Surprise! You Were Never Going To Be Kim Kardashian: An Open Letter To Farrah Abraham

May 10th, 2013 // 130 Comments
First Sex In Over A Year
Farrah Abraham wears a lacy pink and blue bra
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Hey, Farrah, how you doing?

By now your sex tape has been out for an entire business week, and you probably feel pretty awesome because everyone’s talking about you and doing interviews with you and totally believing all your horseshit.

Except they’re not, and welcome to your last remaining bits of Internet.

You see, Farrah, what no one around you is telling you, or might be and you’re completely ignoring them, is that you didn’t just make it big. Not even close. What happened this week is called a spectacle, or more aptly, a goddamn trainwreck. Exactly all of the interest in you is to watch you spin a web of bullshit so shit-rific that E! News and Entertainment Tonight don’t even have to say anything because it’s so painfully obvious it’s bullshit. No one’s believing you or that you did anything but try to copy Kim Kardashian. They’re laughing at you. I’d ask if you honestly thought anyone would see your sex tape and not recognize it as a full-fledged porno right out of the gate, but we both know you did because you’re a stupid, vapid brat whose parents did you a giant disservice by never saying “no” to you. That’s how you’re even here in the first place. How’s your kid by the way?

So what happens next? Next, you watch the media move onto the next spectacle without the decency of at least tossing a five dollar bill in your face. (Me? I’m classy, so thank you for all the Internet traffic. I bought beer and comic books with it.) Because the only move left for you now is to do more porn after the performance you gave because, trust me, no one’s sitting around going, “I could really go for some food cooked by that Teen Mom James Deen fucked in the ass.” And I know you’re already thinking, “What if I did another sex tape?” Congratulations, that’s more porn. You’re a porn star. And one of the great joys about being porn star is you become less and less famous as younger porn stars pile in behind you. In fact, it’s only been five days and you’re already losing ground to Megan Fox jumping on a trampoline. In fact, drunk Tiger Woods wiped the floor with you as early as Wednesday that’s how quickly the shits being given are running out for you.

So before I leave, let me ask you two quick questions: Has Ryan Seacrest called and is your mom Kris Jenner? No? Have fun filming Schnozerella 2: The Buttening.

- The Superficial

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  1. I find this whole situation kinda gross in a tragic sort of way..Like even though I think she’s good looking I couldn’t actually bring myself to watch her fuck on camera because she’s the first fallout victim of the spectacle generation..

    • for fuck’s sake man. if you really dig into it, most porn is kinda gross in a tragic sort of way. The “stars” might not be fallout victims of a spectacle but I’m thinking there are lots of fallout victims of shitty families, missing dads, inappropriate uncles, etc, etc, etc.

      Farrah’s bullshit story isn’t even that tragic. She’s just a bitch that managed to become pseudo-famous and decided that rather than pursue the MD/PhD, she is taking her MTV derived skill of making scripted fakeness appear real and she’s doing it naked. With a dildo up her ass.

      • Hey, socialcomment…you’re thinking too much. Either watch the video, or don’t. It’s that simple! This isn’t some giant “happening” that requires debates by nerds in think tanks, nor is it something on which to write your doctoral thesis. It’s called “pornography!” Love it! (Words to live by.)

    • It sucks when you start remembering that the girls doing porn are people.

      • eh

        No, Phil, that’s the whole point, they are people who are having degrading stuff done to them for our amusement. That’s hot. Otherwise it would just be two naked people copulating. Not hot.

      • laloba

        Alert! Miss Haybraham is not a human. She is a droid gone awry and sent home to live in anonymity. What happened, was;, in spite of desperate parents catering to her every insulting whim, hoping for normalcy, said droid (named Farrah) turned out to be a raging nympho! MTV got wind of droid gone pregnant, and cast her on their new show (16 and Pregnant) amid real girl people. F-droid turned out to be a hoot to watch. Sadly; F-droid, puffed up with self-importance, went on to insult the rest of the populace with a pathetic attempt to appear human. Her best idea was to do a sex video, because droids have no gender, the whole thing was filmed using tons of computer generated body parts. Only the horseface, rolling her eyes in extasy like a rabid bat-is real.

    • Phil, you sound like a stupid social worker. And, wtf? Are you blind? There aint nothing remotely attractive about F-bomb Farrah.

  2. Whatever

    Well played

  3. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Commented on this photo:

    Well said, Fish.

