Fran Drescher in a bikini

December 18th, 2009 // 222 Comments

For anyone who’s seen The Nanny and/or heard Fran Drescher speak these pics are extremely unfortunate. It was bad enough her voice made you want to shove a wolverine into your ear canal, but now you can’t even look at her. It’s almost like God is trying to make the most unfuckable creature imaginable.

GOD: Hmm, the voice is nasally and repellent, but something’s missing…
JESUS: Jennifer Love Hewitt thighs?
GOD: Perfect! Thank you, son. Now what were you saying?
JESUS: I married that prostitute chick in the Bible.
GOD: The one with the awesome rates?
JESUS: What?
GOD: Nothing.

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  1. George

    LOL dude, it’s called old age. She’s 52 years old.

  2. Hollard

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Bitch got big.

    I wonder if Tiger would hit it?

  3. herbiefrog

    what? we said nothing…

  4. Oveta


  5. lol wut?

    not bad for 52 years old though. i’d hit it.

  6. Jess

    leave her alone!! considering her age & that she obviously isn’t PLASTIC..she looks pretty damn good. all women have cellulite.

  7. bob

    TARA REID NUDES PLEASE!!! Saving my last squirt of the day for the special occasion

  8. sarah

    whatever. i agree with george she’s 52. her face still looks great. her body isn’t even gross she’s just a little overweight. she’ll get back in the swing of things soon. yay fran!

  9. lin

    i think she looks good 4 her age…

    • Cherrina

      agree with u..i think she look great..doesnt matter if she has cellulite here n there..i think she is a nice lady..

  10. Fish will Fry

    Damn that was funny!!!

  11. lins

    i think she looks good 4 her age

  12. hd

    how can you be that mean about a cancer survivor? she looks great.

  13. JiggaJay


  14. me

    she’s over 50, come on.

  15. Racer X

    I’d hit it.

  16. Megan

    WOW… she looks AWESOME! She looks so… normal! for once! thank god… I love it! :)

  17. Joe Blow

    Wow…. Is there no end to what science can accomplish? Someone was actually able to shave a dog’s ass and teach it to walk backwards!!!

  18. I was doing great today looking at all these hot chicks on the internet. Got a boner and now you killed it dude. Looks like I now have to wait until the wife gets home and have sex with her. Um, are trying to kill me.

  19. Jennifer

    She is old, so cut her some slack for her lack of fittness….but at a certain age you have to know you are beyond the bikini. Time to get a one piece and know that the two piece days are OVER.

  20. munroe

    Dude she’s hot. Chicks don’t have to be plastic and anorexic with airbags to be sexy.

  21. munroe

    Dude she’s hot. Chicks don’t have to be plastic and anorexic with airbags to be sexy.

  22. Oveta

    @ 19 – have you been to a beach lately? Age has nothing to do with who should and shouldnt wear a two piece. FTR, I think she looks fine, not going to turn many heads, but perfectly acceptable looking.

  23. MadMags

    WTF – she’s an adult, not an underfed American Apparel model. Cut the shit. Get back to Elin and Tiger.

  24. Jake

    Put a blonde wig on her, and you have Jessica Simpson.

  25. Why is it that anyone, anyone can post whatever they want using Christianity in context of crude humor, and it is okay? Why is it that anyone, anyone can post whatever they want using Islam in the context of crude humor, and people have to be decapitated, burned, stoned, lashed, beaten, threatened, raped and otherwise excommunicated? And the, why is it okay for the United States to be seen as the bad guy in all of this?

    I realize this has nothing to do with Fran Drescher, but maybe someone can enlighten me.

  26. Jess

    Hard to believe the same God created her and Blake Lively.

  27. you are a misogynist piece of shit, and while i understand that this is poorly written, unfunny satire, the venom that you continuously spew about women’s bodies promotes such a horrible, negative environment where it’s OK to openly mock, pick apart, make character judgements based on something as personal as how someone looks in a bathing suit when all they’re trying to do is enjoy some time off. would you say these things about your mother? sister? girlfriend? daughter?

    seriously, how do you live with yourself?

  28. asd

    this one is just in bad taste…

    she is looking fantastic, especially for 52. sometimes fish is just mean.

  29. Not Hysterical like #25.

    #25 – The Prophet Muhammed is a flaming homo who likes to be fucked in the ass.

    There you go. Happy? By the way, No one is going to be burned or decapitated, or blame the U.S., for me saying this, you silly drama queen.

