Farrah Abraham Made Another Sex Tape (That’s Really A Porno)

February 7th, 2014 // 59 Comments
STFU, You Were Not
Farrah Abraham Cleavage Smoking Hookah Vivid Cabaret Launch Party
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On the latest episode of Couples Therapy, the walking schnozzbag of lies known as Farrah Abraham milked her on-camera time by claiming she was raped while promoting her sex tape (that’s really a porno) and vowed to never work in the industry again. A claim she’d already made before to InTouch Weekly when she said her sex tape ruined her life and wouldn’t have done it if she could go back in time. Except all of that was bullshit because she has a brand new sex tape/porno coming out, and I can’t be the only one whose hat just flew off their head. This is unprecedented! Radar Online reports:

“What we are releasing next week is a completely different movie,” the rep tells Radar.
In addition, Vivid Entertainment founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch tells Radar exclusively, “The new Farrah footage is off the charts! She could definitely teach a few porn stars some moves.
The Couples Therapy star’s latest skin flick will be released on Vivid.com on February 13 — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Oh, well, what’re you gonna do? Porn stars are gonna porn. The important thing is Farrah Abraham didn’t create a wave of publicity by making it harder for rape victims to be taken seriously. What’s that? That’s exactly what she did? Stab her in the cunt and burn her with fire. *rereads* Yup, that was called for.

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  1. Greg

    My only thought on her new sex tape is, what does she have left in the tank (or taint)? I mean she didn’t hold back in the last one and took it in the dumper….there’s really nothing more she can show us……UNLESS….She goes ‘Tubgirl’ (Google that). Then maybe she’s taking it to the next level…

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    I will wait for her new leaked not-a-porno- sex tape with the same anticipation I had for Star Wars I a few years back. I hope I’m not as disappointed this time.

  3. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    I sense double-teaming.

  4. FARRAH: Excuse me, I’m going to be gone for the whole afternoon.
    EDITOR: But we’re way behind on this Christian book on parenting! What’s so important?
    FARRAH: I have to make a porno.

  5. Cock Dr

    I await McFeely’s review of Farrah’s latest taped sex shenanigans with great anticipation.

  6. Rikki

    BUTTERFACE…she looks more like Mr. Ed than a porn “star.”

  7. Joe Blow

    Too bad that it wasn’t an authentic snuff film.

  8. mx3

    did she do ass to mouth in the first one?

    annnd secondly, was a condom used?

  9. This fucking idiot could be in the middle of shooting a porno, look right into the camera while two dudes are ear-banging her and tell you she would never do porn because she’s a Christian and a mother.

    There is literally nothing this truly fucked up piece of trash will not say or do to try and cling to her very minor celebrity.

  10. JimBB

    Well, at least I finally know what to get my GF for Valentine’s Day.

  11. This reminds me a lot of Linda Lovelace, who had a successful porn career and later made a living by giving anti-porn speeches to Feminist groups, and then made more porn, then more speeches. Basically saying/doing whatever her audience of the moment was paying her to say/do.

    OMG..Farrah is a whore. I just realized that.

    • Cock Dr

      It seems like a rude & precarious way to make a living but I guess hostessing the graveyard shift @ Denny’s is way beyond her intellectual capacity.

  12. Fish, I reject your chracterization of Ms. Abrahams films as “pornography.” “Porno” is a term affixed to material designed solely for the purpose of sexual arousal. You appear to be missing the morality tale embedded in these films; specifically that a life built on media whoring leads to a life of actual whoring. In addition, there is the broader statement about our society as a whole, in which a media obsessed populace will continue to shower attention on said media whore long after he/she has been identified as such, so long as the whoring continues; and that even when confronted with this social condemnation, we can not break from our mindless media obsession because camel boobs. This type of damning social commentary is precisely the type of explicit work the Supreme Court left open for protection with the 3rd rule in Miller v. California. We should applaud the expansion of Ms. Abraham’s anal series for the introspection it offers.

  13. Goddamnit. When does it come out? I’m not even gonna pretend I’m not going to watch and enjoy it. I may despise her, but I can imagine it’s me hate-fucking her. That’ll make it worth it.

  14. Nick4ca

    The is some professional wrestling type of shit.

  15. Mama Pinkus

    doesn’t this gal have a child somewhere to tend to?

  16. Miss_Moppet

    Hmm, the rape story came out one day before the announcement of her new sex tape? Almost as though she were setting up another ridiculous excuse for her “sex tape”.

