Foxy Brown is deaf

tn_foxy_brown_performs_cr.jpgWhen I mean deaf I mean hard of hearing, not the slang “def” of early 90’s lore. With that confusion cleared up, let’s turn our attention to perhaps the second craziest woman in all of music. (not even Courtney Love in her most incoherent of stupors can hold a candle to Lil’ Kim) We’re talking about Foxy Brown, and it turns out she can’t hear a damn thing.

“I ask only for your continued prayers and compassion as I embrace the blessings of my journey,” Brown said, her voice at times choking up and tears coming to her eyes. “I am racing to the studio the moment that God affords me the opportunity to hear again,” she said.

Foxy, whose real name is a not-so-foxy Inga Marchand, says she’s been unable to hear for months. Maybe that’s what drove her to beat up her manicurist with a cell phone. I wonder if it was the gunshots aimed toward the aforementioned Lil’ Kim or the crack that took her hearing.