    Oh, except I would have added in there somewhere, “Save some of that money Vivid paid you to make this…your daughter is going to need it one day to pay for her therapy when she realizes her mother is a gigantic, otherwise useless whore.

  4. Your ability to belittle someone is both terrifying and magnificent.

    • Guesty

      Agreed. Abraham’s acting foray is so pathetic that it seems this whole shitshow might be beneath Fish’s contempt — I’ve loved the posts on Steubenville, Lohan, Breitbart — where the slant and subject seemed worthy of the kind of hit he can deliver. I never watched the show, didn’t know who she was beyond the post-implant bikini pics here, but she just seems like she was incubated in some bizarre place where she had no access to books or programming other than Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

      Of course, I’ll always love this site; fingers crossed that Fish writes a love letter to that bleached animatronic bullfrog serving as CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch.

  5. thefrenchguy

    Thank you Mr Superficial !

  6. If she wanted to be a celebrity she should have chose a celebrity syrup and not a porn stars.

  7. Kelly

    After dipping yourself in a vat a rubber, this could be a fun threesome.

    • laloba

      After all has been said, (yes, she still is fugly, horseface, has the body of an 8 yr. old boy w/ tits, etc.) what I find quite laughable are the photos of her facial expressions! Don’t need to see the film, I’m afraid I’d catch something. But, those funny, phony, stupid, faces she makes……are the stuff nightmares cume from. This delusional whore will spend the $ like water, expecting more; yet she will either a)go back home to Nowhereville, to live with her loving parents, while seeking farm animals to frolick with. or, b) be a penniless bag lady-aged beyond her already homely years, or c) go on “Dancing With The Has-been (or Never-were) Stars.Just wondering, is there any man out there who would even want to touch her with a ten foot pole? Will Fugly Farrah ever find true love? CPS needs to take little Sofia away from this trashy sloot. Like, yesterday.

  8. Deacon Jones

    I watch a lot of porn. Like, i used to have a foot locker in college full of it that everyone called “The Trunk”.

    And I can tell you, this girl is a natural. Well, that, or Daddy has been banging her on the side for the last 8 years.

    But I will definitely watch the whole movie when it comes out.

    • Are you implying that her daughter is also her sister? Hmmm…the thought never crossed my mind, but now that you say it…

      • Looking at the shit going on in Cleveland right now, I would not rule it out. Dead bf as the dad always seemed a little off to me.

      • You hit it Jefe. Now that you mention it…….her dad is kinda creepy. She treats him like a hated husband, calls him by his first name, he takes her insulting shit like a lovesick idiot, follows her all over the country…….hmmmmm. I always wondered about him; like he’s guilty of something and is trying to make it up to her by letting her treat him like shit. Might be more to this than we think.

    • It’s out:

  9. Hung Well

    Tell us how you REALLY feel ‘Fish.

    • It almost sounds as if he cares.

    • Dave in Denver

      Keep in mind that the same company (BuzzMedia/SpinMedia) that runs this site also manages the day-to-day running of all the Kardashian sites. So the people that Fish work for view Farrah as ‘the competition”.

      Though I’m sure Fish would never compromise his integrity just because his bosses have a vested interest in helping perpetuate the Kardashian money/pee wagon. By the way Fish, what ever happened to your love for midget porn?

  10. chicka

    schnozerella!! her nose job does need a nose job!!! heheheheh

  11. Any lingering respect for I might have had sloshing around in the corners of my mind evaporated watching her pull Deens cock from her gaping anus and start sucking on it, and then repeatedly go from ass to vagina and back again.

    The girl is a disgusting petri dish of bacteria festering in her every orifice.

    • I didn’t notice the AT(M/V). I did see a scene cut between the first round of cornholing before it was back in the mouth.

      Ladies, when you end up with bacterial vaginosis because you’re switching holes without a proper clean up, don’t say Dr. McBeef didn’t warn ya.

    • cc

      ‘ pull Deens cock from her gaping anus and start sucking on it, and then repeatedly go from ass to vagina and back again’

      That’s one of the grossest things in porn, and gives you a perspective of how fucked up the women in that industry are. I mean, how much would normal people demand in payment to do something that disgusting (and potentially very unhealthy)…ON FILM? These chicks probably do it for a few hundred or a thousand.

    • Dr. JFever

      That A to V & A to M flipped me out because HELLO nasty infection. I think she is way too dumb to know that it was a really bad idea but [no pun intended] the pro guy should know that doing that may cause problems for the girl he is fucking. Just goes to show how little he cared for this particular co-worker.

