Foxy Brown deaf AND dumb

tn_foxy_brown_shades_cr.jpgI’ve learned from experience that there’s a few things you shouldn’t do while in court. Shouting in tongues, threatening to eat the baliff’s face, oh, and acting like a 2nd grader in front of the judge. Yeah, that will get you hogtied faster than a sweaty Elton John on his wedding night. With that said, the three of you who feel sorry for Foxy Brown and her hearing issues can stop now.

The trouble started, according to the AP, when Judge Melissa Jackson accused Brown of chewing gum, a no-no in court. Brown responded by opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue “as if to show her mouth was empty,” the wire service said… All of this led to Brown being handcuffed, which led to Brown reportedly scuffling with a court officer, which led to the threat of jail.

You would think Foxy has been in court enough times to know the routine by now.

Foxy “Making Faces,” Not Friends [Yahoo!]