Floyd Mayweather Jr. Witnesses A Murder/Suicide, Goes To Clippers Game

Yesterday morning, rapper Earl Hayes shot his wife Stephanie Moseley then himself over an alleged affair with Trey Songz which already is fucked up by itself. Except apparently he did it while FaceTime-ing – not just talking on the phone – with Floyd Mayweather Jr. who heard everything. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us … rapper Earl Hayes called Floyd on FaceTime Monday morning in a rage, over claims his wife — VH1 star Stephanie Moseley — had been unfaithful.
According to our Floyd sources, Earl said he was going to kill his wife. The champ was pleading with him to get a grip … to no avail. Floyd will not say how much he saw, but he acknowledges he was a witness and heard everything.
Floyd is in shock and is having extreme difficulty dealing with the fact that he witnessed a horrifying murder/suicide.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was so broken up that he still went to last night’s Clippers game (above), but in fairness, we all process grief differently. For example, I would’ve spent the entire day shrieking like a woman and yelling, “DEATH! DEATH! IT’S A BOX OF DEATH!” at my phone before wondering why my best friend FaceTime’d me instead of just calling like a normal human being. I’m not a woman with a newborn to look at or a child missing his grandma, and yes, this is the best time to talk about this. We can’t keep avoiding this conversation.

EDIT: Inevitably some shitbag is going to pipe up that this proves black people are violent and the Eric Garner/Darren Wilson decisions were justified, so here’s a white guy from my home state who just got caught murdering his stepdaughter and filming himself having sex with her corpse because all crackers are thugs.

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