Fergie completely sells out

July 2nd, 2007 // 73 Comments

Fergie has become the first singer to use product placement and is being paid a ridiculous $4 million by Candie’s to promote their clothing line in her songs. An executive at Interscope says:

“With record sales in decline, you must find novel ways to make money out of the music. The trick is to make the brand part of the song so that it slips down easily rather than chokes the fan. Candie’s will have no say over exactly what Fergie will sing, or when. Fergie does not sing jingles so it will have to work unobtrusively in the song.”

Fergie? Really? They want Fergie to promote their clothing line? Maybe they should sit back and think about this a little longer. Why not just ask a bear in a clown outfit to promote their clothes? Or my four-year-old niece? She puts on garbage sometimes. Why not ask her?


  1. Gerald Tarrant


    That is one ugly dude.

  2. Likeomg

    Almost first! I feel so cool.

  3. DumbAss

    She’s a bit mannish….

  4. Smirkin' Judas

    well, she already promoted Dolce & Gabbanda, Fendi and NaDonna…

  5. So tired of her.

  6. Screw you Superfish

    Is your four year old niece hot?

    Mind introducing her to me?

  7. Screw you Superfish

    Ironically enough, I think your four year old niece could come up with more creative and fresh blog content, as well.

  8. She sold out, that’s just not…oh wait, Fergie, right? Never mind.

  9. haroof


    fergie’s a joke. biggest stefani wannabe in the biz.

  10. Teenaged girls should be temporarily banned from buying music for a few years until things get back to normal.

  11. Actually Korn was sponsored by Adidas, the detones by Puma, and the Teriyaki Boyz are sponsored by Bape.

  12. Gordy

    Umm…rappers and booze brands (Alizé, Seagrams, Cristal, etc., have been doing it for years. Shoes, you say? Two words…’My Adidas’. Nothing new here.

  13. I must object to this, if only because my name is Candice. Any song containing the word “candy” gets sung at me incessantly when it’s new, and pops up every now and then to haunt me when it’s old. I can only assume the same for a song with “Candie’s” in it.

  14. Italian Stallion

    She should change her name to “Fugly”…..

  15. DucatiDan

    “I Want My MTV”
    Dire Straits – 1985 – Money For Nothing

  16. Linds

    Hey Smirkin’ Judas.

    It’s Donna Karan.
    Not NaDonna.

  17. ACriminalSmile

    I really hate her sunglasses. They do absolutely NOTHING to flatter her face.

    Then again, not much does.

  18. holla

    hey Smirkin Judas,

    also, its not Gabbanda… its Gabbana. welcome to 2007.

  19. Smirkin' Judas

    Hey Linds,
    tell that to azlyrics.com, not me.

    that’s all

  20. annala

    yes she ugly, but this is not new she been doing candies ads for months now and it has actually made me like candies less than before, not that i’d even wear that cheap shit anyway

  21. Smirkin' Judas

    that was a typo, jesus tits people. It’s actually “holler,” Welcome to the English language.

  22. Fast Eddie

    she is the first? Blink-182 was endorsed and paid by Hurley back in 2000 and launched the trend of product placement in bands…nothing new here

  23. She’s actually going to mention Candies IN THE SONGS! Not just be sponsored by them. And it will probably work, teenaged girls are generally stupid (as are teenaged boys). It’s going to start a new trend. Like above poster said though, rappers have been doing it, I don’t know if they were getting paid though. Run-DMC never got paid by Adidas as far as I know.

  24. rosie's mustach

    It’s the incredible man looking woman… FERGUS!
    I mean Fergi..
    I mean… what?

    Me confusi.

  25. Binky

    My people are saying Fergie was already negotiating with Depends, but she decided it may alienate her 8 to 13 year old target market.

  26. nagger please


  27. Brianna

    Fergie used to be SO pretty before her meth addiction.

    Never do drugs kids, that stuff turns you into that.

  28. Em

    11: The Teriyaki Boyz’s DJ -owns- Bape. Not quite the same.

    But yeah, product placement is all over in songs. At least Ferg’ has the fore-thought to be paid for it.

  29. anon

    What about the song “Air Force Ones”?

  30. i hate this shit. this is why people don’t respect musicians anymore. did you know that bach was imprisoned for not wanting to do product placement?

  31. /Fergie zuckz azz….she an
    ugly bitch..shez hiding something
    under thoze glazzez…

  32. Megan

    Not only did she sell out, but her boyfriend josh also sold his home Cali. Check it out at canyon-news.com

  33. jakebarnes

    This would only be bad if she actually had any integrity.

  34. Smoking Hot

    Candies. Now those are real G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Fergie is trash with cash, that’s why she gets so excited about drinking champayyaign up in the sky.

  35. Upmine?

    Hey, this is a good thing!
    I mean…they didn’t want to sell any more clothes or shoes, right…?

  36. thingofcourse

    gwen put her l.a.m.b. shit in all her songs. but i guess she started that line. but still.

  37. Andrew

    What is John Duhamel thinking…

  38. Italian Stallion

    Four, tres, two, uno

    Listen up ya’ll, ’cause this is it
    The meth that I’m smoking is delicious

    Fergalicious definition make them boys go loco
    They want a meth-head so they get their pleasures from my photo.
    You could see me, you can’t squeeze me.
    I sure am easy, I look real sleazy.
    I got reasons why I suck ‘em.
    Only for the meth will I fuck ‘em.

    Fergalicious (meth addicted)
    But I’m very promiscuous.
    And if you was suspicious,
    All that shit is methalicious.
    I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)
    I fuck them boys for rock, rock.
    And they be lining down the block just to smoke what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

    Meth addicted (it’s hot, hot)
    Meth addicted (I fuck them boys for rock, rock)
    Meth addicted (they wanna taste of what I got)
    I’m Fergalicious (n-n-n-n-n-nasty, nasty)

  39. Steve Sharp

    This is the first time??? Are you kidding me here? Do you research anything, or just type?

  40. TEL

    A sellout? This coming from a guy who has more ads on his page than content. Nice

  41. TEL

    A sellout? This coming from a guy who has more ads on his page than content. Nice

  42. woodhorse

    Fergie is just one more Halloween costume for the gay guys but, come on, they needed one – Cher is getting too old. The young Halloweenies will be wearing Candies and saying “I’m Fergalicious” – which is way more appealing than Fergie saying it.

  43. bstargurl

    She’s so goddamn manly. It burns.

  44. Guy


    If I was any of those clothes companies I would sue her for using my brand, fuck.

  45. jakebarnes

    The only sunglasses that would flatter her face would be ones that completely cover it.

  46. jrzmommy

    Does Candie’s make nooses? I’d like to see her model one.

  47. ckot

    They look like those glasses you wear when you cut wood, uh..safety goggles? As for Candies, it suits her fine – cheap & a little tacky. Wearing Candies, much like listening to her music – sometimes you do it, but you dont want anyone to know! LOL

  48. #32=I’d zell my home to
    if it sat in California..
    3 earthquakez a day..U
    fuckerz R nutz to live there.

    Fergie could be someonez boyfriend.

  49. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    #41 yeah good point. Except this is the internet and this sight is free and the guy running it isn’t making millions off record sales, appearances, publishing and concerts.

    So actually stupid fucking point moron.

  50. djthecat

    Oh 38, you make me giggle. How long did that take you?

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