Fergie wears bikini, confuses mind

March 7th, 2007 // 101 Comments

I can’t decide whether these shots of Fergie in her bikini are hot or disgusting. She’s like a belly dancer from those old Looney Tunes cartoons, where she’s got a nice body but when she pulls the mask away from her face it’s really some dude with a beard and mustache. I spent 20 minutes with my pants down running between my computer and my bathroom, not sure if I was supposed to masturbate or throw up. Eventually I gave up and cured cancer instead, but unfortunately lost all my notes on my way to get a bagel.

A bunch more of Fergie in a bikini after the jump.


  1. Oh, to just be that string. Now for her ass, but for yummy Josh.

  2. mrs.t

    “Yeah Ferg, you did a pretty good job tucking, but you gotta really tape the shit out of your sack. See, when I pull up your thong like this, I can still see a little. And dude, learn how to wipe your ass.”

  3. Surria

    Okay, so some pictures… she’s hot… Some pictures she’s just nasty. I’m so confused.

  4. jpjrocks


  5. leezastudio

    i thought men didn’t wear bikini tops?? i’m sooooo confused

  6. itspat

    i don’t know, the dude has a pretty grim look on his face, like he thinks he might have to dig something out using his fingernail.


  7. jpjrocks

    No,,ok then 4TH

  8. Ahem Roid

    “Um…honey…I think I found the meth…”

  9. mrs.t


  10. Nobody cares what number you are. Give it up.
    I’m number 1 and will always be no matter what. This is only the internet.
    Fergie creeps me out. Something not right about her…
    Oh, and um…I found these notes on how to cure cancer on my way to pick up a bagel.
    Lucky day, no???

  11. veggi

    was she born with her ass on her face and her face on her ass?

  12. lohanhasthebestcokeinCA

    in other news, lindsay lohan still has the best coke in hollywood. still waiting on those pictures….

  13. Schnuggie

    What’s with the weird titty/armpit flab above her boobs in picture 6? Is she trying to turn into a wolf with multiple teets?

  14. GooniesNeverSayDie

    I guess I am the only person who doesnt find her unattractive. I dont get what all the man jokes are about. She has lovely lady lumps.

  15. Candycane

    The fact that all four of Fergie’s humps are bursting out of her Kohl’s youth division bikini doesn’t take attention away from the fact that her face is less feminine than her boyfriends.

    I think the only person in history who has ever looked more masculine than her is Hulk Hogan, and that was only in his prime.

  16. bigponie

    That’s fergilicious, I wouldn’t mind introducing her to my good friend ‘dirty sanchez’.

  17. AppleGirl

    Why are they sunbathing on the side of the road??? Can’t they find a BEACH in sunny California?

  18. 23apples

    Yeah.. her entire body is confusing. Its like all her fat goes to her boobs & armpits.. there is like an overload of stuff going on up there. Her face looks relatively normal in these pictures.. except for the fact that she has about 38283 earings in her one ear?? Oh and her porn star nails are really classy.

  19. I would eat her ass till tomorrow morning

  20. alex, you’re site sucks

  21. elizabeththewellread


    Yes, she DOES have lovey lady lumps. It’s her face that is so very Elephant Man-esque that is the problem. Call me old fashioned, but butterfaces just don’t cut it as far as I’m concerned.

  22. RAMistheMAN

    “Eventually I gave up and cured cancer instead, but unfortunately lost all my notes on my way to get a bagel.”


    That same thing happened to me last week. Oh well.

  23. anothershityear

    nice legs, nice ass, good chest & waist

    classic butt’ah

  24. PrettyBaby

    She’s got a nice ass, but that poor guy is trying to convince himself he didn’t just see a bug moving. He had assumed that the “tickle” thing during anal was some freaky trick she had learned.

  25. She’s the prime example of a “butterface”.

    Check out those claws! She must’ve gotten her nails done in Brooklyn or something.


  26. Hecubus

    I still don’t even know who this freak is, it’s like the whole world decided she was famous while I was sleeping.

  27. Joshingya31

    Im going to propose everytime someone wants to post pictures of Fergie they place little smiley faces over her head to prevent penis confusion. And her body is hot!

  28. PunjabPete

    That is a nice ass… And proves that “from behind” is the only view of Fergie that one can see and not want to barf… I’d bend it over and tap it….

  29. Her boobs appear to double-over in some pics. Quadboobs?

  30. Lowlands

    If you think Fergie is hot then that must be because you’re used to ugly women.

  31. kickservebt

    Who cares about her face. Bury her head in a pillow and go to town on that ass. I could spend hours back there…it’s like Disneyland!

  32. I don’t know what gay planet most of you are from but this pic is hot.

  33. jrzmommy

    He thinks he saw a black-eyed pea.

  34. Cover up her face, and she is top notch. That body can’t be denied. I would be in that like Oprah in a cookie jar.

  35. Jiimbo

    Who is everyone kidding? If Fergie walked up to any guy and dropped to her knees, nobody would stop her. There are plenty of ways to get around that face. 1)roll her over. 2) bend her over 3)put a Richard Nixon mask on her.

  36. pushyerstoolin

    so…an asspic of a hideously manly girl is hot…i’d say the gay planet is named 2BUD.

  37. pushyerstoolin

    “If Fergie walked up to any guy and dropped to her knees, nobody would stop her.”

    wrong scenario – she’d have to stick her butt through a hole in a curtain that’s absolutely guaranteed not to get any bigger.

  38. JaeMae

    What the frick is on her left ankle in the second pic? Seriously, what is that!

  39. dr phil

    If you saw Fergie in a room full of transgendered patients, you’d say she’s one of the better looking trannies, and almost convincing. That’s it. You can’t just x-out the fact that she looks like a dude. It would still count as your first homosexual experience (or second or 53rd, doesn’t matter, we’re not here to judge).

  40. Lowlands

    I’m gonna do some taxadministration,that’s more exciting than looking to these pics.

  41. anothershityear

    #26 lol – it’s funny because it’s true

  42. ponk

    “Look honey, by adjusting the tension back here, i can play a tune when you fart”

  43. Craig & "em"

    As someone who has met Fergie, I just want to say that I think it’s extremely insensitive to refer to her as a man. It’s just not funny.

    I asked her…and she said that she preferred the term Transgender.

  44. 86

    Armpit Tits are H-O-T.

  45. jrzmommy

    “Fergie, honey, just what exactly did you mean when you said you dress on the left?”

  46. Lowlands

    Fergie is a typical girl who worked herself up to the top,probably with the help of her ass.

  47. PrettyBaby

    “Does this penis make my butt look big?”

  48. Ted...From LA

    I don’t know who the hell this woman is, but she must be rich. In the first picture, if you look carefully, the man is pulling money out of her ass.

  49. Lowlands

    I’m wondering how she got rid of her piles…

  50. Stink

    “Honey? Honey? My eyes are killing me. Could you lay face down? Thanks.”

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