Fergie is very feminine

March 19th, 2007 // 85 Comments

Is Josh Duhamel seriously still dating this thing? It’s got the coloring of an Oompa Loompa and the facial structure of a Samoan sumo wrestler. She looks like if she stared at you long enough she could actually turn you into stone. Or at the very least make you start crying.


  1. whackjob

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. CarrotTop is everywhere these days!

  2. ChairmanoftheBored

    Huh? and she’s worthy of attention how?

  3. Bugman4045

    In the third picture she is answering the reporter’s question, “Fergie how many testicles do you have?”
    And from the bulge in her jeans we can see that she “dresses right.”

  4. -Stormy.

    You should have given us a NSFW warning. These pics will cause nausea.

  5. Nooken

    LOL, CarrotTop, I thought the exact same thing. Maybe they are brothers?

  6. pixelbasic


  7. schack

    dear GOD

    hey, my lips look like i spray-painted leeches pink and stuck them onto my face. hey, like, do you think i should get fatter leeches, or just let these ones keep sucking?

  8. DrPhowstus

    I wonder how many metal detectors her store bought body parts light up?

  9. Oh yummy, yummy Josh. What are you thinking? What bewitching has that thing placed upon you to make you love her so?

  10. isitin

    You “guys” are really funny today. I wonder what all the pigs you guys are sleeping with look like. If any of you guys have a better looking girlfriend than upload a pic and post a link to the site. No one will, cause your all sleeping with pigs.

  11. FRIST!!!

    I’m at work and I’m bored. Quit posting crap like this. I don’t give a rats ass about this talentless foot cramp. Now, if she were to pull out an umbrella and start whacking people, maybe shave her head or flee rehab, then maybe I could keep myself from falling asleep on my keyboard 17 times in an hour.
    Btw, I hate the band Hinder. No relevance, just sayin’.

  12. Fergie had to suck alot of dick to get those hideous lips…either that or she was born a tranny. who knows? maybe the “Fergalicious” thing will come out with another album and on the cover its gonna have a picture of her jumping out of an airplane facedown and a tequilla bottle flying out of her hand spilling its contents. oh, what a joy that would be if it were to REALLY happen in life…then again, all the ugly celebrities in this world have to live. the horror…the HORROR!!!

  13. imran karim

    i wouldn’t want to wake up to that face

    imran karim

  14. Nikk The Templar


  15. Jiimbo

    Nice RACK!!! Now just put a bag over her head. Well maybe cut a hole where the mouth is

  16. schack

    hey frist… what’s up. i’m bored too. i was about to make smoothies, but i lost the top to the blender is at my boytoys’ and he stayed up till 7AM typing, so he’s asleep. so now i’m hungry and bored, and eating plain yogurt with a knife.

    how was your weekend?

  17. N@ughty

    sorry if im “late” come on now! i work everyday. i can’t keep up with the latest slang

  18. schack

    hah, Jimbo. hah.

  19. schack

    you’re so close, naughty

  20. N@ughty

    @19 thanx. now i know im square

  21. HollyJ

    They say that facial lips are analogous (in size/shape) to vulva lips.

  22. Fergielicious.

    I just jizzed on my screen.

  23. mztry

    Ugly is as ugly does
    and ALL you jerks are ugly
    on the inside

  24. scienceguy

    She might not look all that but she probably fucks like a mink

  25. HollyJ


  26. N@ughty

    #25. thanx. now i REALLY kno im square. lol

  27. schack

    21- who says that?

  28. HollyJ

    Just kidding – It means “not safe for work” =)

    But Fergie is SOOOO not safe for whackingoff – Keep that in mind #22 !

  29. ImaCracka

    Who the fuck is the white guy dressed like Bruce Lee behind her

    “Oh, fuck you round eye!!!!”

  30. N@ughty

    @28 thanks alot. i will keep you in my thoughts for future referralls to the anti clown media…if superfish ever calls me back…you know, he’s a one-night-stander. lol

  31. danielle

    Looks like somebody borrowed her “lipstick” from Parasite.

