Fergie encourages beggars

March 22nd, 2007 // 71 Comments

Fergie was spotted in London giving a beggar some money yesterday. At least I think it’s money. Judging by her sunglasses she may very well have given her a handful of dirt, because, hey, that’s what they use as currency in the future. Is sunglasses even the proper term here? Space goggles? Insane-O-Eyes?

fergie-london-homeless-sunglasses-02-thumb.jpg fergie-london-homeless-sunglasses-03-thumb.jpg fergie-london-homeless-sunglasses-04-thumb.jpg fergie-london-homeless-sunglasses-05-thumb.jpg

UPDATE: I’m adding one more closeup of Fergie’s sunglasses because, well, they’re awesome.



  1. mrs.t

    She encourages them to commit suicide when they see that dog-face up close.

  2. tits_on_snack

    Fuck Fergie, I’m more concerned with the fact that I bought that same overcoat looking short sleeved khaki thing a month ago and now I’m seeing it everywhere. Fuck.

  3. Twizlah

    i wonder who’s most like to have recently peed their pants in this situation?

  4. tits_on_snack

    Also: Fuck PETA and their stupid ass smarmy airheaded advertisements. I hope they all die of nutrutional deficiencies.

  5. biatcho

    Wow, beggars in London sure are a hell of a lot cleaner than they are in NYC. I mean, of course the ensemble of ugly clothes is a foul combination but it looks like she just bought them all off the rack from the Gap.

    Wait, Libraesque, did you meet fergie and not share with us???

  6. Jillia

    Oh shit… it’s Manbearpig!

  7. YouRang

    She’s a bigfoot isn’t she Gus

  8. llllllllll

    MY GOD who the f*%#@ wears two finger rings? Sure I could understand the 3″ wide rope chain but the ring? Come on man stop the s#%+ already.

  9. Binky

    I saw this clip on the BBC.
    The woman in the hoodie is apparently the original Fergie – the Duchess of York.
    She wanted a free CD.

  10. TashaVin`

    wwwwwhat the fuck is up with the wrinkles on her neck in the last pic… and is (s)he trying to convience him/her self that (s)he is a woman with those shoes? Jeeeezes H

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Oh for the love of Jesus nailed on the cross! Which one is Fergie again?

  12. pjohnjr78

    my lord, i think i have seen welders use less eye protection.

    maybe she is about to fix a wheel on the beggar’s shopping cart or something.

  13. leezastudio

    when she went into the surgeons office she asked, “ok, i wanna look like i got run over by a mac truck on my face” and the doc says “wow, that would be a perfect look for you!” and there you go, tha’ts why she looks like she does

  14. DrPhowstus

    She needs to put a trenchcoat on her face.


  15. Superevil

    Unfunny Article?
    Oh and I totally agree with #4. PETA Can fuck themselves.

  16. Italian Stallion

    I wonder who would win between Pink and Fergie in a “sword fight”………..

  17. Jimbo

    Does Fergie open that trench coat and show the homeless people her dick?

  18. Welding is a very relaxing past time.

  19. schack

    what the hell kind of coat is that? it’s like a winter coat for the summer. if it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves, then it’s probably warm enough to forgo a coat. stupid bitch.

  20. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #3 Best comment on this site all week.

  21. schack

    PETA is a new feminist organization, concieved as a response to the prevalence of really untactful internet anal penetration. People for the Ethical Treatment of Asses wants to educate people about how to properly engage in anal intercourse. It can be a wonderful experience, when properly executed.

  22. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Poor Fugley hates bloggers because they never have anything nice to say. Keep up the good work guys!

    Oh, I forgot to add; she’s still ugly.

    Carry on…

  23. lambman

    what’s with all the Fergie posts recently? She hasn’t done ANYTHING that should warrent a story. yet this week we’ve had posts on her working out, how she looks and now that she gave money to a homeless person.

    lets lay off until she hit somebody with her car or something good like that

  24. PunjabPete

    Wait. Which on is the street person? The hoodie or the Cylon?

  25. maryjane

    that biotch has my bag! fergie does not do balenciaga any justice.

  26. PunjabPete

    Here is another one for the Fish to NOT give me credit for….

    LoHo Mom is not a Party Mom….

    Sure… The cocaine is medicinal….

  27. lambman

    PS when I was in London all the homeless people had dogs. I asked my professor why and he explained that in London if you have a dog you can’t be arrested for vagrancy.

  28. schack

    bahhhhhhhh baaaaaaaaahhhhd baaad bad doggy

  29. bedbugsandballyhoo

    I think it’s just to piss her off because she hates bloggers.

  30. schack

    #27… what a stupid loophole. all those dogs probably triple the vagrant-related problems

  31. imran karim


  32. LoneWolf

    @ #10

    Now she’s wishin

  33. daisy_if_ya_do

    Fergie is an oxy-moron. There is no such thing as “classy ghetto”.
    And, what’s the deal with the domino fingernails? It looks like something Britney would have done in rehab with a sharpie.

  34. krissalee


    manbearpig…oh al gore!

    and what’s with the ugly clunky giant foot shoes?

  35. Lowlands

    She probably gave the beggar some fishbones and hard pieces of chips.At least it looks good in front of the camera.

  36. How did she get to London? I thought she was too drunk to get on the plane…

    I don’t like her humps

  37. Whammer Jammer

    How does someone so ugly get famous? She is fucking downright scary.

  38. supafreak

    Insane-O-Eyes? I didn’t know kindergarten got out so early. This site is going downhill fast.

  39. edamame

    Are Fergie’s nails GOLD?! I mean, “here you little
    homeless person and your homeless baby….let me stick my gold-plated nails into my $2000 bag and get you a fiver!”

  40. King Gaspi

    Why isn’t she in Rehab ? Don’t she know that this is THE place to be seen this year ? Giving money is so old school !

  41. one_and_only_fan_of_ponk's_troll

    Spaceman Spiff from Calvin & Hobbes! i knew i’d seen her somewhere before!

  42. Bugman4045

    Those things are hideous! Isn’t it some tenet of women’s fashion that it is never a good idea to go with anything assymetrical on your face?
    In pic #5, she is looking a little jowly.

  43. wedgeone

    #17 – liking that joke much! Thx for the funny.
    #26 – sorry Pete, I posted the same article in the following LiLo posting. Nice to see someone else on the lookout for current news for the site.

    Two words for her look … Inspector Tranny!

    Damn, I think the site is dying again. Super slow in posting.

  44. That’s not a homeless shitbag, it’s her personal stylist.

  45. crestlin

    ok, that person is obviously NOT a beggar. she’s dressed in relatively nice clothes, she’s holding a very clean infant, and she has a tommy hilfiger bag carrying all her baby stuff. tranny was just cooing over the baby.

  46. biatcho

    I wonder if Josh Duhamel decided that her eye socket was the only reasonable orifice on her body to stick his dick into and those ginormo sunglasses are the only things that can cover it up?

  47. Gotta love those hands of hers… They are at least 40 yrs. older than her. Maybe if she ditched the whole “greasy skank” thing, and kept better control of the herpes, she might someday turn out to be $5 rim-job material…

  48. arden

    Isn’t that woman holding a baby? I think Fergie is just oggling a cute baby.

  49. heysailor

    Those glasses remind me of Hollywood off the movie Mannequin.

  50. Lowlands

    No wonder she’s hiding her face behind those sunglasses.Otherwise the beggar would run away even if the donation would be a fresh fish’n chips.

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