    • I lost any respect I had for her when she tried to pretend this was leaked sex tape and started throwing blame around. I don’t judge what people do sexually, but I hate hypocrites, professional victims and bullshitters.

      If you want to do porn, just do it. Be prepared for the backlash and be prepared to stand by your decision.

  12. MFS, we were promised a review? Where is?

    • Dave Ain't Here, Man

      I think that was it.

    • 0:00 Starts with James Deen holding the camera while Farrah talks about some stupid shit nobody cares about. For some reason she has a huge bag of underwear that she says “a friend loaned her” and she’s going to try them on. Is that a real thing with chicks? Loaning each other underwear? I don’t’ know about everyone else, but dudes would freeball in jeans they shit in before borrowing someone elses underwear.

      2:57 after talking for about 7 or 8 hours, and finally takes her clothes off. Her novelty boob implants look like someone stuck melon halves on a skinny boy, they move like…like uh…well, they don’t move.

      3:15 Farrah says “Now give me kisses” and Deen kisses her with all the enthusiasm of licking an ashtray. He probably can’t stop thinking about why her mouth tastes like MTV producer cock.

      3:42 close up of her ass in some lacy underwear…actually doesn’t look too bad.

      Blah, blah blah, she keeps running her mouth about shit nobody cares about

      6:18 Ok, finally Farrah pulls out Deens dick and says “Ok, let’s get you hard” in a very businesslike manner, leading me to believe this is not her first fluffing session. A moderately skilled bit of fluffing commences

      6:44 Farrah says “I’m going to go get my lube baby…cuz we’re going to do anal…you’re going to do that first”. Now this is where Deen, a professional porn star, is openly shocked. She wants to START with the old dirt road. Daddy must be proud.

      7:23 She’s back with the lube, and makes the first of many comments on the size of Deens cock. Now Farrah says she hasn’t done anal in forever. Then says she’s never done it before. Then says last time was at Neverland. I guess Michael Jackson buttfucked our little teen mom. She just won’t fucking shut up.

      7:54 a bit more enthusiastic oral performed on Deen, some skills are starting to become apparent.
      It’s worth noting that there is not a hint of shyness from this girl. Not about having sex with a porn star, not about having a camera in her face while she’s blowing a huge cock, nothing. This is clearly not her first rodeo.

      9:00 Farrah says “you’re cumming in me later”. Deen says “I’m down with that”. This proves he’s a fucking moron.

      9:45 Deen’s lubed up cock is now poised at the gates of Farrah’s backdoor mysteries. He gives a couple of half hearted pushes, the head disappears into her anus briefly, then he backs off and performs some cunnilingus on her.

      11:30 We finally have full vaginal penetration. Camera has been placed on a side table so the angle is not very interesting.

      12:20 Deen rolls her to the side so the penetration is now visible, but her implants look ridiculously fake. Deen grabs a pillow and for a brief instant, there’s a surge of hope that he’s going to smother her with it because she won’t shut her fucking mouth, but instead he throws it off the bed.

      13:10 Farrahs knees are now tucked behind her ears. I’ll give her this much, she is flexible. So is Deens cock, it’s got a 90
      degree bend in it in this position. It’s difficult to watch.

      15:00 Deen rolls Farrah onto her stomach, presumably so the mattress will suffocate her and he can film the remainder in peaceful quiet. Now comes some judicial anal lubing, and finger insertions.

      15:50 Farrah on all fours, getting it doggy while Deen has a thumb in her ass up to his wrist. Farrah is grabbing at his wrist and gyrating it around in her ass like she’s scrambling eggs in there.

      17:13 full anal penetration is achieved. Farrah is rubbing her pussy while Deen mines for ass gold.

      21.28 in an unfortunate turn of events, the camera is place on the bed showing Farrah’s face while she repeats the phrase “dick in my ass” over and over.

      22:16 camera is now close up on the anal penetration, things look kinda busted in Farrah’s downstairs lobby.

      22:31 A quick edit transitions to some standing, leaning against the wall vaginal fucking. The clock on the television reveals it was brief enough that Deens dick can only have been given the most cursory of wipedowns. Farrahs anus looks like the Sarlaac pit right before Boba Fett got eaten.

