Fergie in a bikini = I now believe she’s a woman

April 22nd, 2008 // 50 Comments

Here’s a shot of Fergie in the Bahamas over the weekend. While I often publicly question her gender, I will admit that maybe kind of sort of Josh Duhamel doesn’t entirely hate his penis after bedding this body. At least until he looks at Fergie’s face, then there’s lots of weeping and cursing. Mostly at God for being “such a fucking asshole douchebag trickster to create this manner of creature. Oh, you want to go again, baby? Shit, I’m only human. Say, would you mind wearing the pillow case this time? I mean, it is my birthday. Heart you.”


  1. uglypeoplesafaris

    I still dont

  2. Mo

    Yeah, she’s STILL gross.

  3. Well if you know how to tuck your cock correctly, you too, can have a girlie smooth front. I should know, I do it all the time.

  4. Jackson

    I’d rather see Fergie in a swim suit than fat Kim Kardaskank and all her flab hanging out. Fergie does not have to cover her butt like Kim Kardaskank while wearing a swim suit.

  5. tickled

    I want to be at the beach dammit!!

  6. Grunion

    #4 “fergie in a bikini” was enough to make my penis tuck itself.

  7. I hate you

    And the site goes further and further down the pathetic trash hole. The big huge kim sized hole of trolls and annoying posters/posers.

  8. TLC

    I am sorry you are fat like Kim.

    Join Weight Watchers and exercise and start feeling good about yourself after you start losing weight.

  9. TLC


    I am sorry you are fat like Kim.

    Join Weight Watchers and exercise and start feeling good about yourself after you start losing weight.

  10. amma

    I’m in terror at the thought of Fergie’s face and Kim’s fat arse. The two together…no…too…much. Hey! I don’t get it–isn’t Fergie supposed to be pregnant? Sure doesn’t look like it here. ?

  11. flyingskeleton

    i’d hit it

  12. Randal

    Just look at how blue and welcoming the water in the background is. No wonder the Bahama’s are a cheap alternative to Fiji or Bora Bora. Guess her career isn’t going anywhere these days. Thankfully, Britney is making a strong come back.


  13. havoc

    Love how the Kim haters have to post everytime. LMFAO!

    I guess technically Fergie’s a female. You know, in a legal sense.

    But I wouldn’t fuck that with veggi’s dick and Randal pushing.


  14. Crappola

    It’s gotta be the shades. It hides her manly/drugged out eyes. Don’t be fooled. It’s an ancient Chinese secret.

  15. NY Ted

    Who the fuck is “Fergie”…???

    The only “Fergie” I know is John Ferguson the late great brawler/goal scorer from the Montreal Canadiens!


  16. TA


    Here is another one for you.

    If I had to choose bodies then I would definitely choose Fergies over Kim’s huge butt and fat wide hips. I would hate to have to wear a girdle all the time and hide my butt when wearing a swim suit like Kim Kardaskank.

  17. I Fucked Fergie

    Put a trashbag over her head & bend her over a table. Problem solved.

  18. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    You ever notice how you’ve never seen Fergie’s face and Kardassian’s ass together at the same time? I wonder…

  19. mud shark

    That’s cool you can’t even see her penis at all. Tuck and roll.

  20. fygu

    Great body. I would love to have her body. And STFU about Kim K. in every single comment section.

  21. RENEE

    How can you be so sure she’s a woman? She’s posed like she’s playing hide the penis here.

  22. kitty_kat

    @21- Thank you. I mean, I don’t like her either but these constant insults about her are just annoying. Even when the posting has absolutelty nothing to do with her. I think it may just be the same person over and over again.

  23. faker

    fakeness…nice legs thats about it

  24. BarelyStearn

    That is the hottest looking dude I have ever seen in a bikini! Kudos to his stylist!

  25. kat

    the reason kim skank is always being bullied around here is #1 – she’s fat, #2 – she’s a whore, #3 – she googles herself all the time. we like to make sure that every post she reads is something negative about her skanky foul ass. :) have a nice day.

  26. STFU


    You are just mad because you are fat like Kim. Go girdle shopping and maybe you will run into your idol Kim Kardasian.

  27. Pat


    Thank you Kat.

    I would like to add the following to your list:
    Kim has no talent.
    Kim is worthless.
    Kim is self absorbed.
    Kim has to wear a girdle to make her loose ass perky, but instead it makes her huge ass look freaky unnatural.
    Kim has to hide her huge ass when wearing a swim suit.
    Kim is lazy.
    Kim is a perfect example of what not to be.
    Kim loves to eat and eat and eat and is fat.
    Kim lets men use her.
    Kim does bad porn.
    Kim wears too much make up like a drag queen.

