Fergie and Josh Duhamel get engaged

December 27th, 2007 // 56 Comments

Fergie and Josh Duhamel got engaged sometime over the Christmas weekend. Their reps won’t confirm the exact date, but they say the two are officially getting married. E! News reports:

The proposal comes after Fergie told Blender earlier this month that she was in no real rush to get engaged because she and Duhamel were “practically married, anyway.”
“I’m madly in love with him,” she said of her now fiancé. “He understands how to treat a woman and give me respect.”

It’s official: Josh Duhamel hates his penis. This makes the tattoo on my chest no longer a random sentence that mysteriously appeared after a night of malt liquor. I can proudly go shirtless to family gatherings. Who’s the loser now, dad?

Photos: Getty Images

  1. JeffreyDahmer


  2. D. Richards (Biologist.)

    There’s something about an eyebrow ring that just screams, ‘intensity’.

  3. yourmamma

    ALL your mothers would be ashamed at the comments you assholes are going to come up with.


  4. velocityJE

    i dunno, she looks alright to me. i’d tap it.

  5. she looks good here. bad in other pics though

  6. RichPort

    For his sake, I hope she has a live in make up artist who wakes up before he does.

    Fuck that, it better be a live in make up fucking DaVinci…

  7. Vince Lombardi

    Death to Josh Duhamel!

  8. she looks like a transvestite to me….u know..those unsuccesful ones.

  9. she looks like mid-20 years old in that pic….

  10. OH MY SWEETHEART FERGIE, because that’s what you are. Together with kim kardashian, you two girls are just too HOT to handle. Although this news makes me a little sad. I desprately wanted to see you NAKED. I guess that chance is history, or not?(playboy)
    DO IT PLEASE……………………………………………………………………………………..for me!!
    (I love you)

  11. Sam Hain

    My Lord she is an ugly-ugly woman.

    But I’d still hit it, I’m weird like that.

  12. fergie = ?

    is fergie hot or ugly im unsure i look at her and think well she aint ugly but damn does she look weird and is it just me or is her hairline to far down, hmm.. i actually think she looks a bit like a man lol, id tap it if i was extremely drunk though

  13. Joe C

    She is burly looking. She almost looks like a human/feline genetic experiment gone way bad.

  14. Racer X


    /she pees on herself.

  15. Bob

    Fergie-licious, I love her and want to suck her big cock.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    @7 Coach last week or so there was a great post about the whole Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson thing. It was worthy of your thoughts, but you must have been unavailable. I was hoping for some stories about Bart Starr and Ann Margaret. PS, is Pappa Bear giving you any shit about last Sunday? There were a lot of bad storms in the midwest now so I was wondering.

  17. santu claus

    mmm. thats one smexy man

  18. aeuwave

    she doesn’t look too bad in these. finally, a picture that doesn’t make it look like she was stung by a bee on her lips about 1000000000 times.

  19. I used to think she was pretty until everyone told me she was ugly. I have lost my ability to form original opinions. Thanks fish..

  20. eastcoastgirl

    Josh Duhamel is hot! She’s kind of a butterface.

  21. dummy

    I;m sorry folks but there is nothing “ugly ” about her. If anything she has an interesting face: nice lips, nice chin-cleft, nice eyebrow arch, pretty eyes, AND she looks like a “nice person.” Except for the fake tits and lack of ass, she’s cute and can sing ok.

  22. Guy

    I would let Fergie stick her fat cock in my ass hole any day.

  23. ...

    congrats to both of them!!!

  24. Well, let’s just all shout one big “Hooray”. That reminds me, gotta breed my dog. With another dog, putz. It works like that.

  25. Musharraf

    Please pray for Benazir Bhutto…..*snicker*

  26. Musharraf

    Please pray for Benazir Bhutto…..*snicker*



  28. playa playa

    eyebrow piercings are so last century.

  29. Mal Reynolds

    Josh Duhamel hates his penis. But he loves Fergie’s penis!

  30. bodhisattva dude

    So I actually saw the two of them eating dinner with some old dude at the Hitching Post (restaurant from Sideways) on December 22. I didn’t notice a ring on her hand but I was sitting from a distance.

    I have to say that she looks much better in person.

  31. Vince Lombardi

    Sorry, Auntie, I must have been taking a longer-than-usual dirt nap when that one went around.

    BTW, Halas couldn’t hold Ann-Margaret’s jock strap.

  32. sportsdvl

    Who knew Josh Duhamel was gay

  33. BargeFlower

    #21–have you seen the atrocious hairline?

  34. WTB

    Why? Why does she have such a short forehead? I’m scared!

  35. Mal Reynolds

    I just found out who Josh Duhamel is and now I’m bummed. I like on that Vegas show. I guess JDLTC. Such a shame.

  36. arty

    Who the fu*k is Josh Duhamel???

  37. Pedro

    So, getting a proposal. does this mean they are filing for a civil union? Isn’t that what two dudes do these days?

  38. Spongebob Gangsta

    Fergie was last seen eating skipping about with a Kansas girl, Tin Man and Scarecrow.

  39. AssBigot

    That is a man up there.

  40. Sheva

    I must have missed the vote because gay marriage is illegal last I heard.

  41. She is hot. Just saw her photos on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called seekamillionaire.com. Don’t know if it is her. Is she a single?

  42. She is hot. Just saw her photos on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called seekamillionaire.com. Don’t know if it is her. Is she a single?

  43. uest

    She’s pretty for being lie 50

  44. mellow

    they got engaged on christmas eve. my friends uncle knows her parents and my friend confirmed their engagement that night to me over the phone. congrats to them.

  45. mellow

    they got engaged on christmas eve. my friends uncle knows her parents and she was at their house when it happened. my friend confirmed their engagement that night to me over the phone. congrats to them.

  46. bedtimeforbonzo

    She’s sexy. Though she doesn’t always photograph well. She needs particular lighting and angles.

  47. I’m jealous! I love her! She is one of the beutyest woman alive!

  48. RichPort

    #46 – Lighting and angles? In my codebook, that means ugly as a frog with nice legs.

  49. Con-queer-acy Theory

    No way Josh Duhamel is straight – too hot, too hairless, and way to cute to marry a meth-faced mess like Fergie who signs songs about blowjobs. This “engagement” will no doubt go the way of horse-faced Alanis Morrisette and waxy beauty Ryan Reynolds. He moved on to Hollywood’s #2 beard, Scarlet Johannsen after she pushed Cameron Diaz into the #3 spot. The #1 goes to timeless champion Penelope Cruz.. Both she and Scarlett bearded for Josh Hartnett, as well. So easy to connect the dots. These boys will end up married to each other one day.

  50. shallow val

    49 – Yeah, I always felt Josh Hartnett was a flamer.

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