      23:35 Deen rubs Farrahs pussy until a small gush of fluid escapes. I’m going to just assume she just pissed on Deen’s rug. Which is a shame, as it really tied the room together.

      24:03 Farrah kneels down and puts Deen’s shit smeared cock in her mouth again. Her BJ skills are in full display now. Working the balls, shaft, and finally shutting the fuck up.

      25:47 back against the wall for some standing anal. Pretty damned good standing anal. Like I’m going back to 25:47 a few more times good.

      27:27 Deen pulls her back on the bed for some reverse anal cowgirl.

      28:04 now back to vaginal. Hope he wasn’t planning on eating that. Now at this point Farrah is staring directly into the camera, and saying every word that comes into her head from this list “fuck, cock, ass, baby, uunngh, cum, potato”.

      29:49 Still in reverse cowgirl, we’ve moved back to anal. Farrah is still staring at me. Her vagina looks totally busted. She keeps asking Deen questions like “do you like that cock in my ass baby”, Deen is getting irritated and says “YES”, as in “stop asking!”.

      31:00 edit transition to doggy style, camera ¼ inch from Farrahs face. We can’t see from this angle, but Farrah is still talking about the dick in her ass, so it seems to be anal doggy.

      31:30 Farrah performs her second Ass to Mouth, and displays some more BJ skills that could easily be a harbinger of careers to come for her.

      32:50 Farrah says she needs a break. Some shit nobody cares about goes on for a while

      34:56 break time is over

      35: 13 Farrah says “there’s something wrong with me” . I couldn’t agree more. Cunnilingus ensues.

      37:00 Spooning, vaginal penetration. Deen begins kissing her in an attempt to get her to stop talking

      38:48 Back to doggy, vaginal this time. Deen is whipping up a bacteria Frappuccino in there. This scene provides the least attractive view of Farrah’s implants. There’s some loos skin hanging down that is trying to move, but the implants are bolted tight…the resulting effect is hard to look away from, mesmerizing.

      40:35 Farrah moves to kneel down, the countdown to the money shit is ticking. Fellatio is demonstrated by a true professional.

      41:01 Since Farrah is not a professional, her finishing move will be more like what we saw from Paris Hilton (on the tits) or Kim Kardashian (naval cannon). NOPE, Farrah does it like old school. A couple of shots directly in the mouth, and the rest icing her face like a toaster strudel. What went into her mouth is swallowed without comment.

      42:20 Farrah uses Deens pillow to wipe cum off her face. This does not pass without comment.

      There’s two more scenes, one of her showering which is boring beyond all expectation of anyone to sit through without pumping the fast forward button like it was their cock at 25:47.
      The second scene is Farrah diddling herself in the back of a limo while Deen films. Her vagina and anus look especially busted after the days filming.

      Summary: Farrah has a lucrative career in having penis in her anus ahead of her. She could benefit from a bit of professional training in “shut the fuck up”, but the physical skills are already there. I look forward to her follow up effort “Farrah Superstar: I Already Did Anal So Just Pee In My Asshole”

  13. JC

    I think you’re not giving her enough credit, Fish. She has at least one more reality show in her. She’ll get cast for one of those pathetic collections of D-list, forgotten psuedo-celebrities (“Help, I Have No Role in Society”), and she’ll spend 16 weeks living in a house with those kids that show up for every season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge, even though they’re 39. And she’ll bang Ted Nugent or whoever’s there and she’ll squirt (no pun intended) out a few more minutes of fame.

  14. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    When you know that you’re worthless to society except for the on camera action your holes can provide the internet masses, release a porno.

  15. Farrah Abraham


  16. maryann

    Is FISH in love with this girl or something?
    Seriously, I haven’t seen someone obsess over a girl as much as my friends used to obsess in high school over the girls they had a crush on.

    I don’t care about this girl, but from the hundreds of bitches FISH posts about daily, why is he obsessing so much over this one?

    it is almost like if he had a thing for her. I bet he secretly was happy about the tape being released.

    As far as celebrity tapes go, this girl did a really good one. This celebrity tape is better than any other celebrity tape.

    • You obviously weren’t around during Spencer and Heidi’s 15 minutes.

      Fish was promoting every bullshit photo op they ever did, and eventually, enough people complained for him to promise to stop posting about them altogether. That promise was broken the moment he heard E! News report that Perez Hilton thought that Heidi might maybe have taken a shit somewhere.

      • I’ll be the first one to say I mangled the shit out of that Heidi/Spencer debacle, so here’s a little background into what happened… holy shit, five years ago? Goddamn time.

