty low disgusting person…. when i was a little girl i grew up idolizing fran and i still think shes an amazing beautiful person…. insted of all of you rude people saying rude things you all should be saying that shes an amazing person for surviving everything she has gone through with her head held high and goood for her to be 52 and wearing a bikini… power to you!!!

    im only 20 and i can see how disgustingly childish everyone on her is so please, all i have to say is, grow up and get of your computer and get life, doing something other than criticising other people to feel better than yourselves!!!! hey since you like reading so much maybe next time you can pick up a book instead, i would highly suggest ” the miracle of mindfulness” so please get of your computer and do something with your life that is productive because at this moment you are just a waist of space, that’s wasting my air. thank you very much!

  8. FeankJRouseau

    I’d fuck the shit out of that fat ass.

  9. FeankJRouseau
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d fuck that ass like its never been fucked before.

  10. Tinna

    I think for his age looks damn good. all age. if I look like in 53, so I will be happy. She is still a very beautiful woman. nobody is perfect.

  11. Usa Alf
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s time you people realize that people get older, even celebs.

  12. P. Hedges
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes, people do become older. Leave Fran D alone. She still rocks. Do not be so mean about her weight.

  13. ya
    Commented on this photo:

    don’t care how old shes still sexy

  14. betty white
    Commented on this photo:

    fake pics that’s not Fran

  15. michael dineen

    She’s a lovely woman. We all have to get old. I think, she looks great. I hope, she will be back on telly again, with another comedy series.

  16. Hunter

    i find offense from the articles statement

    shes still extremely hot when consider her age, naturalness, and attractiveness, she has a big round rump

    id beat my meat to her ass anytime of day, any day of the week

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