Fergie has outstanding fashion sense

August 22nd, 2007 // 115 Comments

Here’s the part where I write a hilarious joke that makes women take off their pants and men cry because they’re not me. I’m a service to the community, I know. But look, my penis saw this picture and ran off screaming. The little huge guy is almost two blocks away and – Jesus, he just beat up a lumberjack! Wait, no, don’t hijack his car! You’ve been drinking!

If you truly hate yourself, here’s a few more pics of Fergie in her hot pants.

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  1. Alex

    Frist. Mehh.

  2. emily

    i think i have to vomit

  3. SuperLeeshka

    Wow. Fergie, huh? She looks like someone’s nana

  4. emily

    i think i have to vomit

  5. Chauncey Gardner

    Great googly-moogly!

  6. big

    It just does not work. She looks like a lizard I once saw in Mexico.

  7. No, I’m FRIST!!!
    How many fucking times do I have to say that???
    And, emily, I’m right with ya there. Both times.

  8. erdgadfgasdg

    I think she looks rather fashionable

  9. Guy

    heh, Fergie…

  10. Try ME

    Cheah Baby!

  11. Guy


    Get back to the circus clown!

  12. come on over and give your granny Fergie some sugar *runs away screaming*

  13. Try ME

    FIRST !!!

    Yes !!!

  14. Sportsdvl

    Why does anyone care one bit about this ugly no-talent transvestite?

  15. Texas Tranny

    I’ll be the first to say it……………

    She looks like a tranny.

    Tee Hee

  16. Texas Tranny


  17. Bone Boy

    Wow, this woman turns me on.
    Those lips could do wonders.

  18. veggi

    Texas Tranny, please tell us you’re hotter than this thing. I mean, I’m a fishmonger, but still, peeeeeuuuuu….

  19. 1MILF Hunter

    It’s a girdle of sorts for the modern day woman. Helps hold in Fergie’s pooch.

  20. Hemlock Queen

    That trout mouth is hot. mmm…

  21. Taylor

    Fugly she is.. how about the nails in pic 7, they match the snaps on her pants, nice touch.

  22. p0nk

    jumping jesus on a pogo stick. wtf kind of editorial is that, fish? this writer needs to be shown the door.

  23. Faggot

    She is a terrible, ugly disgrace.


  24. Faggot

    When I see Fergie, all I can think of is one word:

    Clown Acne

  25. adeliza

    That outfit is so fucking 1980′s, it is sick.

  26. Texas Tranny

    I like to think I’m better looking than this.

  27. MammaJamma

    The more popular they get the more ridiculous their outfits are. Either she’s dressed like a 15 year old tacky tart or an effing clown. She has a nice body, fucking own it bitch and dress better. I liked when she had that kinda street, kinda military, kinda cool boots look from 4 years ago.


  28. Chauncey Gardner

    She looks like a fist with a face drawn on it and wearing a fucking wig.

  29. Faggot

    @ picture 6

    what a numb Nlgger

  30. Carrie

    I kinda like the pants…the high waist is flattering…if you HAVE a waist, that is.

  31. yuck

    She is hiding a Jolie Kid in that bag!

    Not that Angie will notice ( at least not until the next photo op. )

  32. regular joe


  33. Malffy Hernandes

    She took that whole ‘Party like it’s 1985′ thing a bit too literally.

  34. Morning Wood

    Its Barney with tits…

  35. regular joe

    For Fergie, just going out with pants that aren’t urine soaked and crusted is an improvement.

    No talent skanky bitch.

  36. Mick

    The pants would be cute if they were a nice dark blue wash. The purple is just hideous.
    Oh yea BTW….Fergie is seriously one ugly broad. She always looks like shes been stung by a bee in the face.

  37. my comment

    Purple, yes, Purple ridiculously high-waisted pencil peg leg pants, open toe patent leather stillettoe pumps and a bag the size of Nebraska.

    For the sake of all things holy, DO NOT LET this happen to you!

  38. Mick

    #36 HA

  39. Texas Tranny

    Thanks for pointing out the fuck-me-pumps.

    Nice shoes.

  40. ibestevie

    Looks like Dan Marino’s off the Nutrisystem. Ought to get some stronger sunscreen too.

  41. lambman

    wost joke ever

  42. LaVale

    29 – Hahhhhhaaaaaaaa

    Jeez, you’re funny. Always love your posts. Is she related to Senor Wenceslas? (is that rite?)

  43. ziggurat

    She is rockin’ the Versace duck lips and those regrettable slacks. This is the forrunning symptom of a fashion disaster. Remind me to stab these eyes.

  44. Faggot

    Hey #33 Regular Joe

    I came up with Clown Pimple

    All you could do was


    you’re a douche.

  45. Faggot

    i think krazihotkelli’s sleeping.

    i wonder what her dreams are like…

  46. Faggot

    she doesn’t dream.

  47. Shallow Val

    I’ll say it again…..Leave the 80′s where they are, in the past. That includes:

    -heels with shorts
    -biker shorts
    -guido pants
    -pumps with little frilly “Deborah Foreman” type socks
    -neon ANYTHING
    -big hair and AQUANET
    -skinny jeans (YES I SAID IT)
    -leggings (YEAH, I SAID IT AGAIN!)
    -motorcycle jackets on non-cycle-riding people
    -banana clips as fashion accessories
    -fashion accessories
    -lip liner
    -Ray Bans
    -Reebok soft aerobic sneakers

    Please feel free to add more.

  48. Jillblondie

    Great body – bad, bad pants. AND a butter face.

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