        So for the longest time I wrote the site without any type of Analytics, just completely blind and had to gauge by the comments which I never recommend anyone do. Ever.

        Turns out commenters represent less than .01% of the site audience – Though are clearly the most hilarious quadrant if I may blatantly patronize. – so for every one person bitching about Speidi there were 10,000 people gleefully clicking away on their canned photo sets. They were fucking killing, and I had no goddamn idea.

        Soon that changed and I made with the Speidi which is basically how it is with every celeb on here, I give you what you want, and when that interest dies, we move on to the next empty husk and lick out the remainder of its soul. (For the record, you can’t get enough of Kim Kardashian. I have no corporate mandate to say or not say anything about her. You fuckers love to hate her. That’s literally all there is to it.)

        God Bless America.

      • and her all-girl orchestra…

      • I didn’t think it needed defending, I just thought it was funny.

        If you don’t get money, the site goes away. If the site goes away, I have to find validation for my jejune Midwestern existence. The mere threat of being a Most Important Person on the Internet is why I figure out who half these people are, so I can hate them for the right reasons.

      • Frank Burns

        I just comment so I can be a .01%-er.

      • Dr. JFever

        Fish, thanks for the straight umm shit.

    • Not to be mean, Maryann, but are you really that dumb? Trainwrecks equal page views. No one gives a shit about the nice, normal celebrities we can’t mock.

  17. rican

    This post was not written by Fish, as it lacks his typical sense of humor. It is a stupid rant trying to be funny, but it is not. It reads like a Perez Hilton post. Waiting for Photo Boy to venture out on his own, or at least to write the posts that Fish won’t.

    • Yeah, right. Obviously you didn’t bother to listen to Fish’s commentary on Never Daunted Radio. BTW, you might want to get a transplant for your sense of humor, since clearly yours has flatlined.

      • rican

        What are you, the defender of Fish?You’re right, I did not bother to listen to that commentary, I just come here once in a while for light entertainment and post when I feel like it. But I forgot your life is all about idolizing Fish, posting stupid comments and trolling on posts.

      • “Idolizing Fish” because I notice that this is a further riff on his radio commentary? Jesus, I have a feeling that most of your day is taken up with accusing anyone who contradicts you – and they must be legion – of being trolls who “idolize” any unpleasant facts they make you face.

        BTW, playing the “I just come here once in a while” defense to cover your undiscerning sorry ass really knocks you out of the box, since it means 1) you’re not really in a position to unequivocally state that a post you find “stupid” isn’t written by the blogger, let alone 2) comment on what my “life is all about”. Your critical faculties, like your sense of humor, are obviously nonexistent – settle for just changing your tampon.

      • rican

        Look Justi, you need to tell your parents to let you out a little more, and to let you speak sometimes so you can feel important.

      • Re accuracy: right up there with the scintillating observation that Fish didn’t write this post.

    • Appendy

      Perez is a mouthbreathing retard. You’re giving him way too much credit here.

  18. The best thing she can do is put half the money in a college fund for her daughter, conditional on the daughter going to college and full payout only when she finishes the degree.

    • just saying

      right. becuase everything this chick has done so far has ben rational, well thought out, and for the benefit of her daughter.

  19. I don’t care about this fake, awful, ugly bitch, no one does. She wants to do porn just go do it and preferably mute porn where no one can hear her awful snotty, condescending voice.

  20. Aus89

    God that was a genius letter!

  21. Cock Dr

    “Vivid took advantage of my bolt ons and my substandard intelligence”.

  22. Joe Blow


  23. The ultimate proof of cataclysmic personal decision making has to be being told you are not even Kim Kardashian. It’s like being told you are beneath what is beneath contempt.

  24. sparky

    Close, but no cigar for you, Fish. More truth when you delete all the promotional Kartrashian BS.

  25. cc

    Well said, Superficial. It probably wouldn’t have done any good, but it’s a pity you didn’t have the opportunity to chat with this dimwit beforehand.

    I doubt very much she got $1 million. Maybe $100,000. And when you are an idiot, that’s not much. So the future probably holds porn, stripping, whoring or some combo thereof. Or poverty and some sad conclusion.

    • Dr. JFever

      You nailed it. No way this whore got anything above low six figures AND that was all determined long before the pro showed up with a hard dick.

