Fergie looks like real live girl

April 23rd, 2007 // 125 Comments

Fergie showed up to the Class of Hope Prom 2007 looking like an actual female woman. I don’t know if she’s wearing a mask or makeup or what, but looking at her doesn’t make me instantly want to shield my crotch. Although to be fair, I’m used to her looking like this. She could’ve grown a second nose out of her forehead and it probably would’ve been an improvement.

fergie-class-of-hope-prom-01-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-02-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-03-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-04-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-05-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-06-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-07-thumb.jpg fergie-class-of-hope-prom-08-thumb.jpg


  1. Hya Lou Zirz

    (_*_) kiss it

  2. bungoone

    fergie vs. ivanka for best trashbag of the year award.

    seriously, where do you even buy this stuff?

  3. #1- You have a chip on your shoulder huh?

  4. biatcho

    I think #1 just came up with the new “FRIST”.

  5. I know this much…….I’ll bet that girl can FUCK.

  6. castanza


  7. veggi

    Don’t get mad! Get Glad.
    Looks like a fucking outer space towel.

  8. MrSemprini






    Absolutely not. No.

  9. daηielle™↵

    She looks wonderful.

    But…that neon nail polish has got to go.

  10. IFuckingHateYou

    She has to wear clothes like this to hide his/her gigantic 12 inch penis.

    Fucking tranny.

  11. FRIST!!!

    Wow. That’s riveting journalism. Exciting news day. I gotta get a new job. I’m literally dying of boredom. DYING!!!!!

  12. Charm

    she does look pretty good.
    love the hair.

  13. anothershityear

    seriously not that much has improved or changed

    whenever she walks onstage she should walk in backwards, showing off her legs-and-ass and long hair from the back

    learn to walk backwards 24/7 fergie
    lead ass-first, leave ass-facing-out
    no one needs to see the face

    hey buttah-buttah-buttah, work your assets

  14. bobbygou87

    Goulet thinks jamie presley would be better after eating a new goulet bar. http://www.gouletbars.com

  15. Jimbo


  16. Jimbo

    FRIST I can call you and breath heavy into the phone. Would that cheer you up

  17. Jimbo

    It is nice to see that we are getting fashion tips from DanYELL

  18. daηielle™↵

    Her face looks like ‘her’ face. She isn’t ugly.

    I can’t say the same for Terri Hatcher, who is 10 years older than Fergie, but looks as if she’s 75 rather than 42.

  19. veggi

    Stop it with your google bars. Nobody wants them, mmm k?

  20. Hagman

    She kinda reminds me of stifflers mom :s

  21. daηielle™↵

    Gumbo, get bent.

  22. Jimbo

    DanYELL Blow Me!

  23. Jimbo

    Hagman she does, But you wanted to do Stifflers mom, Fergie makes you want to turn gay

  24. flavio

    well, that’s a nice Hefty handle-tie bag she’s wearing there…i want another round of her in a bathing suit being pulled to look like a thong, this is just basically what she always looks like…

  25. daηielle™↵

    Blow what?

  26. Jimbo

    There is more to blow than you can get your big fucking mouth around

  27. HughJorganthethird

    I think # 1 spends a wee bit too much time indoors, with his cats.

  28. daηielle™↵

    I’ll pass.

    [ AIDS ]isn’t on my “What I Want in 2007″ list I made up for New Year’s.

  29. Jimbo

    Danielle’s “What I want in 2007″
    1 – Male German Shepard so I can get laid
    2 – Extreme Makeover from ABC
    3 – A new brain from the great Oz
    4 – Vaginal reconstrustion surgery.
    5 – Anal reduction surgery.

    Your right AIDs was not on your list

  30. NicotineEyePatch

    She looks like she just got out of the sauna. Or had one of those quick showers you take after the gym or after a midafternoon fuck break, only she doesn’t seem clean. Then the tinfoil spa wrap just adds to the whole ‘steam room chic’ element.
    Baked potatoes with weaves don’t normally wear high heels, so I can only conclude that this is Fergie, and she may have showered or sauna-ed, which might trick some of you into thinking she looks good.
    Don’t fall for it.

