Fergie & Josh Duhamel got married

January 11th, 2009 // 46 Comments

Fergie and Josh Duhamel tied the knot yesterday at the Church Estate Vineyards in Malibu, People reports:

The Black Eyed Peas singer, 33, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown, and the actor, 36, tied the knot at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu.
Fergie carried a bouquet of white flowers studded with crystals as the couple exchanged H. Stern rings engraved with personal messages. Ten bridesmaids were dressed in contrasting black.

God bless Josh Duhamel for being the only man alive to say “Oh, yeah, I want to wake up next to that face.” Personally, I’d prefer a homeless guy with a gaping head wound. Which reminds me: Hey, Bleedy, want some Pop Tarts? Bleedy? Oh, no…

Congratulations, Josh & Fergie. May your happiness last. Dammit, Bleedy, it wasn’t your time!

Photos: Flynet

  1. Eva

    I think I’m second.

  2. errrr

    shes not lookin very good in these pics…

  3. Eva

    I was first!

  4. DirtySanchez

    I bet she takes it in the ass

  5. Richard McBeef

    @2 – She’s not looking good ever.

    @4 – That tranny packs a cock under that dress, of course she takes it in the ass.

    I heard she pissed her pants at the reception.

  6. lisa

    shes not hot. at all.

  7. dirk diggler

    I wonder if she pissed herself.

  8. quake

    vagina the size of a meatloaf

  9. missywissy

    I bet she depends on all of these comments by Superficial writers and bloggers to get her through the day and to get her to her next million dollar bank account.

  10. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Sure, the body is bangin’ but in about five or ten years she’s gonna look JUST like Brett Michaels from POSION/ROCK OF LOVE.

  11. Balack Obama

    I’d still bang her. She is hot, you guys just like the sausage too much, fags. At least she didn’t marry a nig.

  12. lola richie

    She is cute and pretty. Hate her music though

  13. She is definitely a butter-face. Her body is banging…but her face…yeesh.

  14. BM

    why do celebs even bother to get married? they have like a 95% divorce rate.

  15. Nigerian Email

    @ 11 — What the Hell does this have to do with a black person? Keep your comments to yourself you racist fuck! Don’t blame black dudes for your inability to get laid.

  16. melissa

    u guys are all crazy.. she is HOT and u guys are jealous big time. put your pics up and lets see what all you guys look like. congrats fergie n josh

  17. Ardgelina

    Fergie has the best legs ever!

  18. Pathetic Worm

    I want to get divorced in a vineyard.

  19. there’s just no way that “she” wasn’t born a dude

  20. .....

    uuuhhhh shes not even ugly…shehas a really nice body and great legs.. and whats so bad about her face? i think its so pathetic when people search others for something wrong..instead of just admitting theyre not that bad! i seriously wana see what you all look like. and lisa is probably fat.

  21. OooEeeOooAhhAhh

    I hope you know..I hope you knowwwww

  22. feces n cheese with a cherry on top mmmmmmmmm

    Hey Nigerian (poor thing) email creature. Don’t you get it? We hate you beasts and we always look for an excuse to say something wicked about you for no logical reason other than we hate your fucking guys, animal. Now go eat a Haitian dirt cookie, loser.

  23. Suzie

    I agree there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks. She looks very nice. Josh doesn’t look too bad either ;)

  24. Lain

    She looks like smelly, steamy shit.

  25. Randal

    It’s great to see happiness starting to float around the entertainment industry with the tragic news of Jennifer leaving Ross this week.

    Fergie put Black Eyed Peas on the map with her lyrical labyrinth rhymes and custom choreography at live venues and in music videos and it wasn’t a shocker when she went solo to become even a bigger star.

    Congratulations Fergie and Josh! May the two of you create a labyrinth of lyrical love for many years to come.


  26. amanda

    10. mamamiasweetpeaches – January 11, 2009 1:40 PM
    Sure, the body is bangin’ but in about five or ten years she’s gonna look JUST like Brett Michaels from POSION/ROCK OF LOVE.

    HAHAHAHAHA now that you mention it…… her husbands a babe! good for her

  27. ooo hayirli olsun yakisirrr aagabeyyyy :)

  28. sky

    he’s soooooooooooooooooo hot! too cute for her!

  29. Guest

    As much as I hate her. . .
    I kind of love her hair.
    Actually, I’d kill somebody
    for her hair. . .and by somebody
    I mean her.
    Cause she’s dumb

  30. Girl

    I don’t get it,
    She looks AMAZING HERE, PEOPLE!!!
    She’s trash and can’t sing,
    But she looks really really hot
    and I think I’m a little bit jealous?

  31. bmose

    Hope you got her tested, Josh. She’s had Chocolate Milk on her Bumps.

  32. PettyPape

    I cannot believe she was that Stacey chick on “Kids Incorporated”. What the hell happened to her FACE?

  33. ron

    I thought same sex marriage was banned in California

  34. Joseph

    Fergie married Josh in California. Didn’t California vote on a ban just recently on same sex marriages? LOL!! But I guess on the marriage cert she put down she was a woman. Guess no one checked her birth cert. At least annulment will be easy.

  35. meee

    why does her hair start so goddamn far down on her face?

  36. We’re expected to act HAPPY, folks?

  37. Nigerian Email

    @ 22:

    Well come January 20th, you will be ruled by one of these so called Beasts. Take care of yourself and God Bless America!

    P.S. I jizzed in the mouth of two hot white girls this weekend and they loved my cocoa syrup! How was your weekend buddy?

  38. Bleedy

    I will always be with you in spirit… eat your poptarts like a good boy… lick them like the way I showed you…. just imagine my flaccid, injured penis draping over the over-hot icing… blistered with sores weeping fluid that your tongue needs to clean for me…

    love, kisses and tick bites,


  39. He looks exactly like someone who got pissed on during the requisite honeymoon 69…

    #22 – While you’re a fucking moron, “Haitian dirt cookie” made me laugh.

  40. Since Josh married Fergie…that must mean Josh likes sucking on tranny dick.

  41. Sport

    Randal, you are not only a creepy, sappy fag, but you used labyrinth twice in a sentence. For shame.

  42. jxbong

    i was wondering where that juron vanderslut dude has been hiding out.be careful fergie on that honeymoon to bermuda.

  43. no more racism. PLEASE.

    @ 22
    wth, this article is about FERGIE and how josh is marrying a man. i feel so sorry for their spawn.
    sucks for you No.22, seeing as you hate black people so much, have an awesome 4 years (min. hopefully 8!) with BARACK OBAMA as president.

    to all the people who think that fergie is HOT
    yeah i guess she’d be hot if you covered up her face..
    but otherwise, saying fergie is hot is the same as saying a monkey ass is hot.

    could you compare fergie to say….the victoria’s secret angels???

  44. Yes, she was a massive drug queen! Yes she has JLO ass, but what else do you think comes out of a Jersey girl?

  45. I’m sure that these comments by superficial writers and bloggers all depends on him to get through the day and get the next million dollar bank account.

  46. yur mom
    Commented on this photo:

    wow I know this is an old post but to the idiot who said an awesome 4 years with obama, you are retarded, he is the worst president this cuntry has ever seen and it has nothing to do with race. Look what hes done to our country. you are one of the stupidest people I have ever spoken with online.

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