Fergie is still a tranny

February 1st, 2007 // 117 Comments




  1. Danner


  2. 86

    Scary McFugly

  3. Thursday

    looks like she’s worried she’s going to pee her pants again. but i don’t know, she indicated that a number 2 might be turtle-heading on the backside…

  4. 86

    Cock check one, two ONE TWO!!!

  5. misanthrope

    EEE Gads. And didn’t eyebrow piercings go out in like ’95? Nice porn nails.

  6. Ardee

    YIKES!!! Now that’s scary. She isn’t a very attractive person. And her music SUCKS!

  7. mztry



  8. marklarsen

    Never heard of her before.

  9. HollyJ

    I didn’t know Cousin Itt was making a comeback

  10. Juliabella

    what the hell? don’t take it that personnal!

  11. FecalPellets

    Her lovely lady lumps are in her cheeks:O

  12. No one’s said it yet?

    Ok…I guess I will…


  13. Juliabella

    she can’t dance for shit, can’t sing for shit, dates a hot male and looks like shit…WTF? the world is a cruel place!!!
    Shit rules I guess…

  14. #1


    keep it going

  15. BarbadoSlim

    Superfishdoode is right, this dude is butt ugly. Josh Douchehamel is a raving homosexual.

  16. 86

    AKA Kris Talmeth

  17. Knickers O'Muffin

    “Clockfug Orange” was the title of this picture on another site. You’d HAVE to prop my eyes open to look at this nightmare.

  18. FecalPellets

    P-to the I-to tha S-S-Y-P-A-N-T-S

  19. griffmills

    I just threw up, I kid you not

  20. whackjob


  21. yolatengo

    how does that train wreck get such a hottie like Josh Duhamel????

  22. 86

    19 hell yeah! You might want to add an “E” as in pissey pants. Cuz Fergie & Will-I-AM misspell easy words like tasty.

  23. FecalPellets

    Sun damage is not reversible, folks. Please use UV rays with caution.

  24. Lizzle

    #21, I think she likes to wear that hat when she’s up in the gym, just working on her fitness!

    2nd picture – she’s telling the world how many times she needs to suck off Will.I.am. before he agrees to be in another one of her crappy videos.

  25. FecalPellets

    er–irreversible ^

  26. RussianMafia

    Still on drugs I guess. Meth is a hell of a drug

  27. John Doe Jr

    The pushing on her bladder to prevent her cock from leaking is so unFergalicious.

  28. danielle

    “and they be lining down the block just to search for my cock, trannylicious”


  29. When did Slash dye his hair blond?

  30. All she’s gotta do is put on some makeup and let me get drunk, and I’d still nail it.

  31. RichPort

    Meh, I’d fuck him, but only if he shaved first. Crotch whisker burn is the worst!


  32. BarbadoSlim

    @29 heh, that actually made me laugh out loud.

    tranylicious indeed, she/he really thinks highly of herself

  33. the_stone

    Is she tucking her wiener in in the last pic?

  34. BarbadoSlim

    @32, don’t you ever get tired? you sick mofo.

  35. FecalPellets

    LOL 23!
    Well no one can ever call her P-P-P-Pastey pastey

  36. crazyotto

    weak musical hooks and cheap whore looks

  37. RichPort

    #32 – It must suck to be an obese gay man… nobody wants to fuck you. Get some therapy, you know, the Russian roulette, no empty slots in the revolver kind.

  38. crazyotto

    another case of a lackluster talent getting rich and famous on americas stupidity

  39. NicotineEyePatch

    Okay, your tuck is secure. Now can you somehow get that face in between your ass cheeks, so nobody knows you’re ugly??

  40. crazyotto

    and i fought for this country…i pity you all

  41. tsarinaamanda


    No, it never gets tired…it’s the TrollBot 2000! Can you imagine being such a sad loser that you spend ALL of your time waiting to post under someone else’s name? And, it *might* have been funny the first 300 times (no, it wouldn’t have EVER been funny), but when it keeps posting the same tired-out shit over and over and over, it’s just sad. Really, really sad.

  42. Shanipie

    She was probably more attractive when she was hooked on Meth, someone get her a dealer quick!

  43. llllllllll

    WOW I hate to be the one to say this but in the first pic she looks like lazarus with leprosy of the face.

  44. tsarinaamanda

    And, BTW, WHEN WILL THOSE HIDEOUS SKINNY JEANS GO OUT OF STYLE????? I am SO SICK of them…the 80′s is NOT a decade we need to emulate style-wise. I mainly see either celebutard whores or teenage whores wearing these things, so as far as I can tell, you need to be either an aging attention whore or young attention whore who doesn’t remember the 80′s to wear such fugliness. Oh, or a freakish emo hipster douchebag. When will the madness end? I’m just happy that they still sell flared and bootcut jeans in stores, because if those fug monstrosities were all I had to choose from when shopping, I think I’d shoot someone. What’s next, high-waisted shit? Zippers on the sides of acid-washed, pleated jeans? Leggings…oh, wait….GOD DAMMIT!

  45. thunderkat69

    it takes real talent to look like a drag queen withot any make-up on. (and I apologize to all drag queens for that remark)

  46. Shanipie

    Actually, looking at the first picture, doesn’t she kind of look like Renee Zellweger? Good lord I don’t know which one of them should be insulted at that.

  47. jrzmommy

    Holy fuck–she looks like that little blonde kid that got swallowed up by the house in Poltergeist. Heather Rourke.

  48. Shanipie

    Aw Heather is dad…thats sad

  49. Shanipie

    Aw Heather is dead…thats just sad

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