Farrah Abraham Won’t Date Black Guys

When we last checked in with fuckable rubber butthole baron Farrah Abraham, she was bragging about how prepared she is for her seven year old daughter’s inevitable career in porn, so there’s really only one way to keep that shitball of awful rolling. Racism. Pure, blatant racism. Via NY Daily News:

I’m not really into black guys,” Abraham said on the podcast after being asked about her dating preferences. “I think that’s more of a Kardashian thing.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking. She was just trying to take a stab at the Kardashians, but she’s Farrah Abraham, so naturally she fucked it all up and made herself look like a racist. Except this is the same butthole cavern that called Blac Chyna a monkey, so where there’s smoke, there won’t be Farrah Abraham because she said just doesn’t date them. You were standing right there. Anyway, Farrah also claims that “famous celebrities” try to pay her for sex, like, all the time, you guys. All the time. Via Celebuzz:

Moreover, Abraham claimed that celebrities (who are presumably more famous than she is) are constantly trying to pay her for sex. Though she made and sold two sex tapes in the past, the 25-year-old insisted that she’s not about that life.
“I’ve shunned a lot of that,” she shared, “because I’ve always had boyfriends.”

And let’s cut to the chase. It’s this guy. Only this guy.

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“Are my 30 minutes up? Then, no, I will not let go.”

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