Fox cancels ‘The Simple Life’

Simple_Life_Canceled.jpgFox executives decided to cancel the fourth season of The Simple Life yesterday after agreeing that there was no room in their schedule to accommodate it. The producers of the show, however, have begun to shop around for another network to air the series, insisting that it will be innovative and enjoyable, despite the notable handicap of Paris and Nicole hating one another. The producers also plan to stick with a new marriage theme for the show, despite the other notable handicap of Paris Hilton having called off her engagement.

Yeah, good luck with that. Nobody wants to see two emaciated bimbos hurl gravy boats at wedding planners and strangle each other with bridal garters as Lindsay Lohan sobs in a corner. Wait, what am I saying? I totally do. Maybe ABC can pick up the show and put it before Desperate Housewives. Then, for two hours every Sunday, that woman from Texas who drowned all five of her kids can feel like a fantastic wife and mother.