Fergie pees herself at Street Scene

August 1st, 2005 // 5 Comments

Fergie’s reps are claiming she didn’t pee herself in San Diego at Street Scene over the weekend, and that the huge wet spot in the middle of her crotch was just sweat, but either way I’m going with disgusting. Obviously sweat is a million times more acceptable than urine, but what kind of monster woman sweats to the point where it could be mistaken for pee? The only people I know that sweat that much are male professional athletes and fat people. So which one is it, Fergie? Are you a male professional athlete or fat?


  1. Cid_Acid

    That is downright disgusting! Sweat or pee (which it most likely is) is nasty! I think it would really be better off it it was piss intstead of sweat.

  2. tonks7


  3. Soupcanx

    shit happens, everyone makes mistakes

  4. It's a good thing, I decided not to go street scene … N 'I never liked anyway pee black eyes.

  5. MalcolmXcrement

    I think it’s HOT! I’d love to stick my nose in it!

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