Fox News Goes All-In on Trolling Radiohead

I had no idea that Fox News and Radiohead had beef over the past few weeks. Probably because it’s only a thing on the Greg Gutfeld Show, which I guess is like… Fox News’ answer to Chelsea Handler or something? I’ve only seen this one episode, but the gist is that Gutfeld spews antagonistic, conservative diarrhea across a couple of couches occupied by bargain bin comedians and correspondents.

Here’s a timeline of Greg’s war on Hillary Radiohead:

  • Conservative comedian Kat Timpf came on Greg Gutfeld’s show on Oct. 15, and they talked about who should be inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Timpf said she only fucks “strange, malnourished, and sad” guys who listen to Radiohead, so they got her vote despite sounding like “moaning and whining over ringtone sounds.”
  • Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood did something on Twitter with his profile bio (but ultimately could have given less of a shit).
  • Fox took it as a SHOTS FIRED moment in the biggest scandal since Hillary’s emails and gave it way more attention than it deserved.
  • Kat Timpf was brought back on the show, and Greg Gutfeld said this and a bunch of birds fell out of the sky: “You know, Radiohead is a fine band, but they stole everything from Coldplay. Like Radiohead is the poor man’s Coldplay.”

I’m not even mad honestly. I actually feel sorry for anyone who is taking Fox News seriously when they talk about music. This is just… It’s just yucky. I have never seen or heard of Kat Timpf before, but it looks like Fox News has hired scientists to try to replicate Tomi Lahren with some anti-stem cell cloning technology. It’s almost as if Kat is the Coldplay to Tomi Lahren’s Radiohead.

You can watch below if you want to puke or feel angry or just need some kind of emotion to feel alive today. They start giving their expert opinions on music around the 35 minute mark…

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