  28. lola

    whatever i think she is cute and looks so happy here

  29. princess1336

    hell yeah she looks like those scary dolls cabbage patch dolls thats just nasty and a body is built tooooo…. much!!

  30. princess1336

    hell yeah she looks like those scary dolls cabbage patch dolls thats just nasty and a body is built tooooo…. much!!

  31. Kristen

    I thought she was knocked up.

  32. Anonymous

    Randal is as big an attention whore as his idol Twitney.

  33. Roy Spjray

    Fergie is hot and you are all loser assholes. Join a gym and don’t consider being a soccer mom a profession. Nuf said.

  34. lisaleng sucks camel cocks


    Hey lisaleng, how is it you can still type spam? After you got cornholed by me and the rest of the construction crew you barely had enough energy blow the bums hanging around. you’ve got stamina, I’ll give you that.

  35. bootlips

    Fergie is ugly with an average body.

  36. Anal Fistula

    wow, i always thought that fergie was a dude. now i just think he’s a tranny. amazing.

  37. GalPal

    Fergie is pretty open about her bisexuality. And face it girls, you’d let that hit you!

  38. Dicks Only

    not with that wrinkly turkey neck!!

  39. joyce

    She is hot. Just saw her sexy photos on a dating site called
    Wealthy Kiss.c o m
    where people are wealthy and they’re looking
    for companionship romance or love. Don’t know if it is her.

  40. Fumus

    Fergie is queen of the monkey people, she just shaves.

    At lest Fergie isn’t a trashy celeb, she works with the tools she’s got…I mean after seeing her singing and dancing abilities, I think her tools are a whiffle ball bat and a rusty ice pick. From the neck down she’s pretty enjoyable, and knows enough to hire good producers…

    Well done Fergie…well done.

  41. Plastic-Surgeons and Photo-Shops are able of making you believe………………….
    …………………JUST ANYTHING!!

  42. FFF

    @43, seriously. If she put on a strap-on and told you to bend over, you would be moaning before you got there. Admit it, girl!

  43. George Best

    This is a hot bitch and if you wouldnt hit it, you are full of it. You base your opinion of people on how the act or talk which is not how you evaluate a woman. A womans worth is based on her physical appearance and with that ass and tits, she is top shelf. That does not mean she is likable or even fun to be around, but if you dont think this girl is hot enough to fuck, then you are insane. Anyone can get a blanket or a newspaper and lay it over her face while she is naked. What is the big deal.

  44. Fumus

    44 and 45.

    I base my opinions solely on the beliefs and thoughts of my penis. Basically my penis doesn’t like her. Looks at her face. C’mon actually look at it…not at her body…right up further…there…ya know above her neck where all the long hair grows out of…right. Does that look attractive? She looks like an ogre. Next question…too judgmental? me?

    To be fair, who wouldn’t have sex with her, I mean seriously, if you or I, or we saw her out at the bar friday night…we’d be slapping ourselves high fives in the morning but in the land of superstar awesomeness perfection that is Hollywood and entertainment beauty is looked at under a tighter microscope. Sorta like you use when you go out to the bars(/wherever you meet your common females) is one of those ones you got in a home science kit when you were in elementary school studying cells on your kitchen counter, You’re not looking for crazy definition, just making some observations. No no I don’t want that one that’s a yucky plant cell! To continue this bad analogy, the microscopes we use to judge celebs are like electron microscopes…and we can get a lot more detail and be a lot more brutal to them. We see and judge all, cuz we rock. Their famous, we’re not. So we judge, really hard, that’s our job. Get it! We praise those that are truly gods and goddesses and knock those back down that are not!!1

    That’s why this website is the Superficial, and not “the we’re pretty nice to everyone.”

  45. tasha

    First of all: fergie is a woman, how can all you fucking dickheads think that shes a man-i mean i guess i can see how you might think it,coz shes not very attractive, and generally the less attractive you get the more manly you look,but you can tell shes a woman,surely??
    and ,’george best’, your comment is just disgusting,’you judge a person on how they act or walk’, ‘but a womans worth is evaluted by her looks,’ now i know thats how you pathetic vile shallow unworthy of life men like to think, but how would you like it if women turned round and started rejecting men because of how ugly you are,god!nearly all the men on this earth would be sad and lonely and their penises would shrivel up and die like they should.

  46. Banana

    fergie is beautiful wtf… shes fucking hot wtf is wrong with u

  47. m yca

    she’s ho and sexy beautiful also..hehe………….fergie is my idol…….

  48. big Ddd

    man shez sexy

  49. jimbo

    are u all crazy i came hard twice last time i did fergie and kim k at the same time and fergies face isnt all that bad when its burried in kims kunt

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