Fergie was a lesbian sex maniac

April 2nd, 2007 // 142 Comments

Fergie says she rebelled against her Catholic upbringing and went on a wild sex and drugs spree when she turned 18. She says:

“I have had lesbian experiences in the past. I won’t say how many men I’ve had sex with – but I am a very sexual person. When I was going through my out-of-control phase, I could have got into very dangerous situations. I had a gun put to my head during a drug deal that went wrong. Luckily I got out of it.”

I’ve had some lesbian fantasies before, but never involving Fergie. Mostly because that wouldn’t be a lesbian fantasy anymore. More of a straight…woman…with penis…monster nightmare. I’d get more aroused watching Schindler’s List.

fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-02-thumb.jpg fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-03-thumb.jpg fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-04-thumb.jpg fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-05-thumb.jpg fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-06-thumb.jpg fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-07-thumb.jpg fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-08-thumb.jpg fergie-pre-grammy-see-through-09-thumb.jpg



  1. BarbadoSlim

    Wow she just made lesbian sex uh, unappealing.

  2. NicotineEyePatch

    Ironically, most of my fantasies about her involve her having a gun put to her head.

  3. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    That ain’t no chick!

  4. daηielle™↵


    What girl in their right mind would let this thing go anywhere near their vajayjay??

    Is there a list of the women she’s slept with so we can contact them to make sure neither of them are in wheelchairs or…dead?

    Why won’t she list the number of men she’s slept with?

    Could it be that Josh Duhamel is the first?

  5. Niecy

    No one is interested in the sex life of trannies

  6. Zigemexo

    aww so ugly

  7. grfxho

    She wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t try so hard. It’s the air of desperation that whole pay-attention-to-me-or-I’ll-do-something-we’ll-both-regret aura that hinders her, I think.

    A few more years and she could rival Courtney Love…

  8. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Somewhere out there, some crack dealer is going, “Hey, that’s the tranny that owes me 50 bucks!”.

  9. 15PiecesOfFlare

    Ew, look at that low, Neanderthal hairline.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    Why is that all these singers feel the need to regale us with how “sexual” they are. Riiiight, they would have you believe they walk around the house naked with dildos poking out every orifice and spend their afternoons by the side of the pool sipping on chilled semen and vaginal fluid.

    What. ever.

  11. prettiestgirlintown

    Her face might be jacked up,but her hair looks really nice here. Does anyone else notice how Fergie has no forehead? I’d rather her have a ginormous head than to have her hairline right next to her eyebrows. FUG!!!

  12. tits_on_snack

    #9 – I never noticed until now… WTF.

  13. greeneyedcat

    this is not stuff I’d tell the general populace

  14. She is so hip now, she’s from the street man!

  15. tits_on_snack

    Fucking Fergie from the Block, I can’t even make fun of this shit because I actually feel kinda sorry for the bitch.

  16. damn! right when i thought “hey! i wanna try lesbianism” Fergie just fucked it all up!
    thanx alot restaurant pig!

  17. N@ughty

    #2 that’s not a fantasy, that’s what’s gonna happen if she says she glamourous one more time…

  18. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Celebs always tell this really personal, embarassing shit and then turn around & cry that everyone is in their business. I don’t get it.

  19. woodhorse

    I didn’t know she was related to Vanilla Ice!! I see the family resemblance now….

  20. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I guess it’s okay to be a whore when you have ‘street cred’

  21. woodhorse

    Does anyone else hate that mole under her eyebrow??

  22. woodhorse

    Is that the “come hither” look she used on all those lesbians??

  23. 15PiecesOfFlare

    Her body looks like it’s all about to come apart in about five minutes. Like she’s just going to start melting or something.

  24. BarbadoSlim

    This is what happened on the day of the gun incident: So the guy’s holidng the gun to her head and then, suddenly, he gets a whiff of something foul and acrid, when he looks down there’s a puddle of what turned out to be urine. At that moment he slipped and fell. He woke up at the hospital two days later.