    Only, the tube marked “lipstick” was actually Valtrex for Lips™…in magenta.

  32. Nsomniac

    24 – I’m pretty sure you meant minx, I would hope she doesn’t fuck like a pint sized weasel. I mean, don’t get me wrong, those minks can really lay it down, but it’s just not much of a mainstream simile. I’d put it in the category of good family entertainment – national geographic style.

  33. FRIST!!!

    Hi Schack!!! NSFW-not suitable for work

  34. schack


  35. HollyJ

    “They” – you know. The “they” that say everything.

    “It has been suggested that female lips are seen as sexually attractive because they mimic the appearance and sexual swelling of the labia of the vulva, and that the lips are therefore a secondary sex characteristic.”

    All I know is that the few naked women I’ve seen naked in my life – from changing clothes or being in saunas – the lips matched the lips. A chick with pouty lips has big vulva lips and vice-versa.

    This being said, Taylor Dane frightens me. =(

  36. HollyJ

    LOL @ Nsomniac .. “those minks can really lay it down” HA

  37. schack

    oh, right, THEM

    well, i doubt the correlation works when your lips are pumped full of collagen, or when they aren’t even lips, but spray-painted leeches, right?

  38. whackjob

    not “too” bitter, eh number 10?

    Sorry the traumatic experience of losing your virginity has persisted so long, or whatever it was that caused the needle-dick to break your heart (i.e. “IsItIn”). (probably that totally uncalled for insult about the smell from “down there”.)

    Yeah we’re all pigs, with pig girlfriends/wives, boyfriend/husbands because, gee, no-one’s as cool and pretty and special as you. We’ll all be sure to upload our personal information and photos to the psychos that abound around.

    p.s. don’t forget your meds.

  39. ChairmanoftheBored

    “…they mimic the appearance…”
    so, what you’re saying is “If she has a cold sore…”
    Damn, that only leaves one hole.

  40. -Stormy.

    Nice nails.

  41. HollyJ

    37 – True. I bet Paris has those thin wafer wrinkly little fuckers (to match her face birdlips). Oh, wait. We’ve seen them. She does.

    39 – Actually the mouth and the asshole ARE one hole. It just has a little distention from one end to the other. So kissing the mouth is like tonguing the asshole, really. Except that there’s more bacteria in the mouth.
    *Deep Thoughts by Holly Handy*

  42. flavio

    oh whatever, is if every one of you couldn’t be made to look like a diseased, plastic idiot with the right photograph. i’m on her side ever since we got to see so much of her hot ass a week or so ago. as far as i’m concerned, she gets a pass until we get visual evidence that that ass has given out…

  43. flavio

    #10 – the people commenting on here aren’t sleeping with anyone.

  44. lambman

    Josh is so much pretteir than Fergie. She looks like a 40-year-old Lohan in those pics

  45. lickmybutt


    she looks freakin BEAT! she cant be serious with that horrible outfit, those jeans, that jackets, that hat, that purse… YUCK! freakin sick ass bitch. and her lipstick, disgusting! and is she serious with those domino inspired nails?

  46. schack

    41…and the mouth doesn’t smell like poop

  47. NotTheMomma

    in that first pic on the lower left, she looks like jack nicholson when he played the joker in batman. only her skin is white, hers is orange.

  48. isitin

    #43, exactly my point, #38 is probably sleeping with the in laws. That is the only he/she is getting any.

  49. Hm….slow news day? I had to do actual WORK for a while, and I come back and we’re on the same post!!! We’re gonna have a problem here….
    Is it martini time yet?

  50. Jiimbo

    It looks like “isitin” has not been laid in a long time. You can always go buy a dildo “isitin” Wait, I think her name say it all. What ever is fucking her must have a 2 inch dick and she has a 12 foot twat. That would explain the bitterness

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