Farrah Abraham’s Posing Topless Now Because We’ve Never Seen Her Breasts Before

June 24th, 2013 // 44 Comments
Farrah Abraham Topless

After her full-fledged, complete with anal and squirting porno that was never once a private sex tape, seeing Farrah Abraham pose topless without a glass dildo in her butt is pretty much pointless which is why I’m not paying for these and linking you over to Egotastic. Also, I blew the last of my photo budget on those Kelly Brook topless pics because they don’t make me feel dead inside or have to stare directly into the beak of the generation that will be in charge of my old people medicine.

“Here’s your heart pill.”
“That’s a button.”
“Pfft. Hater.”

Farrah Abraham Topless Bikini Pictures For Your Exclusive Teen Mom Summer Visuals – Egotastic

Photo: INFdaily


  1. Hung Well

    If she were a random nobody I met at a bar or nightclub somewhere, I’d definitely do her. But since she is a fame-whore, I am forced to bash her and also I’d definitely do her.

  2. Nonnie Moose

    And then discard her like a used Kleenex.

  3. I’m not ashamed to take these pictures and fap to them. She’s physically attractive in the least. Her personality on the other hand = boner killer.

  4. not judging her looks by her ‘famewhoring’ in the least… Kim K is the queen of that shit and she’s butt ugly without 50 lbs of make-up.

    this bitch isn’t attractive AT all. her face could send a freight train down a dirt road and her tits are HIDEOUS. trannies laugh at her.


  5. Ana

    why are they… square?

  6. EricLR

    Well, at least they’re more real than her personality.

  7. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Anyone here remember the days when women had real breasts? I mean, real breasts, the ones they got when puberty struck. Not the ones they bought and had installed at some discount bolt-on shop. No one?

    Shit, we really are old. Grigori and I will be in the bar again.

  8. pfft.
    she aint got what it takes to be a real star.
    it takes topping being a urinal.

  9. Sheppy

    They really do look ridiculous! I was thinking they don’t looks great with a bikini on, but a tit’s a tit, so probably look OK without… but they just look wrong. So, so wrong! They hideous! WTH!? How can that be?

  10. Actually her breasts look quite nice..but her 15 minutes are gonna be up soon, and ComicCon is gonna get lonely when everybody is passing by your table..

    • Are you kidding? Those tits are the worst things on her body *looks at her face again* …second worst…

      Seriously, though, I’m not a big fan of fake tits, but they can be done well. These are awful.

    • Dude, if you think those look “quite nice”, then my advice is to stay away from balloon sellers – getting an erection in public is embarrassing and tends to disturb the children.

  11. Damn I saw the incision scars as they were so huge!
    Oh i was much better after ” Emma Glover Bakes a Topless Treat in the Kitchen” on Egotastic.

  12. Bahah

    I swear, she is the whore version of Sarah Jessica Parker.

  13. yes they look so so natural those sacks of hers… I didn’t know natural looking implants have surgical scars at the bottom.

  14. Harder than differential equations to a non-Asian kid.

  15. I like how the photo spread didn’t even make an attempt to hide the implant scars, or the fact that her boobs now have corners.

  16. “Private” sex tape part 2: Lesbian encounter with Courtney Stodden. You guys come up with the title.

  17. anonym

    her tits are malformed.

    But I’d still hit it and fill this cum dumpster

  18. Freebie

    Not only do her false boobs look off kilter, her false eyelashes look crooked too.

  19. Jazzy Jeff

    Tranny tits.

    That’s a terrible boob job and a terrible face.

  20. Parker

    I’d give her a fudgy.

  21. poopy

    they look really uncomfortable

  22. I was in the printing business for a number of years and we had a saying that probably applies to plastic surgery as well: Garbage in; garbage out. Considering what Farrah (and her surgeon) started with, I think she looks pretty good. Very bad tits, tho.

  23. What shape was she going for when she chose those? They arent even round! o.0
    They look uncomfortable,painful and completely fake…did she have them done in the back of a cheap hair salon by an illegal immigrant?? It´s not like she can take those back…I´d be suing!

  24. I wanna be all “eew!”, but damn.

    Yeah, the basketball tits look dumb, but I’d still wait in line to take my turn with ‘em.

  25. right

    She’s not an ugly girl. Plus she does anal. Her tits look pretty good for implants. A little to big for her frame though.

  26. CityofCompton

    she really is not attractive….at all. I see she got new tits. Meh.

  27. o.O

    Her implants have this horrid shape, they aren’t round or anything similar to natural looking. You can also see the surgical scarring pretty clearly in some of the pictures. In honesty is this the only way she could provide for her child? I wonder if her mother will say that she was forced to do topless just like the private tasteful porn she did.

  28. guest

    People! These pictures are tasteful, like a wedding announcement. They were private but some nefarious scoundrel obviously stole them! Hopefully she can turn this around like she did with that ‘leaked’ video! When life gives you lemons. . . .

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