Fergie launches thing

March 6th, 2009 // 29 Comments

Fergie launched her Viva Glam IV lipstick for M.A.C Cosmetics yesterday in Los Angeles. Not exactly sure what the thought process was in choosing Fergie, but that said, here are some slogans for their ad campaign. I’m a helper.

M.A.C: We can make Fergie look like she’s always been a woman. Almost.
M.A.C: No more drinking at the office. For real.
M.A.C: She just showed up and started holding things up to her face. We dunno.
M.A.C: Because trannies have money, too. Or Jim in research is fired.
M.A.C: Mulligan!

Photos: Flynet, Getty

  1. Wow, when she wears a dress you can’t even tell this tranny tucks her dick back between her legs.

  2. She’s one weird, mannish-looking woman, no mistake. You can just tell she’s going to be one of those sad women who try to “fight the aging process” and end up losing. Like ARGH RUN FOR THE HILLS losing.


    I don’t get why you think she looks like a man. She’s pretty cute if you ask me.

    P.S. i like guys
    P.S.2: I LOVE KIDS………………….Happy Freitag (Friday)!!!


  4. le fag

    every fag knows M.A.C. is the cosmetics of choice for drag queens. just ask RuPaul.

  5. Randal

    Fergie is looking great! She first stepped onto the scene with Black Eyed Peas, a lyrical master in the songs they beat out and now, not only is she a face of beauty but she’s also becoming a name brand.


  6. First

    I wouldn’t dare say she is ugly…

    She might beat me up badly.

  7. Lowlands

    Who’s responsible for this Fergie post!? *shudder*

  8. She snagged herself one hell of a man!

  9. That bracelet-wrist-ring thing is totes gonna create a snagging problem later on!

  10. Richard McBeef


    That is a man, sweetie. It’s OK for you to beat off to the pics. Good luck!

    Richard McBeef

  11. Sauron

    I don’t believe she’s here.It would be a turn off!

  12. Jade

    Is she pregnant?

  13. R2D2

    Who’s this lousy f**k??

  14. Why aren’t you guys writing about Michael Jackson instead?
    He’s doing a comeback on stage, and you’ve done nothing about it. You’re like Fox, ignoring what’s REALLY going on.

  15. Beep boop bop! No words are needed this time! *Shudder*

  16. Darth

    I used to sort of look like the guy in the third pic! Now i’m much more handsome looking! Healthy food and regular sleep can make a big difference!

  17. Alex Fonzo

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  18. Sissy

    Ever saw this one on ___ MillMatch Com ___
    It ‘s where you have the opportunity dreaming about dating a millionaire and make it true!

  19. RaraAvis

    I wish she would change her hair. It does nothing for her, and she’s getting a little old for it. Come on – shake it up, Fergie ferg!

    (quite understandable)

  21. emily

    that is totally lip glass in her hand, not lipstick…

    just saying.

  22. So she’s NOT pregnant? In that case, what an unflattering dress.

  23. Suzanne

    She so IS pregnant….you can see it a mile away! She looks terrible after all her procedures :-( Why do they all feel the need to mess with the features they were born with? Pathetic really

  24. lily

    She is such a cuttie.I saw her photos at billlionaire personals site”"”"”"”"”"”A f f l u e n t B a c h e l o r s . c o m”"”"”"”"” last week. It is said she is already in relationship with a young billlionaire on that site now.

  25. Fyendo

    Every time I see her she looks more and more like an aging crack whore.

  26. Oops

    Everytime I see a picture of her, I flash back to the picture showing that she peed herself onstage, and I just don’t get it.
    Why the fuck would you piss yourself after the age of three, ever?
    (unless you enjoyed that nice warm pants soaking rush…)
    Especially if it’s your own concert. Tell them to hold the fuck on, excuse yourself, and hit the ladies’ (?) room.
    I mean, the rest of tha’ Peas are more than capable of handling the stage whilst you have a piss, Fergie.
    But incredibly, she saw pissing her own pants as the only viable option.
    So anyway, anytime I see her, that’s the picture that takes over my mind.
    I know that there are fetishists who are wetting themselves right now at the very thought, but I for one can’t really look at her.
    God help her bladder if she’s preggers…

  27. You just tell me it is sad that women who “fight the aging process” is going to be tried and eventually may lose.

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