Fergie flashes her panties

February 6th, 2007 // 52 Comments

Fergie flashed her panties this past weekend during a Super Bowl concert. If you look at her dress the front seems pulled up, like she was actually trying to show off her panties. I’d understand it if they were covered in diamonds and had a picture of a ninja on the front, but why would you show off those? It’s like she’s showing us her penis-removal surgery went splendidly.


  1. no1justminda

    My boyfriend thinks she’s hot. I don’t get it. She has nice legs. That’s about it. If I hear Fergalicious one more time…ugh. I got my tires changed recently, and the guy that owns the place is in his 50s and he was singing it thinking he was so cool because he was an old man singing such a cool song. COME ON.

  2. fergie’s just the next christina aguillera…gross and skanky

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