  31. DrPhowstus

    @30 — You forget:

    #6 – increase in welfare benefits allotment
    #7 – sense of humor
    #8 – chastity
    #9 – 9th kid
    #10 – a life

    In other words, the same things she wanted last year.

  32. HughJorganthethird

    #30 and 32. Just stop it you heartless bastards. Don’t you know nothing hurts more than being the butt of un-funny, over used jokes from random people you don’t know on the internet.

    Well maybe syphilis, but your the experts on that right?

  33. Fishstick

    my baked potato with cornrows wears combat boots, but no heels.

  34. lambman

    wow, in the thumbnails it looks like Ali Larter (Heros) gained 20 pounds and had her face run over by a truck! Big step up for Fergie!

  35. DrPhowstus

    #33 – ok, you’ve got a point. I think ordinary syphilis is painful enough, but my own affliction (anal syphilis) is excruciating. Just once, I’d like to smell my fingers and not be confronted with anal pus residue.

  36. daηielle™↵

    Hey Doc,

    I didn’t know you could count that high. Looks like reading the back of cereal boxes did wonders for you. Congrats!


    That’s [You're] dumbass.

    BTW- I found YOUR list in the local paper under the “Obituaries”.

    1. Find a life
    2. Save up money to get the life
    3. Buy the life
    4. Shoot myself

    So sad.

  37. Jimbo

    @33 Fuck you Go crawl back under the rock you came from. If I want any lip from you, I will get it off my zipper

  38. schack

    Don’t try to be a sexual tough guy, Jimbo. We all know girls hide from you whenever they can.

  39. Jimbo

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU SO FUNNY DANIELLE. Can’t you come up with your own material? Coping everyone else just isn’t funny you dumb BITCH!!!

  40. Jimbo

    No Schack only YOU hide!!!

  41. Nikk The Templar

    What’s up with the freaky-ass bright orange fingernails & toenails???

  42. BaldingSuperhero

    Nice nail polish. I guess orange is the new black…?

  43. DrPhowstus

    Anyway, back on topic – Fergie actually looks hot in these pictures. I’ve never been with a tranny but if she were this hot in person, I’d be tempted to suck her dick. Only thing is, it can’t be one of those hormone-shrunken weenlets that – at best – grow to 5 thin inches and dribble out a couple drops of the thicksalty after 30 minutes of stroking. If I’m going to put that thing in my mouth (and elsewhere…wink wink), I want the full package!

  44. Jimbo

    OK Thanks for that Dr Phowstus. That discription is going to leave a scare on my brain

  45. Sorry, I usually refrain from posting to the comment threads, but this one needed a bump to the top thread:

    77. Posted by tits_on_snack on April 23, 2007 1:24 PM

    Veggi… The idea of being pregnant used to creep me out too, in an “alien bursting forth from chest” kind of parasitic, something-inside-me way.
    Then I grew up and stopped thinking like a little self absorbed awkward teenager.


  46. daηielle™↵


    Did you forget that your post @30 was based on my concept @ post 29? Dream on you pathetic little twit. I can count numerous times that you’ve recycled material from past posts. Go find a brain that actually works rather than trying to use your own, your comebacks are lame.


    Ah hah! I count atleast 2 posts that disagree with Fergie’s choice of nail polish so…what was your point again, Gumbo?

  47. wedge1

    Looks like the trolling is going on fast & furious now.
    Life is short for you Walrus!

  48. Jimbo

    Danielle, you dumb shit!! It is not the fact that her nail polish is “freaky-ass bright orange” It was the hierocracy of you giving your 2 cents worth on fashion. You show up underdressed to a taping of Jerry Springer. I think it is time for you to go check the mail and see if your welfare check has arrived. Then go down to your local liquor store get your bottle of Thunderbird and go pass out on the park bench like you do every afternoon.

  49. Jimbo

    Wedge1 – I hope that you by that you mean the comment about you and your 52 year old dad is false??? That scared me

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