Fergie too drunk to fly

March 14th, 2007 // 105 Comments


Fergie was set to fly from Los Angeles to the UK but was banned from boarding the flight after being branded “too drunk to travel.” She delayed the flight for an hour while her luggage was removed, and a source says:

“She was falling all over the place and had to be supported. She was in no state to fly. But when she was prevented from boarding she couldn’t believe it. She was drunkenly ranting at staff but could barely string a sentence together. It was very embarrassing.”

I was prevented from boarding a plane once because they said my fists needed to be registered as deadly weapons. I don’t remember what happened next but I think I punched a little girl through a wall. Justice prevails!

fergie-working-out-santa-monica-03-thumb.jpg fergie-working-out-santa-monica-04-thumb.jpg fergie-working-out-santa-monica-05-thumb.jpg fergie-working-out-santa-monica-06-thumb.jpg


  1. Was she with yummy little Josh?


    ha ha hope she never gets on another plane again !

    # 2 its beats to be unemployed

  3. BarbadoSlim

    “All passengers who are hopped on meth, drunk and smell of piss please report to the blue courtesy incinerator, repeat, BLUE courtesy incinerator, thank you”

  4. brujeriadiosa

    what happened to the FRIST, ya’ll?

    that was the best part!

  5. DrPhowstus

    How can they tell any emotion or physical ailments with Froggie? She always has the same fucking expression anyway.

  6. brujeriadiosa

    wtf with the fucking corn chip nail tips?

    and how much for the Cherokee? low miles?

  7. TashaVin`

    At least she cares about her figure (*Snickers*)

  8. Italian Stallion

    She was so drunk she forgot to put on makeup and they mistook her for Courtney Love…….

  9. mrs.t

    Check out that holster she’s wearing. You know you have an alcohol problem when you need to have 4-5 bottles strapped to you just to take a walk.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    Who’s the bulldyke in blue? Major michelle rodriguez aggresso-vibe.

    Look at her sneer.

  11. imran karim

    she always has these contraptions with her when she works out.

  12. ImaCracka

    Wonder if she pisses herself on a plane like she does on stage…….

  13. schack

    why is she doing yoga on the side of the highway? in L.A.? thats like smoking a cigarette while you workout.

  14. biatcho

    How long will it be before the first bleeding heart commie gets pissed because superfish guy enjoys punching little girls through walls?

  15. schack

    i’m fergali-ghtlkhuhf,khuffff- i make them boys go ro-couggghhhlhllllllllll *vomits*

  16. schack

    biatcho!! where have you been all my life?

  17. N@ughty

    @8 i dont think too many ppl will mistake fergie for courtney love. maybe her twin or her ugly sister or something, but not the real courtney. courtney love STAYS drunk.

    by the way fish, how come you weren’t at the airport when fergie was there? you could have punched HER through a wall

  18. #4 I AM FRIST!!!
    She’s an idiot. Everyone knows you don’t board a plane when you’re intoxicated. You wait til the plane takes off and THEN you down a fifth of Jack. Duh!!!!

  19. N@ughty

    @12 hahahahaha! (almost dead laughing) maybe she does but we just dont know it til she freely tells us about it later.

  20. biatcho

    zip it, shack. you ugly little puppy dog.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    Josh is one lucky, lucky, man. Just imagine waking up next to this stinky drunken iguana looking thing every morning, when she’s(?) without make-up.

  22. Was she drunk or just too damn manly?

  23. schack

    oh, biatcho. i love it when you talk to me like that. i think i just wet my pants. will you sniff them and tell me if its piss or not?

  24. jrzmommy

    She was so drunk she had to sit down to pee.

  25. ph7

    Fergie makes my penis go loco while she’s working on her fitness.

  26. jrzmommy

    Fergie as in the little Meth addict, not Fergie Dutchess of Pork?

  27. Shanipie

    Barbadoslim…did I mention I’m in love with you <3

    Fergie looks so freakin rough! and what she’s like 31 or something? Holy crap her face looks like she is in her 40′s (AT BEST). I’ll bet she has an assistant whose only job is to hang back stage and scrap the caked makeup out of her face wrinkles in between songs.

  28. BarbadoSlim

    Fergie is the only known cure for those suffering from permanent erection problems.

    100% guaranteed to never return.

  29. Ahem Roid

    I love reading Biatcho’s twisted expressions of her forbidden attraction to schack.

  30. doogleberg

    I’m glad those shorts aren’t TOO short…we might see her balls and dick.

  31. doogleberg

    I didn’t like my last post (#30), so let me try again:

    The pictures don’t show it, but later down the road she took out her pocket knife and cut a dickhole in those shorts for ventilation.

    Thanks, I feel better now.

  32. schack

    lmao-#29- she is a feisty one.

    31. much better. but that’s before she peeled her dick off her nuts, and her nuts off her inner-thighs, to let them airdry.

  33. hendero

    that For Sale sign should be posted above her snatch

  34. D'arcy

    Fergie drunk and raving?
    This sounds like a job for everybody’s favorite superhero — Chuck Norris!

  35. ponk

    “She was falling all over the place and had to be supported.”
    So how’d they know she was drunk?

  36. biatcho

    Hey shack, I had to ask your sister to sniff your drawers for you because she looked a little lonely… oddly enough she said they reak of anal ease. I, myself, am shocked that she actually knows what that smells like.

  37. lambman

    I’d be drunk all the time if I had to see that face everytime I looked in the mirror.

  38. schack

    how can i smell like it if i don’t even know what it is?

    damnit. i knew my roommates had a cockeyed look. what have they done to me?

  39. biatcho

    oh you’re such a waste of time, it’s no fun arguing with you.

  40. schack

    we’re not arguing. and, btw, i was just throwing you a bone.

    that was a pretty lame comeback to my pithy piss comment.

  41. schack

    i’m sure anal ease is lube, and i’m sure it smells like plastic. i’m saving my ass for marriage, though, so i wouldn’t really know.

  42. biatcho

    well, I am hungover so I am a little off.
    But let me take some lessons from you the self proclaimed “witty one”… may I borrow one of your psych 101 textbooks (or whichever one you are not using for a term paper at the moment)so I can use a ton of psychobabble terms mixed in with a bunch of sayings I have seen on TV & Film over the years and then call myself “witty & funny”?

  43. schack

    i actually found a really good article about the unabomber, written by a couple of guys at the university of aberdeen, which is explicitly against psychobabble. i can send you the link.

    and p.s. i never said i was funny. and where else are saying supposed to come from?

  44. schack

    are you an alchi?

  45. biatcho

    no, alchoholics can handle their booze.

  46. biatcho

    meant CAN”T handle their booze. oy.

  47. schack

    ummm. so you can or you can’t? and what does it mean to ‘handle one’s booze?’

  48. jrzmommy

    Hey, schack, could you possibly shut your fucking yap for a few minutes? Try eating some Bit ‘o Honeys or some shit….Jesus Christ. I’d hate to hang with you amped up on coke.

  49. biatcho

    uuummmm, huh? I fell alseep from the boredom.

  50. schack

    does your boss know that all you do all day is come on this website to try to be down with folks half your age?

    what are you doing here, anyway? g’on to the next post, mommy

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