Fergie is very feminine

March 19th, 2007 // 85 Comments

Is Josh Duhamel seriously still dating this thing? It’s got the coloring of an Oompa Loompa and the facial structure of a Samoan sumo wrestler. She looks like if she stared at you long enough she could actually turn you into stone. Or at the very least make you start crying.


  1. Missgreen16

    That’s what meth does to your face. She should be an anti-drugs spokesmodel.

  2. schack

    she was on meth?

  3. Libraesque

    broke down tranny

  4. Ithrowball,youleave

    That second picture of her scared the shit out of me, literally. Then I threw up on myself, poured gasoline over my head and struck a match. The fire department here has like, a 30 second response time so they put me out pretty quickly, but now I have to type this with the charred bone of my one remaining finger. Thanks Fergie, you bitch.

  5. I can’t believe that Vandersloot dude is behind her.

  6. meee

    didn’t that lipstick color go out of 8th-grade-style in like, 1996?

  7. sikofdis

    I can’t stand this cunt and her shitty-ass group! I liked her better when she was peeing her pants…

  8. Dory

    I would seriously not be surprised if it turned out she wasn’t even human. This fergie thing is a walking drug bag, someone would have to wrap her in a condom and swallow her to enter another country!

  9. woodhorse

    #17 NSFW = not suitable for viewing

    #29 You fucking douchebag. Bruce Lee is a God. May a thousand trolls park their drug infested carcasses at your crib if you ever compare a lame doorman to Bruce Lee again.

  10. woodhorse

    I can’t comment on Fergie. Biker Trannys who wear some Barbie lipstick they stole do not turn me on or inspire me to great thoughts.

  11. RichPort

    35. What do “they” say about a woman with a chin like an ass? Do you have enough sauna experience to form a statistical inference?

    46. Unless you’re the “real” RichPort. That fucker probably tongues more ass than my dog.

    On topic, not to state the obvious, but Josh D. and Ryan S. share a common affinity, the cock. Bitch is a beard.

  12. Hecubus

    So who is this Fergie dude again ?? Was he in Bon Jovi or something ???

  13. iamsosmrt

    She was born for porn.

    Here’s what she was thinking when she put on that toilet mildew colored lipstick.
    “Ok I’ll wear this of lipstick that won’t leave any color on his penis but will still look like I made the effort to put my face on for him, even though he never notices because he never looks me in the eyes… I think it’s because he’s shy… ya that must be why he always pushes my head under the covers.”

    For the Dickshits who are getting upset because we are trashing this pigface where do you live; Trannylane? Because where I live every damn day I see better looking chicks than this uggo, honestly we are not even being superficial on this one, the girl’s a D-O-G, she literally looks like a bulldog, the ugly one that no one wanted. It’s not even that funny, she is just a ‘lights off do her from behind butt ugly kind of girl’. In other words she is a DUNST, with a decent body.

    And for the love of candy could people just please stop using the “why don’t you post your pictures” argument. Fuck! Look morons odds are some of the people here are hot or are doing hot people ok get over it. As #38 pointed out why in god’s name would we share our private life with all crazies and full on psychos in Internetland. Even though for some of us it would shut you the fuck up which I would really love to do but, it just isn’t worth it. In any case most of us are here to make fun of the losers who sold their souls and their privacy for something as vapid and worthless as fame only to be constantly ridiculed and hated so why would be stupid enough to buy into the attention craving

  14. HollyJ

    schack – there might be some mouths out there that smell like poop ..like the mouths of tourists out in Tijuana for three days living on tequila worms.. I bet they taste like poo

    richport – I haven’t gathered sauna experience on chin-butts; I was clearly pre-occupied with matching face lips to labia. DAMMIT.. I KNEW I’d miss something important in my data log

  15. MY EYES!!!!

    Theyyyy burn!!! :(

  16. D'arcy

    She is the offspring of Chuck Norris and a grizzly bear.

  17. drowningfool

    When did the “orange skin” phase start, and more importantly, when will it end? People need to take their cues from Scarlett Johanson or Jennifer Love Hewitt, not Posh Spice and Jessica Simpson. White skin is hot, people, orange skin makes you think of Home Depot and Extreme Make-Overs.

    Unfortunately in Fergie’s case if you took off the paint it would make the The Exorcism look like Care Bears.

  18. iknowyoulikeme

    yeah this is disgusting. I always thought she looks gross though, even back in the black eyed peas when the camera barley stayed on her face for more than a split second, i could tell there was something NOT right..
    Now..am I correct in thinking…that she once sold a story about how drug-abuse fucked up her face? Annnnd then plastic surgery fucked it up even more so? Or was that just rumours and she was born in the ugly tree hitting every branch on her damn way down?

  19. BarbadoSlim

    Total tranny and Duhamel is a total homo.

  20. cayana

    Jocelyn Wildenstein, Jr.

  21. DrPhowstus


  22. jrzmommy

    Fergie is ancient Gibberish for Smashed in Face with Club

    17–Not Suitable For Work
    70–big time. nice reference.

  23. Kim

    I think she wore those same pants with the metal bow detail on the back on Kid’s Incorporated!

  24. wedgeone

    Whoever is giving this dyke fashion advice should be shot. Fake nails like dominoes, only in reverse? WTFF?
    Is it just me, or is her chin implant in the first picture resembling a scrotum? I mean a normal scrotum, not Cisco’s scrotum.
    That way when Josh is slamming it into her throat, he gets that gay feeling of the meatballs bouncing against each other.

  25. Geddy McGowan

    Fergie MIGHT appear somewhat mannish, but I would be willing to overlook that if given the opportunity to lay her face-down and plow that dreamy butt until it gapes. Oh yeah, I’d also make her gag on the tootsie pole, it’s not like she isn’t used to these kind of treatment.

  26. dirt chicken

    @10 I can picture it now : You staring at your “Fergie” poster that you got in “Teen Beat” …. tears streaming down your face. You put “Fergilicious” on, and sit down at the keyboard.How DARE anyone make fun of your hero!

    Douchebag .

  27. dirt chicken

    @74 Thanks. I had succeeded in blocking Cisco Adler’s droopy nutsack from my memory … until NOW that is ! Damn you !

  28. irapback

    Yeah. Geddy, Ugly girls have it tough.

  29. HughJorganthethird

    Whenever I see a picture of Fugy Fug I just want to urinate. Not sure why

  30. Yo mamma

    My god she’s ugly, frickin tranny should never show her face again. Josh D. can do so much better than her.

  31. isitin

    Jiimbo has the nerve to diss Fergie when he just recently had sex with his pet gerbil.

  32. Truthseeker013

    What #2 said. Truth out.

  33. BastardotheGreat

    Fergie needs to invest in paper bags, they work wonders and makes it easier on the general public.

  34. I think she is ok!
    as for looking like a tranny? shit your he shes must be ugly lol! fergie does not look like a tran she looks like a bloated ….bulimic!
    IDK do as many drugs as she has done and see how you fair up in the looks department!
    props to her voice! and pissin her pants ah the glory of it all!

    It just goes to show you cant please everyone!

    PS i always thought anastasia was a tranny!!!

  35. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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