How’s Farrah Abraham Permanently Damaging Her Kid This Week?

When it comes to raising her daughter, Farrah Abraham has fucked up on every level imaginable: Teaching her to be a little racist, preparing for her inevitable porn career, tossing her into the child modeling meat grinder, encouraging her to be an asshole on Twitter, slathering her in war paint for school photos, the Tooth Fairy business, and God knows how many rubber buttholes have been used for cereal bowls. My point is it’s a hell of a long list that surprisingly has a live child at the end of it, so why wouldn’t people think Farrah is letting Sophia drink weight loss tea now? PEOPLE reports:

Her followers quickly jumped on the attack, questioning the idea of giving a child tea for weight loss.
“I sincerely hope you’re kidding … You truly can’t be that stupid, can you? #WTF #parentingfail,” writes one.
“Why would you give your daughter weight loss tea? Worst mom in the world!” adds another.
But Farrah tells PEOPLE that Sophia wasn’t drinking the tea.
“Sophia was drinking strawberry milk and I was getting ready to tee up my flat tummy tea,” Farrah says. “Sophia felt passionate about taking that picture and using her to-go mug.”

Now, do I honestly believe Farrah is dumb enough to give a small child a weight loss supplement that grown adults probably shouldn’t even drink because it’ll turn your colon into a Slushee machine? Yes. Of course I do. Why would you even ask that? Jesus Christ, how long have we known each other? Do I come into your job and imply that some of you are fucking idiots? (Don’t answer that.)

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