  30. url

    Looks OK but could use a little exercise.

  31. bob

    because those (extreme) muslim motherfuckers are crazy!! they take shit too seriously, get offended too fast. Just like faggots and queers. If i was a faggot or queer and someone tried t insult me it wouldn’t bother me it would be funny!

  32. Dirty Taint

    @ leah

    Make yourself useful. C’mon over here and lick my taint.

    Thank you.

  33. lr

    This is what real women look like. I hope my bod looks that good when I’m 50.

  34. Mike Walker

    Pointlessly mean.

  35. Bill

    The shelf life of a woman is very short. After age 35, they are principally good for raising kids and taking care of the house so men can play golf. Their sexual value slides dramatically downward, from scoring relatively high at 35 to near zero at age 50. After 50, women aren’t good for anything, really, unless they are good cooks or can contribute financially so is punished by the courts when he dumps her to chase someone under 35.

  36. Bob

    Dear Leah

    first of all who gives a flying FUCK
    second: don’t visit the site if you don’t like it
    Third: I think fish would write shit like this about his mom, sis, grandmother.
    to conclude i think people like you is why the muslims decapitate and burn people. they take shit too serious, fuck!!!! takes the fun out of everything


  37. Deacon Jones

    What’s funny is, stylists do this chick up to look pretty sexy.

    Imagine the poor schmoo that’s chatting her up all night at a hotel bar, putting up with nasally, Jewie personality alllll fucking night, just to get back to the room later thinking “YES!!! I’m going to bang Fran Drescher! Can’t wait to tell this story!” only to see this disaster after the miracle bra and whatever the fuck else they have these days comes off.

    lol, fucking awful

  38. Jesus

    Hey bob (#31), you realize that “faggots” and “queers” mean the same thing, right? C’mon, we know you’re stupid, but even your neighbors in your hillbilly trailerpark know this little fact.

  39. Magnus

    @27 Get over yourself. She’s fat and out of shape not the Sister Mary. If it was some fat bald guy you’ed be yucking it up right with every one else and you know what He would be able to laugh at himself. So get a bit of humor and step off the soap box. Or accept that your sexist and learn own to live with yourself.

  40. maeby

    way harsh dude. she looks good.

  41. VtFarmboy

    its one thing if some 20 somthing babe has put on the pounds after posing for pics for the paps… but this lady is mature… actually i think for her age shes not doing that bad. Stop picking on fat old women and lets get back to the babes!!!!

  42. chopper

    looking good

  43. Courtyardpigeon

    Madonna is over 50 too…what’s your point?

    She used to have amazing legs…now they are turkey drums

  44. Ariana D

    Shame on you. Considering her age, and maybe the fact she doesnt want to look like every dumb, stupid, blonde plastic, factory manufactured piece of shit that the rest of hollywood seems to want.

    this body is the AVERAGE body of many MANY americans. Shes NOT fat. She may not be TONED. but shes not fat.

    fuck. have more important things to showcase. Does posting this make you feel better about yourself. She has cellulite.. So does Cindy Crawford, So does Tyra banks.. most people. god.

    What does your Moms body look like?

    Fran doesnt seem to think she has a horrible body. Shes the one out wearing a bikini.


  45. whatever

    I love your site for its self-deprecating humor and pictures of models in bikinis. But it’s just shitty and mean-spirited to make fun of somebody who never set herself out as a sex symbol in the first place. Let’s get back to making fun of the Jon Gosselins and Paris Hiltons of the world, instead of comedic actors who have the same rights to look flabby on the beach as everyone else. Jesus.

  46. VtFarmboy

    BTW number 35 has never had sex with a woman over 40….. trust me when women hit 40 its like a switch gets turned on and you cant shut them off….. irregardless of what they look like. Fran looks great for her age atleast she isnt all cut up and botoxed.

  47. bob

    Jesus christ JESUS. this is exactly what i’m talking about. you must be a faggot, stop getting your panties in a bunch and laugh SHIT!!!

  48. Jenny

    #46 – that “switch” that turns in when a woman hits 40 is the switch of desperation, when they realize all they can offer sexually is offering their sagging, dried up selves to a repulsive Vermont farm boy who is equally desperate.

  49. Freggles

    Bob gets his panties in a bunch while telling others not to get their panties in a bunch. Now *THAT’S* funny.

  50. Jones

    Still would.

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