  26. anonym

    She makes a great porn star.
    Her first gig is better than what lots of new porn starlets do.

    I actually liked this video.

  27. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I gotta say that it’s just incredible how badly Kim Kardashian has fucked up her face. From this cute little porn bunny to a long frozen faced camel in just a few short years.

  28. right

    I’m not a fan of hers by any means. That being said, most girls who do anal porn generally get pair $2,500 per video. She made what 800K? She got over.

  29. She’s def not Kim material, but her sextape was better in all honesty.

    • Well it is an unfair comparison. Kim’s was a legit amateur sex tape with her bf, this was a professionally filmed porno with a top porno actor and directors and so on. Kim’s was better than this shit because hers was at least real.

  30. Zanjoe

    they should have called the movie “fucking jews”. get it?

  31. IamJUSTsaying

    I am only posting because WOW! YOU SAID IT BEST GOOD SIR! I am so sick of these people doing extreme things and acting like it is an accident! I mean seriously You need to take care of a child, you need money and you have no other discernible skills other than fucking, so just fess up to it and move on. Why even act like you’re innocent in all of this!? Grow the fuck up fame-whore(s) and realize without your child, how empty your life would be.

  32. Annie Banks

    Look you POS idiot who wrote this piece…Farrah will never ever be like Kim K. For starters Farrah did not get b effed, eat her own shit, give a BJ and then let Ray J pee on her. Kim K has no class whatsoever and just because she got rich off of that tape doesn’t mean she has class. Look what happened to her at the MET GALA BALL…she was punked big time Ashton K punked and she looks like the fool she is.
    Farrah if she does not watch herself will end up with a reputation as damning as Kim’s. The Kardashians may think that they are well recieved yet they are the laughing stock of HOLLYWEIRD,
    Farrah watch your P’S & Q’s because if you don’t you will end up with a reputation like Kim K. Everyone calls her a slut, a whore, a c _ _ t, and worse. You don’t want that do you?

    • She is a whore, she did porn, they both did!

    • “For starters Farrah did not get b effed.”

      And that right there is where I stopped. Clearly you have not seen or read a single word about this thing because not only did Farrah absolutely get “b effed” she also “b effed” herself with a dildo and went ATM. Whatever Kim did, Farrah did and tried to one-up which, okay, may or may not have reached the same level as a golden shower. I’ll allow that argument.

    • So what exactly are people calling Kim Kardashian? You blocked it out, so honestly, I’m totally effed if I know what you mean. A cent? A coat? A clot? A cyst? What’s worse? Please advise.

  33. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Commented on this photo:

    I couldn’t have said it any better.

  34. anonymous

    Comparing Backdoor Teen Mom and the Gold-digging fat ass is like comparing two black guys in a dark alley.

  35. eh

    A little premature to find out what work she gets off this, wouldn’t you say? It has only been a week. Nicole Richie is making perfectly decent money on QVC, what makes her any better. I would hold off the strangely hateful gloating for a while, just to see what happens next.

  36. I would say that Farrah’s porno is the best “celebrity” sex tape so far. Montana Fishburne has been bumped to #2. Most celebrity sex tapes suck and don’t hold up to repeated viewings, but these girls are going hardcore with the porno these days. Which I fully support, go big or go home.

    Farrah really should just go ahead and pursue that porn career while saving her money to further her education and secure her daughter’s future.

  37. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Commented on this photo:

    Whoa. I had completely forgotten what Kim K actually used to look like. I now remember a time when I found her attractive.Those days are long gone.

  38. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Commented on this photo:

    I hate when homos rant about reality stars.

    • If you’re going to attempt to insult someone who is, quite frankly, way out of your league, you should at least make an effort to be funny or entertaining. That’s the philosophy this site is built on.

  39. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Commented on this photo:

    I downloaded the entire video of Farrah superstar and I dont think I´ve ever seen such bad,anoying and cheap porn.They are going to be selling this in dollar stores right? and by selling,I mean,giving it away if you spend 50c…
    Her squeeky voice and the stupid crap she says the ENTIRE time he´s bouncing around on her just makes you want to stick a screwdriver in your ears.
    What kind of person talks and yaps through an ENTIRE sex romp?? I admire the guy,how did he concentrate without telling her to “STFU!!” ??? o.0
    Tipical stream porn starring a bimbo with no brains who´s only lines were “Oh yeah baby,do you like that baby,f**k me baby” over and over and over as she spreads her legs and shows her her DRY ASS vagina!!! Oh yeah,nothing says “I´m really horny” like a dry vagina *eye roll*

