Fergie can’t quite sing

December 5th, 2006 // 125 Comments

Did everybody watch the Billboard Music Awards 2006 last night? Yeah, me neither, but apparently this is what we all missed. It starts off okay, but slowly degrades into a drunken slur. I mean there’s bad rap, and then there’s bad rap, and then there’s whatever it is Fergie is trying to pull off here.

Thanks to Denna for the tip, and for looking great in a short skirt.


  1. pirhan

    This is the reason why aliens have not tried to contact us.

  2. NipsyHustle

    jiminy cricket was the real star of the show. but you know the blacks never get the credit they deserve.

  3. andrewthezeppo

    When did the whole media world come together and decide that this woman was

    a) Relevant to anything ever

    b) talented

    c) attractive

    she’s a dried up plastic surgery nightmare/ex meth head/ drunken pants pisser

  4. Jedi Kevin

    That was L to the A to the M to the E!

  5. blue_star

    The sad thing is I saw this on TV last night and I thought she was lip synching LOL

  6. Ellie

    Oh look, it’s PISSALICIOUS! Funny, my shit sounds better, and it comes out of my ass!

  7. killeristic

    omg! whats wrong with her? i thought she could sing!! okay.. finally i see the true colors when they(singers) arent in the recording studio.. WITHOUT background music.

  8. stfu

    Fergie is nasty and her performance was so boring!

  9. greg6363

    Will I Am was certainly carrying that routine. It appears Fergie wasn’t lip-synching.

  10. blahblahblah

    When will “licious” stop being added to the ends of words? I say…it ends right…..wait….now. Ok, it is officially over.

  11. Fergie can’t sing?

    NO WAI




    …is this really news? Really? It’s like saying Fergie has penis, it’s something we all know, but ignore because we’re afraid of contracting herpies from her piss covered clothing.


  12. NipsyHustle

    she should become britney’s new bff. then she can learn all about the undeniable power of JAZZ HANDS!!!!!

  13. jojo

    Ok i guess i am the minority here…i thought she looked good and sounded ok. i think the shoes are messing her up. She can dance.

  14. NipsyHustle

    well how stupid do you have to be to wear inappropriate shoes to perform in? did they not rehearse? oh no, rehearsing is for people who actually have talent and want to perfect their craft. it just confirms that she’s a tool of the corporate music industry. that’s how much she thinks of her fans. “i’ll wear shoes i can’t move in so i can stand there like a doll cause my fans don’t deserve any better”. and by the way, i am NOT a “fuglie” fan.

    there was nothing that “spectacular” or “essential” about THOSE stripper shoes being worn during the performance.

  15. wordmanswl

    well, I was expecting much more drunken levity, but this was not half bad, although she basically just stood there

  16. tweetyeyes

    I saw Fergie and I saw Janet. They both sounded horrible live! Alot of people could sing all of these songs in a studio where they dub and change voices. This just proves that these people cannot sing. If you cant sing live then how do we know that these CD’s we buy are the real person? Just another note, the worst I have heard on stage live are The Pussycat Dolls!

  17. tsarinaamanda

    I just do NOT understand how fug Fergie dogface managed to land Josh Duhamel! The only thing I can think of is that he took one look at her and had her pegged as a trashy whore who would let him poke her in the stink star. He probably knew he would always have a meth hookup if he dated her too, although I cannot imagine the sex. He must have to put a bag over her head and also put one over his own head, in case her bag falls off. He might have a fetish for being pissed on, or for women who piss themselves in public, or for pre-op trannies….who knows? Her face looks like a Barbie that has been put in the microwave, she’s all melted-looking. Basically, she’s just a triflin, no-talent, worthless ho, and her freaking “music” makes me wish to go deaf….HOW DID THIS TWAT BECOME FAMOUS??? She’s NOT attractive, talented, smart, classy, or in any way worthwhile! Anyone who misspells “tasty” and “Duchess” is just pitiful. Ugly AND stupid, what a combination!

  18. FecalPellets

    She’s so good in the studio but her live shit sucks.

  19. Kixie

    Wow. It would appear that she possesses just enough brainpower to remember her lyrics or to move her feet, just as long as she doesn’t have to do both at the same time.

    Go Fergie. Use those god-given-gifts of yours.

  20. Ammetyst

    No wonder she can’t do anything she’s trying to be the next Maggie Thatcher and sleeping just one hour a night – she’s so scared she’ll fail it was bound to happen – self-fulfilling prophecy

    It was such a mistake all the plastic surgery she’s got – her eyebrows go all the way accross her forehead – she looks like she’s wearing a mask
    And she has a body like a wrestler puke – she’s a state

  21. S.P.F.R.S.

    No wonder Brittney and Paris ditched hosting that event!

  22. Sweet Amber

    wait, did i miss something? how is this any different then any other time she…”sings”? oh, that funky ferg…

  23. allykitten85

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! Fergie strikes again! No talent, looks like a transvestite, and has undeserved Lohan-esque delusions of grandeur. Her songs just keep getting worse…”My Humps” was annoying enough, and then my ears almost fell off my head when she released “London Bridge”…Someone please tell me why she’s famous!

  24. allykitten85

    Pop music just officially died. I thought it died a long time ago, but no, it was just in a coma. It’s now officially dead. :(

  25. fergie totally sucks

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