Fergie has a penis. It’s official.

July 20th, 2009 // 164 Comments

And that’s a cock. Well, folks, there’s not really much to say at this point except for “I told you so” followed by a slew of questions regarding the legality of Fergie and Josh Duhamel‘s marriage in a post-Prop 8 California. That said, someone should probably check on Carrie Prejean and make sure she doesn’t come after these two with a wooden stake. Just to be safe.

Thanks to Meg and Lorenz who understand everything I say is infallible gospel truth. Except for that time I said I banged a unicorn. (It was a pegasus.)

Photos: Flynet

  1. death

    come on people she was born stacey fergison she is a woman and the reason that the pic looks like that is that she is wearing a blue jean skirt. every body knows that blue jean any thing rides up and bunches clear to me she is pushing the bulge of the skirt back in. in any other pic did you see the same bulge no.this is just wrong timing set to sell news or lack of.

  2. hey I can’t believe it Fergie has a penis

  3. I’d still bang her

  4. the penis is not ai disgrace of his flock will be taken in the middle of your penis is more cu.o upon injured

  5. Ha ha ha funny indeed. BTW what is that. Pad or what

  6. aaf

    Uuuuu q sexy tenho vontede de transar com ela ela é uma gostosa pintudo q legal

  7. hmm I’m gonna try and give benefit of the doubt, and assume that she has bladder control problems………………. and that she’s adjusting her adult diaper?
    2nd guess… she’s telling a gerbil to NIBBLE NOT BITE
    or the most logical assumption, it’s a penis.

  8. f you have a penis that I have never seen one before, and me. Perhaps her pad that women during menstruation to wear this little thing called … Or maybe a sack of hay.

  9. nice couple and lady boobs is very like

  10. Sharon
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you crazy, she does not have a penis. Did you ever think her maxi pad was falling out of her underwear or something. Hasn’t this happened to every girl? Because I have had one fall down my jean leg before and about died – but people were not there with cameras filming it and saying that I had a penis in my pants!!!!

  11. Jeff

    What a lame child that posted this pic. That is obviously a pad adjustment. IF you had seen her on one of the morning talk shows a year or so, You would have seen her in tight black Stretch pants and a Absolutely gorgeous and pouty sweet cameltoe that kept me GLUED to the TV.
    If you really wanna see celebrity Tranny, Look at some of “Lady Gaga’s” Live concerts where his slips out on video, not some photoshoped pick of a fine woman adjusting her pad.
    I do give Gaga credit for being so good at tucking his in with such reveling outfits but in live unscripted events it gets out. And he is learning to walk in heels much better lately but still walks like a man with balls tucked and taped.
    This Child has had his moment of internet fame posting this, Leave this hottie babe alone.

  12. Owner

    I had never seen this picture, but I did see a commercial where she was pouring a cherry coke down her throat and she definitely has an adam’s apple. I don’t listen to crappy music, so I didn’t know who she was. I asked my wife who the tranny on the commercial was and she said it was a woman (Fergie). So i decided to google it, and ah ha now I have proof. Hubby one wife zero.

  13. DUH

    LAME PEOPLE LAME!!!! First of all she most likely did it on purpose because shes chill and had a laugh. Or B it’s called a pad, and when you got people taking pictures everyday OF YOUR LIFE CAUSE YOUR FAMIOUS,
    it probably needed AN ajustment. SORRY PERV’S GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

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