For The Love of God, Say, ‘Yes’

I’m not even going to bother speculating on the constantly changing possibility Lindsay Lohan might go back to jail because let’s be realistic. She won’t serve more than five minutes, four of which will involve ice cream. I will, however, encourage her to pursue a career in balloon fetish films because these people are offering real money in the face of all logic and reason informing Hollywood to never do that again. TMZ reports:

A rep for tells TMZ they sent the offer to Lindsay’s lawyer — if LiLo comes in and pops a few balloons — on camera of course — she’ll leave $50,000 richer. No nudity. No whips. No chains.
Confused? TMZ spoke to several balloon-popping enthusiasts who tell us the rush comes from “the feeling of fear associated with a balloon that may pop at any second.”

If she actually does this, I will literally give every single member of my family a copy for Christmas. And not just because I can write it off as a business expense. I am not cheap, Uncle Frank!

Photos: Pacific Coast News