Fergie completely sells out

July 2nd, 2007 // 73 Comments

Fergie has become the first singer to use product placement and is being paid a ridiculous $4 million by Candie’s to promote their clothing line in her songs. An executive at Interscope says:

“With record sales in decline, you must find novel ways to make money out of the music. The trick is to make the brand part of the song so that it slips down easily rather than chokes the fan. Candie’s will have no say over exactly what Fergie will sing, or when. Fergie does not sing jingles so it will have to work unobtrusively in the song.”

Fergie? Really? They want Fergie to promote their clothing line? Maybe they should sit back and think about this a little longer. Why not just ask a bear in a clown outfit to promote their clothes? Or my four-year-old niece? She puts on garbage sometimes. Why not ask her?


  1. Guy

    Come on, you have to give her some credit. She taught millions of trailer trash girls and UK chav girls how to spell ‘glamorous’

    She also updated the old, boring, totally unsexy, Bonnie and Clyde, just look how beautiful she looks as her whole face seems to widen with her fish like smile.

  2. Summer Kat

    Tranny clown!

  3. DancingQueen

    I don’t blame her one bit. She’s just doing the same as anyone else would do in that position, including everyone reading this crap. Get the money! Anyway, she’s not much to look at but I sadly admit I find her songs catchy.

  4. Fergie is the perfect choice, as long as the clothing line is called “Weathered Hooker With a Dried Up Vagina.”

  5. missj

    52- hahahhahahaahahalfdifhlzsdijfahha

  6. GimmeImmi

    OK, seriously Fish, first singer to use product placement?? Have you ever listened to pop music before?

  7. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Her music is as lovely as her face.

  8. I just signed a contract with Toughskins to rep them in my joints.

  9. mountain who?

    “grey goose got the club feelin loose”

    lame even then…

  10. MDubs

    Where did she get a paid of 858 CAZALS?!?! I’m going to beat her up and steal those glasses.

  11. Marcelo

    I got sponsored by trojans to mention them in my “Do it from the back” song I wrote for Mario. It’ll be a hit..

  12. Christina

    You guys are so “superficial” Get a life!

  13. ok, I’ll admit:
    I do like zome of
    her zongz..but thoze
    big glazzez and her
    big face lookz manly
    §???? (?)?£???

  14. She ought to get into talks with Halloween mask companies to license her face. Because, ye gods.

  15. Bored Again

    get thee to a lipoderm surgeon stat, you fat eyed pee

  16. Hayleee_UK

    She is such a moose.

  17. vane

    She has a pair of Candies underwear hanging on the close line in her “Big girls don’t cry” video.

  18. #38: “I fuck them boys for rock, rock.
    And they be lining down the block just to smoke what I got” (four, tres, two, uno)


  19. This ugly American girl looks like that Eva girl and both of them are married to Negros. They must really be hard up to marry a black person.

  20. Shatteredshards

    “Fergie does not sing jingles so it will have to work unobtrusively in the song.”

    Yet I’ve been seeing that idiotic commercial that uses Glamorous on tv for months. Never should’ve left BEP, her solo carreer is a joke.

  21. scrogg

    it looks like tom beringer got a miniature windshield stuck to his face

  22. you guys ,you are very specially ,ilove ya

  23. blog dog

    you all our are so shallow

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