  40. When the *best case scenario* is turning into the next Kim Kardashian, it’s time to rethink your life plans.

    • just say'n

      I [repectfully] disagree. Kim Pee was nothing more than a hanger-on to Herpes Hilton before she/pimpmom “leaked” the sextape where she gets buggered by a wanna-be rapper and then sucks her own shit off the guy’s dick.
      According to Kim is worth in the neighbourhood of around $40M; not counting the $18M she made off her wedding (you know, the one where she supposedly was going to give all the money to ‘charity’ after she decided to file for divorce).
      I hope Farrah can parlay her pro/am porno into something more. She’s certainly easier on the eyes than Cowtrashian.

  41. This is the best site I have ever visited! Funny and informative! Most of these so-called celebrities are not just natural-born morons, they really believe that being famous (for anything at all) equates success. So back off moralists, laugh and enjoy or go read People or something. This site is for readers who enjoy crude humour and commentary about the fame-whores, pseudo-celebs, star-fuckers and every other M.I.P on the net! After all. if you stick your ass out there long enough, someone is gonna kick it! Usually after they have kissed it. I will be reading and laughing!

  42. Natalie

    Just wondering if anyone else out there saw the interview where Farrah said she, personally, paid James Deen $5,000 to fuck her for the video.

    She was recently confronted about this in an interview where she was asked if this would be considered hiring a prostitute? She, of course, said NO! But, then she kind of backed up and replied “Everyone is a prostitute sometimes.” Ummm.. no, not really?????

    The ONLY thing that would make this scam any funnier would be if the police arrested Farrah for “Solicitation of prostitution” and then arrested James Deen for “Male Prostitution” which are both illegal in LA. Hahahahahahaa!

  43. freya

    She might be a vapid bimbo and maybe toO low for you to step on. But that is just plain cruel and mean. She never stole anything , killed your cat or manipulated and used anyone to her own gain unlike your beloved Kardashian WHAT DID THIS YOUNG WOMAN WHO IS JUST TRYING TO MAKE A BUCK AND RAISE HER KID EVER DID TO YOU. IÈM SORRY BUT WITH THE WAY THIS SITE DEGRADE THIS WOMAN YOU JUST MADE HER MORE FAMOUS THAN SHE IS.

  44. Dude, Superficial, NOT cool!

    James Deen has made over 1,400 porn films, but you don’t attack him? This girl makes one, and look at the nature of your condemnation: it sounds like you’re disowning your sister or something.

    The girl is an adult, she wanted money, and she made a porn. So she’s trying to pass it off as a sex tape. Big deal.

    I’m seriously about to unsubscribe on FB. I know that this post only exists for the purpose of driving up your traffic, but I can’t support the way you’ve preached the bullshit double standard that it’s ok for men but not for women to make porn.

    Find me over at Perez.

    • Wendy Sadd

      He does seem to harbor an awful of lot hate for this broad.
      He’s gone after her three times in the last week, and has used more column inches spewing venom at her than he’s ever sprayed at those Kardashian whores.
      Gotta make you wonder if he’s not related to this chick, or if he secretly has the hotts for her.

      • Well more posts about the news mean more traffic to the site, which means higher costs for advertisers who want to promote their shit on the site — that’s a no-brainier.

        But come on. It’s not fair to attack this kid. From the clips I saw, she seems like a talented porn star. Why crap all over her for *one* film when James Deen has made 1,400? Bullshit double standard. She made the movie, she’ll live with it and probably regret it … or not. Who cares?

        If you’ve ever watched her episode of Sixteen and Pregnant or caught her on Teen Mom, it’s pretty obvious that she had a complete lack of guidance from her parents.

        And not being a Kardashian is a good thing, in my book.

      • But alas, Superficial is still in my FB news feed and I’m still on the site. FUCK!

  45. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    some black guy
    Commented on this photo:

    any man over 30, especially married guys who claims he wouldnt tap that sweet, tight 20 year old tail if it was offered to him is a complete liar. chick is hot to me

  46. chicka

    what’s all this ass-to-mouthery? horrendous :-P

  47. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Commented on this photo:

    I fapped to it. Her tits may be badly done, but she’s better looking that Kardashian and she takes it in the ass like a champ.

  48. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Kim Kardashian Vivid
    Commented on this photo:

    all smut has similarities

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