Farrah Abraham Wants To Be A ‘Virgin Forever.’ Butt-Squirt Farrah.

February 13th, 2014 // 28 Comments
That Was Fast
Farrah Abraham is bent over naked with a black choker style chain around her neck and the sex swing in the back
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After knee-capping real rape survivors to promote the sequel to her sex tape, jack-butt of all trades Farrah Abraham has apparently switched back to Christian parenting mode because she’s totally done with having sex, you guys, and is saving her body for Christ. You read that. Via Life & Style:

Farrah Abraham bared all last year in Backdoor Teen Mom, but now she’s swearing off sex.
In the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now, the Teen Mom star explains the experience has soured sex for her — for good.
“People use sex for power and manipulation when sex is supposed to be enjoyable and great,” adding “I don’t feel that. I want to be a virgin forever — or a nun.”

Of course, there’s always the chance Farrah gave this interview before news broke about Farrah 2: Backdoor and More essentially making the whole interview look goddamn ridiculous and wasting Life & Style‘s money that they paid her, but that would mean Farrah is a dishonest whore who’ll do or say anything for attention or money like her real Jesus taught her. Hallowed be thy butt. Thy kingdom come. On earth as it is in the perfect bathroom for taking selfies. Amen.

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  1. People just need to stop asking this whore questions. She has never said anything that hasn’t immediately decreased the IQ of anyone within earshot.

  2. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
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    “OK, Satan, we made a deal. You get my soul, I get my career back. More famous than I was when the Jamie Kennedy Experiment was still on TV. I wrote this movie, and I can only assume you made some producer think it sounded like a good idea. I’m fine with all that. Just don’t make me spend time with any reality TV fuckwits to promote this damn thing. All right, deep breath, time to walk the red carpet.”

  3. anonymous

    No sex her ass.

    This whore will have a third sex tape out before the end of the year and it’ll be with a threesome with a chick because that’s just the next logical step her dumb ass.

  4. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
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    Yes, because all born-again virgins have their picture taken with a bear sporting a dick.

  5. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
    ben dover
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  6. Slappy Magoo

    “there’s always the chance Farrah gave this interview before news broke about Farrah 2: Backdoor and More…”

    Or…OR…someone with ever-so-slightly-much-more business savvy than her whispered in that vacuum she calls an ear that the tape will sell better if people think it’s filled her with shame and regret and she’ll never do a sex tape again ever ever ever until the next time.

    Of course, why this savvier person thinks people still pay to watch sex online is beyond me.

  7. anon

    I don’t think she knows what virginity means

  8. I’m going to be honest, if she could cry during the anal sex scene, and sob about how much she regrets the choices she’s made in her life, that would just about maximize her sexual hotness for me.

  9. Where's Dildo

    On the plus side, if she abstains for a month or two, the next video will be like sitting in an office and seeing the window washer hose down the pane. Awesome-sauce.

  10. cmonreally

    Well, she obviously means “abstain from sex” in the way young high school Christian girls abstain from sex. Oral and anal are fine, just as long as you stay away from the hell fire that is the vagina.

  11. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
    Meshuggah Tits
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    “How many porns have you made, Ms. Abraham?”

  12. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
    Cock Dr
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    Feelin’ bad for whoever’s in that bear suit.

  13. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
    The Pope
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    And here we have Peggy Wanker. She would later go on to marry Al Bundy.

  14. Farrah: I’ll be gone again tomorrow.
    Editor: We need to finish this book on responsible Christian parenting. What’s so important this time?
    Farrah: I need to make another porno.
    Editor: Fisting?
    Farrah: You know it.
    Editor: Back on Monday?
    Farrah: Yeah, over the weekend I’m working on a chapter called “The Chaste Life: There’s more to it than Dildos and Butt Squirting.”

  15. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
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    Wow. 2 sex tapes AND a Christian book-deal?!? Parenting IS hard!

  16. D-chi

    Yo real talk, that is not how virginity works. Is she thinking of celibacy? Is she thinking??

  17. gary coleman's ghost

    I don’t get it. Who in the hell keeps inviting that bitch to legitimate red carpet events. I bet that old fat pimp who runs the Bunny Ranch would have to think real hard about inviting her skanky ass to one of the events because it might hurt their brand. And why do legitimate actors and actresses like Jamie Kennedy and Carmen from the George Lopez show, pose with for the camera with her. Seriously, what’s up. Farrah Abraham a was a human canker sore of a woman before her porno tape came out, and now she’s metastasized in to an open, festering, syphilitic wound on the taint of all humanity.

  18. Rob

    Please stopping writing about this compulsive lying attention whore, goddammit!

  19. in case no one knows this isnt really a second tape this is extra footage from the first film. so she might be honest in her feelings but i personally dont think so and her saying “People use sex for power and manipulation when sex is supposed to be enjoyable and great” is exactly what she did, not only did she do porn but several nude photoshoots and pulling her boobs out on red carpets. she is just an example of what our youth sees now as being famous, being a whore or having a sex tape. I dont mind seeing a boobie or 2 but being famous for being whorish is well not famous….She is just trying once again to stay famous and if u think she had no idea that a second tape was coming out well ur an idiot , im sure to contract says can use all footage to their liking and like she is all high and mighty now that she isnt going to cash the residuals from this.

  20. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    Don’t care. Would still fuck.

  21. “…and is saving her body for Christ.”
    And what the fuck is HE supposed to do with it?

  22. dumb c*nt…..the only thing virgin about her is an original thought…..

  23. Farrah Abraham Hungover Games Premiere
    Teds Crazy 8's
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    even the bear has a soft cock around this slut of a woman

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