Fran Drescher for Senate (And other insanity)

The day’s events:

- Fran Drescher campaigning for Hillary Clinton’s open senate seat. In related news, Fran Drescher is alive! [People]

- Jay Leno signs on for a Tonight Show-esque program on NBC at 10 PM. Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien does a Fuck You-esque motion towards network execs. [New York Times]

- Mariah Carey reportedly seen holding a sonogram outside doctor’s office and celebrating. Nobody thought she could steal it, but Ha! What now, bitches? [Page Six]

- Paula Abdul claims stalker wanted to kill her. Whoa, wait, stalkers don’t want to kill. They just want to watch your soul escape through the knife wound in your abdomen. God, read a book. [TMZ]

Photos: WENN