  25. Lowlands

    When you’re ugly you develop all kinds of tricks to attrack somehow some people.That’s probably why Fergie is a lesbian sex maniac.

  26. NicotineEyePatch

    She knows what kind of guys find her hot.
    The same kind of guys who say they love lesbians and hate fags, and yet their big dream is having a circle jerk with Steve-O and Johnny Knoxvile.
    You know, straight guys.

  27. She’s a singer???!!!
    I’ll be back, I need a drink.

  28. MrSemprini

    I don’t remember looking like that when she was married into the royal family. Dang.

  29. Jimbo

    Is anyone shocked by this revelation? What choice did the bitch have? if she could not find a guy to fuck her, her only choice was some helpless dike

  30. Lowlands

    #25)It’s all part of the ratrace.So sad…

  31. jaffo

    Man, that is one hot trannie. I might actually allow him to felate me as long as he kept enormous sausage tucked securely away and left his wig on. Oh and also I heard that danielle once was donkey-punched by Fergie. I’m just sayin…

  32. woodhorse

    I know she’s a Tranny but those bedroom eyes are fierce. I could almost find myself crossing the room before *feet skidding to a halt leaving black marks on the lineoleum* I stared in horror at the pointy black mole but to get my attention again she would *vanilla ice eubonics* tell me how she’s done ‘hard time’, bitch-slapped Snoop for pulling piece on her, and by the time she got to how them bitches love her humps I would be hopping the back fence and heading down the block…. just saying.

  33. NicotineEyePatch

    21, that mole is a piercing, I think…

  34. wedgeone

    DamYell loves the donkey punch! And the labia scrape.

    A see-through black dress displaying a black thong and much cheekage (3rd pic), and yet I’m not overjoyed or aroused by that. Must be because I can’t get the image of that manly face out of my mind.

    Of course Fergie would have had sex with women. Most men still do like that.

  35. woodhorse

    #33 – hope you’re right. In the 6th pic it looks like it’s going to pop..

  36. woodhorse

    awwww, she beat up Mary-Kate and stole her shoes… maybe Ashley will buy her some new ones.

  37. Kevin_FederSwine

    I wanna see a fucking ROLL CALL for ANYONE who thinks this Trogdolyte “celebrity” is “hot”…come on, now’s your chance. I could give a rat’s ass about Fergie OR Black-Eyed-Un-Fuckin-Believably-OVERRATED-Peas, or her “humps,” or the humps of Black Eyed Peas, but I am willing to hear from anyone who thinks this crap MATTERS. Carpe diem. EDU-MA-CATE me.

  38. jaffo

    Gotta admit she’s good. You can’t even see her junk in those pictures. Trannies of the World Unite!!!!

  39. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Fugly…Gaguliera called…she wants to know how you got into her house and raided her closet. Anyways, she wants her slutty outfit back; she got makeup all over the white one. And she said if you get jizz on that she’s going to kill you because it will never come out of that fabric.

  40. Fifth Stooge

    #25 & #30- Why does Lowlands answer himself?
    That dude cracks me up.

  41. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    40–the same reason herbiefrog posts shitty poetry. They are fixtures of the ‘Fish.

  42. NicotineEyePatch

    Check out Alanis’ cover of My Humps:


    I don’t like her either, but I like Fergie a lot less.

  43. rrd

    oh! ewww! ugh! blagh!

  44. BarbadoSlim

    @42 NeP, hahahahaha that video is five kinds of awesome bitch really sold it.

  45. imran karim


  46. woodhorse

    #38 yes, credit where credit is due. What I want to know is where is Wally? This could get Way More Fun!

  47. Lowlands

    I was just watching Schindler’s List because that turns me more on than Fergie.

  48. woodhorse

    #34 Danielle already trashed you under the Paris Could Get Arrested piece in a story—-she’s about 100 points up on you right now.

  49. woodhorse

    #47, then you are at work??

  50. woodhorse

    and Wedgie LTB

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