    “My first sex tape was a gross violation of my privacy and I had no choice but to sign off on it.”

    “My second sex tape was a rape caught on film that I laughed and smiled through while squirting. I had no choice but to sign off on it.”

    “My third sex tape was because… OBAMA? Oh what the fuck ever. Just give me my money. Oh my mic is still on? This is a dark time in my life.”

  17. Monica L.

    …and you all thought there was no bigger prevaricator than Lindsay™ or Bill Clinton.

  18. TxRat

    IMHO, Any male who says he isn’t at least somewhat thinking about checking this out is lying or gay. Or both. Farrah revealed some first rate porn chops in her debut effort, and moreover is the completely craven, vapid, amoral yet sensual slut who’s still functional enough to work hard on her body that we all crave. She’s the ultimate fucktoy. There’s no limit to what you could get this girl to do, and willingly, with the right incentive (Ferrari? Good review for her new restaurant in Austin?). Just my $.02, but I’d pay $5 for this. Not $30. but definitely $5

    • Umm yeh so because I have no urge to see a butterfaced girl who I can shove my arm up her ass I am gay or lying.
      Never saw the first one have no urge to see this one.
      I prefer pornstars whom I find attractive that aren’t butterfaced sluts but if thats your thing I guess your gay or lying or both.
      See how that works….

      • TxRat

        Don’t hate the troller, brotha, hate the troollll. But no, she’s pretty awesome IMHO. If you bang girls hotter than her up in the club all the time then more power to ya. The vast majority of us do not.

      • Cock Dr

        Dude, to each his own but that woman looks like a camel with bolt ons….in drag.

    • Nut bra

      If you saw the first one you would know that even her “boyfriend” couldn’t get hard.

  19. gary coleman's ghost

    I wouldn’t exactly call her awesome. However, her vapidity, complete lack of self-awareness, boundaries or sense of propriety, makes my dick hard. I totally expect her to indignantly reject any characterization of her new film as “porn.” She’ll probably attempt to describe it as “performance art,” and excitedly announce to the media that her “agent” has just informed her that her “art” will receive an exclusive showing at the Guggenheim on February 30th.

  20. Brainless

    I’ve heard rumours that she accepts Jesus
    in the last 2 minutes of this new one…

  21. Oh, for fucks sake. I wish she’d just drop the act. Look, here’s her PORN STAR PROFILE on AVN:


    Basically, the biggest official adult video news site, where they’ve been amassing PORN STARS’ PROFILES since 2002.

    (Actually if you go back to the beginning, there’s a profile for Justin Long from 2002: http://www.avn.com/porn-stars/Justin-Long-294505.html)

    So yeah, porn star. Or wasn’t that clear?

  22. Farrah Abraham holds up her arms against a clear blue skyline during her beach photo shoot
    Commented on this photo:

    …and push that self-respect and dignity waaaay over there – you won’t be needing it where you’re headed.

  23. Farrah Abraham looking off during her photo shoot on the beach
    Commented on this photo:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but “Poolside Collection” implies a pool, not a “Slimy Rock Perhaps She Will Slip Collection.”

  24. Mrs opinionated

    Well, I’m a grown ass woman and I downloaded her first movie (I like myself some porn) but she was AWFUL in it.Typical mainstam crap where a plastic bimbo in too much makeup fakes her way through pathetically staged sex scenes with a guy who has no idea what he’s doing.So she did anal? Who hasnt? Also, squirting is kinda old news once you see how it’s done (cut, add water, push…straight forward)
    I don’t know how this is going to effect the sales of her Christian parenting book, but I’m sure that anouncing a porn sequel so soon
    isnt going to do her any favours.It also sounds like she is going to
    claim that the footage is her own rape scenes this time?? She’s beyond pathetic…I almost feel sorry for her.

    She’s obviously not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to marketing is she? *eye roll*

  25. Mrs opinionated

    I mean *mainstream.

  26. Farrah Abraham appears shocked while wearing a black swimsuit in the waves
    Commented on this photo:

    She sure is one unattractive looking hoe !!

  27. Farrah Abraham walks along the shoreline in a sparkling halter top style bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    no thanks

  28. Farrah Abraham walks along the shoreline in a sparkling halter top style bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  29. I thought porn ruined her life and it was just a rumors… first saw about it on http://www.sextapestabloid.com/news/view/id/325-farrah_abraham_goes_beyond_backdoor_in_a but thought it was not truth bur as i see i was wrong! omg she really did it again! crazy whore

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