Fergie looks like real live girl

April 23rd, 2007 // 125 Comments

Fergie showed up to the Class of Hope Prom 2007 looking like an actual female woman. I don’t know if she’s wearing a mask or makeup or what, but looking at her doesn’t make me instantly want to shield my crotch. Although to be fair, I’m used to her looking like this. She could’ve grown a second nose out of her forehead and it probably would’ve been an improvement.

fergie-class-of-hope-prom-01-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-02-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-03-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-04-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-05-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-06-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-07-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-08-thumb.jpg


  1. ONE last comment for PloWShit…shouldn’t you be plowshitting some fagot face somewhere. Enjoy your old life…u wish u were my age, bitch.

  2. DrPhowstus

    @100 — For my 411? Is that even English? Put the 50 cent CDs away tootsie pop and stop pretending you’re Black when there’s no Black folks around. I understand that you’d lose count after all these years, but geeez, no need to take it out on me! You pre-menapausal chicks sure are bitchy. You seem to be obsessed with plowing shit and assholes. I therefore officially deem you a gay dude. Run along, Nancy.

  3. DrPhowstus

    kelLIE, I’d say you’re cute when you’re angry, but I have a strict policy against, porkers, gay dudes, and illiterates. It’s like the fucking loser trifecta for you.

  4. I’m not a guy, you freakin idiot. No,,your the loser, DrPlowShit, common, with a screen name like that..what r u trying to prove.?
    Your the perve in this site, which clearly makes u the loser..I have to stop talking to these old bastards..you probably look like the crypt keeper,,better yet,,u probably do him….you wish, asshole.

  5. DrPhowstus

    Lemme try and rite this lyke u wuld. ur a dude,,,face it,,,a 49 yr old dude. u like uthur dudes n u r not a gr8 luking dude at that. I C U h8 b’n reveeled, dude,,, I M no pervier than any1 else hoo wants 2 fuck a pregnant chick. u’r funny when u’r mad.

    That hurt my brain.

  6. jrzmommy♠

    Kelli…with an I…..I see a bear trap in your future.

  7. DrPhowstus

    kelLIE is crying into her Hello Kitty pillow as we speak, lamenting her lack of wit, punctuation, waistline, and female genetalia.

  8. jrzmommy♠

    complete with double commas. are you sure you’re not DR. Kelli with an I?

  9. DrPhowstus

    I don’t think he’s a Dr, no I really don’t.

  10. wedge1

    #50 – yes, the story about the 52 year old Dad & the chocowinkie are completely made up by the buttmunch troll that has been hopped up on my grill for the last week.
    He’s projecting his reality onto other people as fantasy. Sucks to be him.

  11. Donkey

    Is this he/she realated to Taylor Dayne?

  12. biatcho

    Man, this is the shit i love. Kelli with an i and also krazihott with a k and 2 tt’s.
    You smell of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and/or Staten Island. Let me guess: you also drive a white Honda Civic, have super long nails with bright pink designs on them & you talk like Marisa Tomesei’s character from My Cousin Vinny, right?

  13. Has to do my homework, bitches. Now that I’m back,,u freaks ffff”’nnnnnnnn kill me! I am a girl assholes, and a virgin I might add….just like certain girls, and I didn’t want to do the pregnant bitch either, maybe after the baby, not now, that’s f’n gross. I’m so done talkin to Plowshit,,oh yea, not from up North,,,Live in Florida, assholes.

  14. #112—u so want to do Marisa Tomesei…that’s funny, but I am not a New York or Jersey bitch..they talk like f’n idiots..makes me laugh….so funny…

  15. another teacher in Titusville,Fl arrested for having sex with a student..middle school bitch got some nerve,,,she loving that young cock,,,what a ho……..rrible teacher…

  16. Qweefer Bukkake

    Nope. Still looks like a guy.

  17. DrPhowstus

    @113 — I have a homework assignment for you: an in depth analysis of what makes a middle aged man pretend to be a hot 18 year old chick online. Discussions should include feelings related to lack of self worth and gender confusion, as well as a propensity to over eat and lie shamelessly. No plagiarizing either, this will be graded.

  18. NicotineEyePatch

    I think we all see what happens when the boil that is PerezHilton.com ruptures.

  19. biatcho

    #114 – and with the way you speak you make George Bush look like a fucking Rhodes Scholar uber-intellectual.

  20. biatcho—I’m now guessing that u definately r a new york or jersey idoit..must of step on your freakin toes..bitch…u do talk like idiots,,i watched Sopraneos and their language is a freakin laughing joke…lmao

  21. biatcho

    Ok, I’ll sink down to your level for a moment here… freakin laughin omg wht r u freakin talkin ’bout freakin freak freak r

    wow, that was painful.

  22. DrPhowstus

    @120 — Biatcho can spell dictionary, I’m quite sure of it. You, my pretend hot 18 year old who’s really a 49 year old dude, are still holding onto your virgination as you blow the football team in the locker room. Just sad.

  23. they wished….don’t want their freakin germs that why I hang onto it…this is Florida , everyone’s here from another state,,don’t know what your getting.

  24. biatcho

    kelli – you never answered my question: do you drive a white honda civic, have long, hot pink, fake fingernails & fake tan?
    Judging by how you speak I would say that’s a resounding YEAH.

  25. Hell no.. live in Florida all my life so what is a fake tan? You r describing Jersey bitches ,not me.

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